Mind’s Eye PowerPoint Template

Mind’s Eye PowerPoint Template

An unusual template showing an eye made out of loads of words; it actually looks quite scary!Could be used for presentations on psychology, sight and premonitions.

Mind’s Eye PowerPoint Template inside page
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Published On: 22nd Sep 2011

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  1. to be used in a lecture

    dpenney 18 Mar at 10:39 pm
  2. thanks for the template will be using it in my presentation at psychology class in the graduate school

    gertrudes bernal 26 Aug at 3:33 pm
  3. Thanks for the slide. I use it in FB with Bible Verse.

    Edwin 31 Aug at 5:12 pm
  4. thanks for this, really helped alot with my presentation

    Matty 8 Oct at 2:23 am
  5. I am going to use your template for the background of a presentation of infamous characters in my psychology class. Love the design, thought it to be perfect to my purpose. Thank you

    Joe Ostaszewski 10 Nov at 5:15 am
  6. Great template!
    I will use it for presenting a case study for career counselling.

    Miha 26 May at 9:27 pm
  7. Great template

    Rajalingam 23 Jun at 6:18 am
  8. This eye template will be inserted into an article on health and mind. It is perfect for my application. Thanks!

    Loo Yin Mei 6 Oct at 12:09 am
  9. Thank you!

    ^-^ 8 Oct at 2:15 pm