Zen stones template – grey background

Zen stones template – grey background

A stack of Zen stones on a gray background.

This template could be used as a business PowerPoint template or could be used for a geology assignment.

Zen stones template – grey background inside page
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Published On: 11th Nov 2006

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  1. perlu ditingkatkan lf

    Anonymous 5 Nov at 5:48 pm
  2. looking for a ppt in jewelery..but dint get

    garima 18 Feb at 9:14 am
  3. I love these rocks, and they would ‘rock’ my upcoming presentation, however, the template has “Your Name” embedded right under the stones. I only need my name on the title slide. “Your Name” does not need to be on my slides 1-30. It’s silly! On this download page, “Your Name” even shows up in the thumbnails of the inbuilt slides. Can it be removed? I don’t think its something I can do from Ppt. Thanks.

    Joann 20 Feb at 1:58 am
  4. Go to View -> Master -> Slide Master (and Title Master if present) and you can then remove it or edit it.

    Martin 21 Feb at 4:02 pm
  5. Thank You – I had the same wish and same problem. I have an simple presentation in 1 hour and wanted to use this slide as it is peaceful and fits the theme I am after.

    Nev 27 Feb at 2:38 am
  6. Go to view master and remove what you don’t want.

    Lizzy 27 Mar at 9:55 pm
  7. Can I change the background colour behind the stones?

    Heather 13 Apr at 7:18 pm
  8. No the background colour is fixed.

    There is the Zen Stones White template – if you type “Zen Stones White template” into the search box at the top of the page you could find it.

    It may be a good idea if we get a chance to put the stones on background you can colour yourself.

    admin 15 Apr at 7:12 am
  9. I was going to quite it, but your tip saved it!
    thanks again

    thanks 20 Jun at 3:34 am
  10. So cute and peaceful the template is.I love it.Thanks a lot.

    Nguyễn Hồng Oanh 22 Oct at 5:42 pm
  11. thank you
    your design give me more inspiration
    and it makes me more confident to speak in front of audience

    dewi laras 7 Nov at 1:43 pm
  12. To chnage “Your name” on the bottom right

    Just download the file. Then edit the master template.

    To do this go to the main menu at the top of the page and then select
    View > Master > Slide Master

    You can then change or remove the name on the slide master.

    admin 7 Jan at 4:45 pm
  13. One of my favorite templates. I use it to let our Yoga members know that their donations to our $2 yoga class on Sundays has raided $7,000 for a local preschool that caters to children with a terminal illness.

    Thank you for the template!

    Carolyn 5 Feb at 8:57 pm
  14. Glad to know that it has helped get the message across.

    admin 6 Feb at 3:35 pm
  15. Awesome ppt template………..

    Sangita Sharma 24 Feb at 7:08 pm
  16. Going to use this template for a presentation at a university. The topic is mindfulness. Thank you for the free template!

    Melanie 30 Mar at 12:13 pm
  17. Ok, I saw the instructions to get rid or your name in the bottom right hand corner but what do I do after I go to slide master. I cannot figure it out. Help?

    jodi 19 Apr at 8:11 pm
  18. Just delete the name in slide master and then save the file.

    admin 20 Apr at 9:12 pm
  19. Works perfect for story vocabulary ppt for my students

    Kathy 24 Apr at 6:45 pm
  20. Besides the 2 Zen PPTs and the red rocks PPT are there any other rock PPTs?

    Kathy 24 Apr at 6:50 pm
  21. I am using this template as practice in my business class for a business proposal to promote a Health Spa for Employees at the worksite. This will do just great.
    Thank you for the FREE Template.
    Have bookmarked this website.
    Thanks again.

    Michelle 5 Jun at 8:27 pm
  22. Thank you for this free template. It’s exactly the kind of simple style I was looking for. I am using it for a PhD proposal at a University. The calm grey is easy on the eyes and visible for text and pictures. Plus the zen theme of this template is sure to help my nerves when I present!

    ria 22 Jul at 7:38 am
  23. Respect mate!!
    I’m using it today for my master thesis presentation.
    Be well!!

    Alexandros 21 Sep at 8:32 am
  24. thanks for your free template!!

    flora 5 Oct at 4:03 pm
  25. thank for free ppt

    first 6 Oct at 6:52 am
  26. thx

    aum 16 Oct at 3:02 am
  27. I will use this template for description of new low regulation for uneducated listeners. Hope, they find it not so boring as law papers generally are 🙂

    Pripadnik 24 Nov at 11:21 am
  28. I am going to use it for jo inteview.hope to win it

    renate 27 Nov at 5:43 pm
  29. Hi! I’m using this template for my presentation on Character Education… The them is aligned with my personal philosophy =) Thanks!

    Kat Manuel 29 Sep at 6:41 pm
  30. Thanks a lot. Best suited for my presentation about meditation.

    With lots of love

    srinath 18 Mar at 2:30 pm
  31. I teach the children’s class at my Buddhist Temple and I was going to use it for my lessons.

    Roberta 18 Aug at 6:32 pm
  32. Thanks!

    kim 2 Dec at 3:09 pm
  33. I’m giving a presentation on the neurological effects of internet/video game overuse/addiction. This template makes the perfect background. Thank you.

    Jason 1 Aug at 11:41 pm