A free chalkboard PowerPoint template that has received very positive feedback and could be used for a range of educational purposes by teachers.

Included are images of the chalks in a vibrant background. You could use your own messages on the chalkboard using a font like MS Comic.

Suitable for a presentation on teaching, school, education, literacy, writing or even dyslexia.

If you have enjoyed using this template, please let us know in the comments box below, what you used it for.

Chalkboard inside page
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Published On: 5th Nov 2006

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  17. I am taking a teaching course and think this will be fab for my presentation.


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  30. This is great. Doing a presentation for class. Wanted something diffrent, from what everybody elsr has. Thanks!

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  31. i’m doing a presentation on effects of the crises on french society

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  34. I am using this template for a presentation on determing the topic of a passage

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  61. Awesome design and very creative

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  62. Thanks for this great template. Just used it in my classes and my students said the pieces of chalk seemed to be 3D images. Too much Avatar, maybe 🙂

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  63. I think I will probably use that for a presentation on life long learning at work.

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  99. I really like this template.It’s of big help when I present agenda for my department meeting.

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  100. We have now added the ability to change the colour of the chalkboard so you can add your own colours to the template i.e. make it a white board with black writing or something funky like green.

    rboynton 1 Jun at 1:27 pm
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