Coloured slides template background

Coloured slides template background

Some handy free coloured card slide backgrounds, to add interest to your business PowerPoint presentation. You can add more background slides by duplicating slide images on consecutive slides. Just drag the previous background to the left hand side so just a part is showing and then crop it where it overhangs the page edge. This will create the effect seen on the 5 slides supplied in this PowerPoint template.

If you have enjoyed using this template, please let us know in the comments box below, what you used it for.

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Published On: 13th Nov 2007

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  1. why cant you tell me what makes a good
    presentation or how many words to use in every slide but no you rabble on about other stuff

    Anonymous 15 Nov at 3:41 pm
  2. Very good, simple, clean and cool.

    Carol 5 Dec at 11:55 am
  3. very much creative

    Anonymous 7 Dec at 11:02 am
  4. These templates are starting to grow on me (especially the new one that’s similar to this one). They are much more interactive than the normal static templates. These feel like you’re actually flipping cards. Like it a lot. These along with your keynote designs are the best.

    Jonathan 12 Dec at 6:08 am
  5. Thanks Jonathan, glad you liked the new templates, we should have more on a similar themes soon.

    jonathanball 12 Dec at 1:51 pm
  6. how can add another slide into it?

    moneeqa 13 Dec at 11:30 am
  7. Hi Moneeqa,

    Duplicate one of the other “Cards” and change the number.

    Then send it to the back on each slide page and shift it slightly to the left so that it sticks out from behind the other cards slightly.

    Hope that helps

    jonathanball 13 Dec at 12:14 pm
  8. Great work!
    Only one litte question: How could I change the color of the upper broad border?
    Thank you so much!

    Herbert 27 Dec at 2:10 am
  9. Hi Herbert,

    That won’t be possible in powerpoint itself as the cards where created in adobe illustrator.

    If we get time I’ll create a version that can be changed in powerpoint itself.

    jonathanball 2 Jan at 3:21 pm
  10. Hello Jonathan,
    thank you for your answer!
    This would be really great!!! 🙂
    Go on with this very good work and a Happy New Year!

    Herbert 3 Jan at 2:00 am
  11. How can I add these templates to my presentation?

    Queen_Nixxon 24 Jan at 7:37 pm
  12. How come everytimes I click on F5 to view my presentation the template background will not view?

    STRNGFruitProject 24 Jan at 7:42 pm
  13. Great site. VERY creative with eye catching templates. Thanks so much!

    Monique 4 Mar at 1:22 am
  14. Great work here! Hope there are more slides, need more for my presentation. hehe. your template rocks man!

    Bryan 13 Mar at 11:46 pm
  15. Really good work, thanks.

    xhelium 20 Mar at 3:40 pm
  16. when I apply this template it’s just gray and pink…no design! help please

    amy 19 Apr at 6:58 am
  17. It is easier if you were to cut and paste your slides into this template.

    admin 23 Apr at 7:48 am
  18. Your website is truly treasure trove….
    this template only reaffrims this quality…
    Keep it Up!!

    Viraj K. 28 Jun at 5:25 pm
  19. Great!I just love it. However, I have more contents to present so how can I apply this template.


    Nicky 28 Aug at 9:49 am
  20. Really good work, easier and great. Thaks.

    chutinan 8 Sep at 4:50 pm
  21. cooool

    i like it 🙂

    laila 14 Sep at 12:09 pm
  22. How briliant you are!

    Many Thanks!

    clairce 17 Sep at 10:37 am
  23. cool and professional at the same time 🙂

    annie 1 Oct at 10:07 pm
  24. Nice colors 😀

    Octopus 30 Nov at 6:35 am
  25. i really love it~

    vanni choi 8 Dec at 12:31 pm
  26. I like it…. Thanks….

    pattariya 30 Dec at 10:22 am
  27. Seems to very class, but how to increase same slides with sequent numbers

    Samuel Christopher 13 Jan at 9:33 am
  28. hi

    I really love it , but i read what you write about how to add slides

    and i cant add slides 🙁

    plz help me , ineed 30 slides

    mshael 25 Jan at 8:50 am
  29. thanks!.
    Great work!

    hwang byong - chan 1 Feb at 1:34 pm
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    Myla 20 Feb at 3:12 pm
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    this design is genius!

    jelevado 22 May at 3:02 am
  35. Hello… I have a presentation with more than 75 slides… How can I do? I want to keep both effects: keep the previous cards and the next ones. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

    Beatriz 10 Oct at 11:12 pm
  36. bright idea,
    i love it.

    cathy 22 Nov at 6:10 am
  37. Very nice ^ creative!

