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Paper and pen template

Paper and pen template

Paper and pen template

Continuing our office stationery theme, this template consists of a piece of paper and a pen, both of which you can move around, edit or resize. You may also be interested in our other office templates like our note pad and pen template.

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Published On: 10th Jan 2008

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  1. Very good cross between formal and casual presentation style.

    Michelle 4 Feb at 6:34 pm
  2. love it! thank you

    Anonymous 26 Apr at 2:53 am
  3. It’s so lovely and simple! THANKS!!1

    hye-jin 9 Sep at 6:11 am
  4. Love this one – such a cool way to present ideas.

    Jen @ Graduation Ideas 17 Nov at 10:46 pm
  5. amazing !!!

    vassilyzaitsev 22 Feb at 11:10 pm
  6. *giggles* this is fun

    jelevado 22 May at 2:52 am
  7. I LOVE IT IT SOME AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    joe 28 May at 9:05 pm
  8. Just Excellent !

    Shruti 17 Nov at 7:10 am
  9. i love it …so cute

    samoha 3 Dec at 8:15 pm
  10. Its really good one…..

    Anonymous 17 Jan at 7:18 pm
  11. great!!!!
    love it
    love it
    love it

    Anonymous 18 Feb at 1:59 pm
  12. thank you! 🙂

    meg 11 Mar at 6:57 pm
  13. i like it so much, thanks

    ermina 18 Mar at 9:18 am
  14. it is great…………too nice just don’t know what to say

    zohal 22 Apr at 12:01 pm
  15. buzzingaa

    Anonymous 10 May at 12:51 am
  16. thank you for your templates

    leila 15 Jun at 9:52 am
  17. it’s very good

    Anonymous 17 Jul at 1:14 pm
  18. I can’t seem to view the entire thing on Office 2003. Compatability issue?

    Gino 13 Sep at 8:15 am
  19. nice..

    fia 30 Sep at 2:16 am
  20. loved it..its so beautiful and nice !!!

    meggie 28 Oct at 8:46 am
  21. love it

    lydia 12 Jun at 5:25 pm
  22. like it

    wyatt 18 Sep at 5:54 pm
  23. Thanks, this is a great template, just what I was looking for. Not overpowering but adds interest.

    Diana 11 Oct at 3:32 am
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