Index cards template

Index cards template

Index cards template

Tabbed index cards template. This template has an office stationery theme. If you are interested in other office templates you may also like our note pad and pen template.

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Published On: 10th Dec 2007

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  1. Fantastic idea. I am excited to use this one in the near future. THANKS!

    Mat 17 Dec at 7:14 pm
  2. how intelligent design!

    dewai 30 Jan at 2:45 am
  3. Super stuff..

    Thilanka 7 Feb at 9:46 am
  4. It doesn’t seem to work on my computer and i would like to know why, if you can say so please comment on this design.

    Dude 13 Mar at 2:52 am
  5. At page 4 the first 3 TABS are not overwritable, that’s really a pity 🙁

    Peter 6 Aug at 1:21 pm
  6. Peter

    Yes you can overwrite all of the tabs, but it is a bit fiddly.

    The card is based into a number of modules and you will need to send the cards which are at the front to the back to be able to change them.

    We’ll look to see if we can make it easier to edit it.

    admin 6 Aug at 6:03 pm
  7. Nice drawings

    Kim 9 Oct at 7:24 pm
  8. I love the way boom was drawn!
    I love myslef and you should love me 2!

    Rajwant 9 Oct at 7:26 pm
  9. you love me and I love u

    Anonymous 9 Oct at 7:27 pm
  10. good template.
    Thank you.
    ^ ^

    cho 28 Nov at 4:38 pm
  11. wew.. nicee..

    blue 4 Dec at 2:10 am
  12. isnt it possible to add new slide? how? thanks ^^

    blue 4 Dec at 4:11 am
  13. starts simple,then goes great !
    amazing !!!

    vassilyzaitsev 22 Feb at 11:11 pm
  14. How do I add tab 6?

    Angela 10 Mar at 12:58 pm
  15. great as organizer

    jelevado 22 May at 2:54 am
  16. I plan to use this as a quick demo to show how the planned emergency response guideline tab book will work. It would like to discuss how this format could be modified so that I could put it on a PDA or phone. The concept is to use it for a decision tree with the ability to tab or drill down through the decision making process.

    Scott Campbell 6 Oct at 2:25 pm
  17. I am disabled and have trouble writing. We were assigned a batch of term to be written on index cards and used as flashcards. This will be of immeasurable help to me.

    Thank you soooo much!

    And please, keep these great templates coming!

    Charlotte Hyatt 27 Oct at 2:23 pm
  18. I cannot add an extra slide ! How can I do it? Please help!!

    Elienne 1 Nov at 2:53 pm
  19. good one and reallly thank u thk u thk u it is kool one really thks n tc

    rahul p 10 Nov at 7:55 pm
  20. SO GOOD

    Anonymous 29 Nov at 6:43 am
  21. Hi, i noticed a few people have asked the same question and wondered where i can find the answer….. How do you add slides or is this not possible?
    Cheers X

    celeste 13 Jan at 3:31 pm
  22. good template.
    thanks a lot!

    hwang byong-chan 18 Feb at 12:31 pm
  23. Great template!I’m giving a presentation about government documents to library students, so this seemed appropriate.

    Zephyrpl 21 Feb at 9:42 pm
  24. fantastic design. very useful

    Ryan 8 Mar at 3:30 pm
  25. thanks for creating such a good template and share it to everyone! keep up!

    Anonymous 5 Jan at 7:41 am
  26. very good!!!

    am 18 Nov at 1:18 pm
  27. good thanks

    yujing 8 Nov at 2:19 pm