Fern Nature Template

Fern Nature Template

A Fern Nature Template showing a fern leaf on a white background, with a matching colour scheme. We had to straighten the leaf using the Adobe photoshop software programme so that we could show off the symetry better.

Could be used for a presentation on nature, woodland, the seasons, evergreens, ferns, bracken or possibly house plants.

It could be used to help brighten up your biology homework.

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Published On: 11th Nov 2006

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    Highly recommended!!

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  3. I so apprecciate the templates…they make my subject a lot more interesting! Tahnk you.

    Micheline Finn 1 Oct at 5:32 pm
  4. I really like this fern template.
    It is clean, clear, symmetrical and simple.
    I plan to use it to make a presentation on practical philosophy, and I find this theme unintrusive and yet enhancing.
    It’s beautiful!

    Allison 22 Dec at 3:56 pm
  5. thankyouuu so muchhh…

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  6. good! look great and simple

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