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Red Blood Cells Medical PowerPoint Template

Red Blood Cells Medical PowerPoint Template

Red blood cells slide

This free PowerPoint template has a 3D rendering of Red blood cells on a blue background. You can edit and adapt this medical template to your own design or use the default colour schemes and layout created by us.

Red Blood Cells Medical PowerPoint Template inside page
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Published On: 28th Oct 2011

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  1. A very Nice Template, inovative, interesting and eye catching…

    Hammad Ali 7 Dec at 1:52 pm
  2. MasyaAllahhhh kaawai…

    Irfan Ikhsan 26 Jan at 5:25 am
  3. just what i needed.. thanks

    lyn 6 Mar at 2:47 pm
  4. Just perfect 🙂 thank you.

    Carabols 15 Mar at 5:42 am
  5. Peeerrrrfeeeect for me.

    Hemm 29 Mar at 6:45 pm
  6. perfect, thanks.

    dr khalil 6 Apr at 4:57 pm
  7. thanx alot .I really like it. God bless u

    Dr, Hanan 21 Apr at 8:59 am
  8. Thank so much. this really helps me for the miniforum report I’m doing for my school.

    Madeline 24 Apr at 12:52 am
  9. Love it ^^

    Ian 4 May at 11:43 pm
  10. Perfect for my internship presentation

    Anonymous 23 Jun at 5:08 am
  11. What a wonderful job you have done! For free!!

    THANK YOU! 24 Jun at 3:17 am
  12. thanks a lot…it’s really what i’ve been looking for…

    haemato-maniac 11 Jul at 10:18 am
  13. Thanks! Well done.

    Joop 26 Jul at 6:46 pm
  14. Is a great template. Thanks. (Es un buen template)

    David 4 Sep at 4:58 pm
  15. So much beutiful

    Anonymous 8 Sep at 5:04 am
  16. okay not sooo gud

    himali 10 Sep at 12:12 pm
  17. thank u..:)

    hamba Allah 15 Sep at 3:55 am
  18. very nice..suit for my persuasive presentation.. THALASSAEMIA:

    diamonate 11 Oct at 11:07 am
  19. thank you who ever created this it was exactly what i needed

    mickey sacdev 24 Oct at 1:33 am
  20. thanks! the best things in life are really for free=)

    porsche 29 Oct at 9:03 am
  21. […] This free template is a variant on our red blood cells medical powerpoint template. […]

    Electron Microscope Template 18 Nov at 11:10 pm
  22. Thank you so much. 😀
    I need this for a project.

    Ananimus007 20 Nov at 11:28 am
  23. it is the best…perfect

    yandel 30 Nov at 9:37 pm
  24. Oh thank you thank you thank you! Colleagues gonna love tgis, and I need to impress my prof really badly! 🙂

    Elusive 21 Dec at 6:25 pm
  25. thanks…just what i needed.

    rashmi 3 Feb at 1:54 pm
  26. Thanks so much! It’s excellent!

    Allie 26 Mar at 7:35 pm
  27. thankssssssss a millionnn :)))))

    sadia 21 Apr at 6:37 pm
  28. UHH. nasty

    ERG 9 May at 1:41 pm
  29. thank

    mimi 31 May at 11:15 am
  30. thanks very much ^^

    Nam 6 Jun at 4:50 pm
  31. Perfect !

    kgb 19 Aug at 11:42 am

    jayaram 29 Aug at 8:30 am
  33. thenk you for a wonderful template

    pkmcibadak 16 Sep at 7:17 am
  34. I have a presentation to do on blood clotting , immune response, alergic reaction , and hormone release it must be 10 12 slides long. This has been agreat help I would enjoy further templates in these other areas.


    Brenda Cclow 19 Sep at 3:25 pm
  35. Just perfect for my lecture regarding anemia.

    Mae 9 Oct at 9:17 am
  36. Nice template. Do you have antibody presentation?

    Judhi 23 Oct at 7:25 am
  37. Thank you
    I am looking for such templates..
    I hope I can find other medical templates as well..

    Ishaq 6 Jan at 4:23 pm
  38. How do you install the templates?

    Greg 11 Jan at 9:08 pm
  39. Great for a school project

    jill 13 Jan at 6:21 pm
  40. thank’s so much

    yoga 10 Feb at 11:42 am
  41. JUst what we needed…

    Anonymous 19 Feb at 9:38 pm
  42. this design is quite appropriate for biology student

    Dr. L 8 Mar at 3:18 am
  43. apuò chestò!!!

    Anonymous 8 Mar at 11:52 am
  44. Perfect backround for my topic! Thanks! 😀

    Anonymous 29 Mar at 2:31 pm
  45. Thanks for this lovely template. It worth a lot for my class presentation.

    elf 7 Apr at 4:34 am
  46. really admireable

    tanseer 27 May at 3:20 pm
  47. thank yu very much

    sam 6 Jun at 9:16 am
  48. perfect

    gfg 24 Jun at 2:35 am
  49. Thx!!

    Jerry 3 Jul at 3:00 am
  50. Thanks for a lovely template with a great theme and colours. I’m using it for a microteach session on circulation and shock. Much more eye catching and interesting for university students than anything I came up with!!

    Liz 24 Aug at 8:22 pm
  51. hi and thank you

    sera 12 Oct at 10:13 am
  52. Fantastic, thanks so much.
    Helped me immensely.
    more blood and transfusion related ppt’s please

    DonnaH 17 Oct at 9:37 am
  53. Presentation aboutmanagement of blood establishment

    K.C. UK 12 Nov at 9:22 am
  54. Im a vet and i need it for a project! it was great! thank you 😀

    samira bashiri 30 Nov at 11:32 am
  55. its different and useful for us

    dr.majju 8 Dec at 5:11 am
  56. so nice =)

    SemSem 13 Dec at 8:56 pm
  57. its really very nice

    m. fatima 28 Dec at 3:05 pm
  58. wow!!!!!!!!!tnk u very much!!i lv it 🙂

    swapnil ihs 17 Jan at 4:42 pm
  59. Thank You. I downloaded the one on Red Blood Cells…just the one I was looking for

    Merewairita Valu 22 Feb at 1:49 am
  60. Thank You. I downloaded the one on Red Blood Cells…just great

    Merewairita Valu 22 Feb at 1:50 am
  61. Will use for health presentationat church. Thank You for this.

    S 21 Mar at 6:46 am
  62. thank u it helped me so much

    sepideh 6 Sep at 2:07 pm
  63. Thank you! Just what I was looking for!

    SG 1 Dec at 4:56 pm
  64. very goog….

    simin 28 Jan at 9:23 pm
  65. Just what I needed!!!! Big,big help!

    exkenned 29 May at 11:20 pm
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    Red Blood Cells Medical PowerPoint Template

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