Pills medical PowerPoint template

Pills medical PowerPoint template

Pills medical PowerPoint template, showing two capsules, one or pink and grey and the other of blue.

It has been pointed out that technically these are capsules, not tablets, and not pills.

Could be used for a range of presentations on medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology, human metabolism, clinical trials, or a range review.

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Published On: 26th Oct 2011

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  1. so good

    tom 14 Nov at 1:08 pm
  2. thank you

    Anonymous 3 Feb at 5:59 pm
  3. As a pharmacy student I cant help commenting… Those are capsules, not tablets. And definetely not pills… 😉

    Louise 5 Apr at 5:40 pm
  4. I will be using this at a National Medical Meeting. If asked, I will give your site the credit that it deserves!

    ltgpete 13 Apr at 7:44 pm
  5. thank you very much

    agus 24 Apr at 10:33 am
  6. As a pharmacy student I’m also agree with Louise.These are capsules,not pills.. :p
    But itz nice!

    tasnuva 9 May at 2:52 pm
  7. cool

    Anonymous 19 May at 8:34 pm
  8. kul jeaaaa

    Anonymous 19 May at 8:35 pm
  9. thanx

    Anonymous 27 May at 2:55 pm
  10. Yes I agree…these are capsules…check the dosage form name…

    may tesoro 8 Jul at 3:57 pm
  11. owesummmmm

    alice 13 Aug at 2:13 pm
  12. Fantastic templates. I loved the resources available here on this web. Thank you to all.

    Samir Niphade 29 Aug at 6:23 am
  13. so creative

    sri 19 Sep at 1:48 am
  14. nice capsule,its good to apreciate…

    jayson D. 22 Sep at 1:58 am
  15. i need t put it on a class

    Eduardo Rmz 18 Dec at 7:13 am
  16. thanxx a lot for posting this…great powerpoint templates

    hafsa 3 Jan at 1:56 pm
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    jum 20 Jan at 12:15 pm
  18. thank

    Hay 22 Jan at 2:54 pm
  19. Beautifuuuuuuuuul!

    Tilksew 22 Jan at 4:22 pm
  20. I’ll be using this for my research paper presentation and hopefully I’ll win. Thanks so much!

    Van 4 Feb at 12:10 am
  21. thanks for the medicine for my ppts

    pooja the pure heart 14 Feb at 7:22 am
  22. I will be using this for a presentation to nurses.

    Anonymous 27 Feb at 1:54 am
  23. nice templates….
    will be using this in our presentation for our system

    spud 4 Mar at 10:42 am
  24. I like this template for its simplicity! I am using it for a presentation to grade 1 children (on medication safety) so think it’s really appropriate!

    CL 26 Mar at 4:06 am
  25. i am using this template for a project that i was assigned to do in my nursing class i have to do a presentation about saftey and efficiency in the nursing unit.

    Dani 19 Apr at 6:18 pm
  26. thanks for the medicine ppts

    nanny 3 May at 10:44 am
  27. You r my best!!!
    Thank you so much.

    0001 4 Jun at 10:40 pm
  28. I like these for Health and Social Care teaching / presentations. Thanks!

    Kaz 18 Aug at 9:00 pm
  29. thanks for the ppt it will come in handy for my pharm tech presentation in law and ethics!!!!!

    acoyle 21 Aug at 12:58 am
  30. This will be fantastic to use with my class for a lesson about drugs. Thanks ever so much.

    Julie 13 Sep at 7:24 am
  31. Obrigadooo!

    Anonymous 25 Sep at 8:05 pm
  32. it’s a nice one

    nadiya 18 Oct at 8:55 pm
  33. thank you …. ur site is really helpful.. keep up d good work

    dr sakshi 9 Nov at 6:42 pm
  34. I will be using this template for nursing research project presentation.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Carolyn 22 Nov at 1:09 am
  35. Some Great Templates. Thank you for giving them away for a great price, free, but I really need this for my class and low on money at the moment.


    Manuel Araujo 3 Dec at 10:42 am
  36. Hi, great templates. Need this for a pharma-presentatiom

    Ingun C. Markwart 10 May at 4:16 pm
  37. I’ll be using this for my jund Review & July Plan. Thanks!

    SeungPyo Yeom 29 Jun at 6:04 am
  38. thanks great templates just what was needed

    judy 24 Jul at 5:42 am
  39. veri good

    sanu 17 Sep at 8:20 pm
  40. thank u so much
    this was the one i was lukin for
    light bakground wid a professional touch very helpful 4 a medical student…helpful 4 my antibiotics presentation

    vaisakhy 30 Sep at 2:50 pm
  41. hope dat my teachers wil lyk it

    vaisakhy 30 Sep at 2:52 pm
  42. fantastic. medical person must try it

    zubeda 3 Nov at 8:15 pm
  43. Great template!

    Anonymous 2 Jun at 8:31 am
  44. I?m senior nurse ,will used it to present for the nurse student…thank you

    Joan Guo 16 Feb at 3:53 pm
  45. Using is for my DNP AV assignment.

    Romina 23 Feb at 9:00 pm
  46. well capsules are type of pill right?

    Anonymous 12 Feb at 6:55 am