Corporate PowerPoint Template 2

Corporate PowerPoint Template 2

A very flexible corporate free PowerPoint template on a white background. Very easy to customise after downloading for your own requirements, such as adding in your company name or logo.

The simple design makes this template suitable for a wide range of corporate and business presentations. The blue theme makes it perfect for environmental presentations, as it brings to mind geothermal studies, and perhaps also the science of sports.

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Published On: 25th Nov 2006

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    Thank you for the free powerpoint template posted on the website. I find it very useful for the presentation of my company’s portfolio to my clients.

    It certainly add colour, and presentation to my presentation.


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  9. does anyone know hw to get rid of the company name on bottom right hand corner

    thx in advance

    joe 30 Apr at 5:41 pm
  10. Just go into slide master

    View > Master and you should be able to edit/ delete it from there

    admin 2 May at 4:54 pm
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    Appreciate it, would it be possible to have powerful for Asia Pacific and South East Asia.

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  21. I am using Corporate 2 finding it really good except i cant seem to change the web address in bottom right corner to my address. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to change it?

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  84. When I print handouts, it prints a box in the center of each slide. Most of the time my content extends beyond the bottom of the box, so I have a box with content outside of the box. Does anyone know how to keep this box from printing? Thanks.

    David 18 Aug at 8:27 pm
  85. Hi David, Had a quick look and if I understand your question on my print settings (I am using PowerPoint 2010) underneath settings there is a slides heading; in the drop down box you are selecting 6 slides handout and right at the bottom are three options; frame slides, scale to fit paper and high quality. By the looks of it “Frame slides” is the default so you need to click this to remove the outline boxes!
    Just checked on PowerPoint 2007 right at the bottom of the print box there are the three options with the box “frame slides” highlighted, so you need to uncheck this box and hopefully your full content will fit on!

    rboynton 19 Aug at 11:52 am
  86. rboynton:

    Thanks for the reply. The “frame slides” option either applies or removes a frame from the entire slide. The box I am seeing on my printout is within the slide. It seems to be the same size, and appears on every slide. It is not, however, vuisible on a slide show. I wish there were a way to attach a copy of the printout as it is difficult to explain. Anyway, if you have any other thoughts, they’d be appreciated.

    David 19 Aug at 1:59 pm
  87. Hi David, My e-mail address is avaliable attached to this comment; please send over a scanned copy of the print-out. We will try and solve the problem.

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