    Sango 20 Dec at 12:01 pm
  38. I love it!! thanks so much!

    SUE 23 Apr at 12:06 pm
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    nengratna 2 Jun at 3:30 pm
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    Sekar 28 Jun at 12:50 pm
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    Liridona 29 Aug at 6:28 pm
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    Thank u so much

    rizka 1 Sep at 4:34 pm
  43. adorei esses cartões. adoraria saber dar sequencia, pois minha apresentação terá mais páginas…. por favor quando vc conseguir, poste aqui como fazê-las, pois se encaixaram certinho com o que tenho que apresentar.
    obrigada. e Parabém pela iniciativa .

    Simone 2 Sep at 6:40 pm
  44. It’s very useful,
    but how can I add another color card into the template? ex. purple

    odelia 6 Sep at 10:21 am
  45. hey wonderful designs!!!

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  54. Nice and clean not a distraction to the presentation.

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  55. I like it…!

    hartoyo 23 Apr at 4:08 am
  56. i love this! but how would you add a slide?

    b0red 5 May at 1:05 am
  57. Hi, To add a new slide in PowerPoint 2010 you need to be on the home tab and click the “add new slide button”, this brings up various options of slide design (based on the ones within the presentation). An easier way is that by having all the slides appear down the side of the page, click the one you want to copy and click “ctrl C” and then “ctrl v” to copy and paste the slide, this can then be altered with new text/ images.

    rboynton 5 May at 10:12 am
  58. lucid n energetic! 😀

    listya 11 May at 5:40 pm
  59. Fabulous templates, thank you so much! 🙂

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    it is very helpful for my presentations in curriculum and instructions
    thank you so much!

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  66. hi! love the designs. but it seems that designs are for ppt 2003 only? how can i use it in ppt 2007?

    kaye 4 Dec at 10:26 am
  67. Hi Kaye, we do all our template in powerpoint 2003-2007 to allow for users with any version of Powerpoint from 2003 to 2010 etc to be able to download them and use them

    rboynton 5 Dec at 11:12 am
  68. Good

    KaTe 7 Dec at 1:52 pm
  69. a like it 😀

    cho_choo 10 Jan at 1:40 pm
  70. Hi Ethan, we havent currently designed the template so you can change the colour however we are designing new templates everyday. In the meatime if you have powerpoint 2010 you can click on the slide and go to format > color and make slight changes to the colours – thanks for the suggestions though!

    rboynton 10 Jan at 6:36 pm
  71. brilliant stuff here. very inspirational….

    Meenakshi Chellam 25 Jan at 10:55 am
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  73. How do we add new slides?? dint understand ur explanation…Duplicate one of the other “Cards” and change the number.
    Then send it to the back on each slide page and shift it slightly to the left so that it sticks out from behind the other cards slightly…How do we do dis??

    Sneha 10 Feb at 2:52 am
  74. Hi Sneha, The slides are actually saved within the background so the design is already saved (there is no moving around needed!)
    Just right click on the slide you want to duplicate and click “duplicate”
    on Powerpoint 2010 you clik on the home tab and click “new slide”. The background is actually an image which can just be copied and sent to the back on your own PPT

    rboynton 13 Feb at 2:29 pm
  75. it’s cute
    thank’s for your share!

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  76. I always admire my friend’s power point slides with inspiring templates. Now I know where to find them. What you guys are doing is so great!Thanks a lot!

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  78. Hi there! 🙂 Thank you so much for making this. I used it for a show in class and everyone was cheering about how pretty my power point was. Thank you so much!!! 🙂 I directed my friend here also.

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  87. Hi!
    I’m using the template for my portfolio. This template is awesome! Unfortunately I need at least 3 more other colored cards. Is there a bigger version of this template?

    Thanks a lot!

    Tobiasz 3 Jun at 8:14 pm
  88. Hi Tobiasz, unfortunately at the moment this is the only template we have – I can add it to the list of templates to create

    rboynton 6 Jun at 10:23 am
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  96. For all of those who are thinking about expanding on these five, let me save you some headache. The backgrounds for these slides are not pictures but instead each card is an object itself. Meaning you can copy each page and you’ll only be copying the top card, shadow included. So you can rearrage, reposition, anything. If you want to change the color, that should be simple. If you want to add slides, just copy more cards. Also, a nice sliding transition would work wonders.

    Verve 30 Sep at 9:49 pm
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    thanks a lot ..

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  113. Thank you for this PowerPoint and your guidelines 10-20-30 – just what i need as i am pitching and idea NeXT week. wish me luck 🙂


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