PowerPoint map of India

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PowerPoint map of India

Here is the next in our range of maps – a vector map of India.

It can be used in PowerPoint slides, in web pages and blogs, or anywhere else where it might be helpful. At the moment we have maps of UK & Europe, also we have free editable PowerPoint maps of North America and now editable world maps.

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22 December 2010    Template number 00206

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Comments on: PowerPoint map of India

the map in incomplete, it doesnt shows the northern section properly, pls correct it.

Posted by mod — 27 May @ 5:27 am

I don’t they really know about. This map is a copy paste from some other website.

Posted by DS Pathania — 27 May @ 10:18 am

It is not a copy and paste we did this map ourselves and traced it out.

What section are we missing?

Posted by admin — 27 May @ 5:22 pm

Please see the Survey of India website to know the exact configuration of this map. Please don’t ever refer to CIA factbook for map references.

Posted by DS Pathania — 28 May @ 8:27 am

You can visit the following link to see the correct map of India.


Posted by DS Pathania — 29 May @ 9:20 am

Thanks we will check it out.

Posted by admin — 29 May @ 12:07 pm

We have now updated the maps of India to reflect the North

Posted by admin — 2 Jun @ 2:25 pm

Its Great and it helped me out for my college presentation….

Posted by Sudhu — 24 Sep @ 4:37 pm

Fantastic – I am so grateful to you. Will pass on the word around.

Posted by manish — 20 Jun @ 5:15 pm

Thank you… your map was useful

Posted by Nandhini — 3 Aug @ 6:44 am

Thanks for Down load.
It will be more useful with States incorpoarted

Posted by Kaushik — 31 Jan @ 12:02 pm

It was really Helpful. Thanks a ton.

Posted by Niv — 4 Mar @ 8:59 am

We have now updated the maps of India to reflect the States and Union Territories

Posted by rboynton — 7 Mar @ 4:20 pm

So happy to find this site. I work for an NGO and this is exactly what we needed for a visualization.

Posted by Beck — 29 Jun @ 1:07 pm

This is awesome…and really usful stuff for presentations…Thanks

Posted by Amol — 13 Jul @ 8:12 am

Extremely useful! Thanks :)

Posted by Ritika — 9 Aug @ 8:40 am

This is a very useful ppt – i am preparing a ppt for my child on indian culture and heritage. Thanks a lot and keep it up !

Posted by Shankar — 22 Sep @ 5:36 am

thanks a lot folks..!!ur work is just awsome..exactly wat i was looking for..!Thanks a trillion..!

Posted by nabuxavier — 9 Feb @ 11:21 am

Thanks a lot….This is what I was looking for my program…Now you have my job simple and most attractive…Once again thank you very much


Posted by ponnusamikasi thangarajan — 5 Jun @ 4:12 pm

Thank you Sir. This map has helped me a lot

Posted by Tathagata — 29 Aug @ 10:37 am


Posted by Anonymous — 15 Apr @ 12:01 pm

The map does not show the Island territories. Could you add that.

Posted by Nitin — 6 Mar @ 7:36 am

Hi.. Could you add the new state of Telengana? Thanks

Posted by Rahul — 7 Oct @ 9:48 am


I believe Assam is missing from the Map and please update the map for Telangana.


Posted by Niraj — 27 Oct @ 2:20 pm

I am a student and needed help with a map for my report.Thank you so much!

Posted by Emma — 17 Nov @ 4:43 pm

Can you please include add Telangana, the newly created state in the map?


Posted by Anonymous — 21 Nov @ 8:06 am

can you advice how to i show a state from India map for explaining the state economy

Posted by jai — 18 Feb @ 8:49 am

Thank you so much. This is exactly what I was looking for. It will be very helpful for newcomers working with Presentation.

Posted by Usha — 26 Feb @ 7:53 am

Thanks.. its really helpful..

Posted by Lucky — 12 Mar @ 12:07 pm

Can you please include New State “Telangana” in map.

Posted by Lucky — 12 Mar @ 12:08 pm

Thank you it is very nice

Posted by Ashok — 19 May @ 7:43 am

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