Circles Template on white

Circles Template on white

Circles Template on white. Shows a range of concentric coloured circles on a white background.

If you stare at it long enough it looks like it is moving. Could be used for a presentation of establishing the age of a tree or dendro dates (Dendrochronology = the study of tree rings).

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Published On: 1st Nov 2006

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  1. this circle make me think about thinking!
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  23. it’s colorful but a bit simple

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  24. it’s great, can b used in business ppts where discussion on corporate lvl strategies are discussed, some type of attention is to drawn on some important issue, discussions of holistic natures, of fixing targets, unity in diversity etc.
    this can also be uploaded in various shades of 1 color, to be useful for specific purposes like, talking of water- shades of blue, of environ-shades of green, depression- shades of purple, setting priorities- shades of red etc. anyways this slide is great as it is .

    shazia 10 Jun at 9:22 am
  25. love the circle.colors make you think brings out your creativity.

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  26. nice 1….nice circle & its color……..thanks

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