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Blue Bubbles PowerPoint Template

Blue Bubbles PowerPoint Template

Rather a nice Blue Bubble PowerPoint template on a white background. Could be used as a free background for a range of corporate presentations.

It could also be used for a presentation to show the bubble bursting on a financial crisis.

If you have enjoyed using this template, please let us know in the comments box below, what you used it for.

Blue Bubbles PowerPoint Template inside page
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Published On: 11th Nov 2006

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  1. These are great but I can’t figure out how to upload new logos to the templates.

    Jeff 15 Oct at 3:00 pm
  2. Hi Jeff, either upload a logo as an image preferably a png and place that over the current log, or on the template, choose view > master > slidemaster ortemplate master and edit the logo text.

    hope that helps

    jonathanball 15 Oct at 4:57 pm
  3. I got more than i need.
    Thanks a lot.

    Aung 8 Dec at 5:33 am
  4. Dear,
    i never forget your contribution for this templates.thanks a lot.wishing u and ur website
    best of luck, bye./ anup.gtl.dhaka(engg.telecom)

    anup chakrabarty 5 Jan at 3:02 pm
  5. +_+ Thank You ~ !!!

    Supia 10 Jan at 2:51 am
  6. Thanks very much
    It’s so cute

    aiab 5 Mar at 3:37 pm
  7. THNKS

    AMY 23 Mar at 10:06 am
  8. Thanks for help. Have bookmarked you.


    Randy 7 Apr at 4:45 pm
  9. very well

    Anonymous 4 May at 6:43 pm
  10. Is it possible to clear the company logo?

    Alessandra 7 May at 11:32 pm
  11. Yes you can clear the company logo by downloading the file going into PowerPoint then go to View > Master > Slide Master> and then you can change it there

    admin 8 May at 10:06 am
  12. tks much!

    mystery 28 May at 4:14 pm
  13. Hi, thanks a lot!
    This template design is completely match my sense.

    Thank you again.

    Ayumu 21 Jun at 5:48 am
  14. Cute and practical at the same time.
    Haven’t tried on a projector, but I bet
    fonts and colors will be very clear too.

    mirigg 5 Jul at 3:13 pm
  15. thank you very much

    4 ur help to us

    rhea 22 Jul at 12:57 pm
  16. Thank you

    wulan 15 Sep at 4:38 pm
  17. Thank you very much! ^-^

    Sim 1 Nov at 7:48 am
  18. thanks a lot

    Anonymous 5 Nov at 11:29 am
  19. thnks alot

    annna 9 Nov at 10:16 pm
  20. gr8 stuff. thanx man..

    dCe 21 Nov at 9:24 pm
  21. this is just the thing I need to brighten up revision lessons for A level resits . Thank you

    Sian 4 Dec at 9:55 pm
  22. thanks

    milan 19 Dec at 1:10 pm
  23. Very good for business presentation. Thank you.

    Sue 29 Jan at 4:51 am
  24. It’s great. Thank you.

    Smile 29 Jan at 2:34 pm
  25. very cool template , thanks =D

    R=) 25 Feb at 3:51 pm
  26. This is an AWESOME template. It’s fun but doesn’t take away from the content- I just used it and it was a huge hit!

    Megan 5 May at 7:55 pm
  27. Thanks a lot!! so cute 🙂

    June 11 May at 8:22 am
  28. Thanks this is the template I need

    Anonymous 11 May at 1:06 pm
  29. thanks for the cute template

    arben 20 May at 7:55 am
  30. Thank you…very much Thailand

    Anonymous 21 May at 8:50 am
  31. Thank very much, they are really nice!!!

    Anonymous 1 Jun at 12:51 am
  32. good

    Anonymous 4 Jun at 1:58 am
  33. very pretty. It would be great to have some print-friendly templates. This is quite good already with the white background, but it would be great to be able to make the bubbles lighter in color or smaller.

    But already a lot of help.

    Liege 9 Jul at 10:19 am
  34. Excellent collections.
    Thank you very very much.

    Dr M R Rahim 5 Aug at 6:15 am
  35. Thanks!!!

    Anonymous 6 Aug at 11:33 am
  36. Excatly what I was looking for- professional but a little fun, and without taking away from the point. Thank you!!!

    Michelle 22 Aug at 11:10 pm
  37. excellent.Excatly what I was looking for- professional but a little fun, and without taking away from the point. Thank you!!!

    salin 15 Sep at 8:02 pm
  38. Thanx… u give so much.. ^^ Very good!!!

    juharry 25 Sep at 1:55 pm
  39. Thank you, nice, simple and learned how to use mater key. Best wishes for you

    Welly 28 Sep at 9:48 am
  40. They’re simple design,,but cooL..=P

    ArieL Wardhana 11 Oct at 1:19 pm
  41. thanks for your sharing.

    Anonymous 11 Oct at 3:09 pm
  42. thanks a lot.
    It will give me a great help!

    windy 15 Oct at 6:16 pm
  43. nice really cool…..!

    ch 20 Oct at 7:29 am
  44. thank you! very useful! 🙂

    Dinara 22 Oct at 7:16 pm
  45. perfect

    tt 7 Nov at 11:12 am
  46. VERY NICE…

    WoW 10 Jan at 8:14 pm
  47. Thank You very very much, I like it and so excited for my presentation it really match with my topic…….
    A lot of Help!!!!

    Maverick 9 Feb at 2:29 am
  48. Good job

    a7l2 17 Feb at 10:14 am
  49. ok…….

    nur 29 Mar at 8:47 am
  50. thank you!!!!

    t1b3esr52 7 Apr at 2:03 pm
  51. Thanks,

    This is a very nice one 🙂

    Ele 15 Apr at 8:05 pm
  52. thanks ! very helpful

    Anonymous 19 Apr at 2:55 pm
  53. Great template. The above tip with viewing the master slide worked perfect for getting rid of the bottom-left corner url, can’t remember what I did but tinker around and you’ll find it.

    anon 26 Apr at 6:05 am
  54. thanks a lot!!

    Anonymous 28 Apr at 3:38 am
  55. thanks! very useful~

    EN 21 May at 3:55 pm
  56. thanks~ very nice~

    :D 23 May at 2:24 pm
  57. Thanks!!

    Iah 1 Jun at 12:20 pm
  58. Thank you!

    bababu 7 Jun at 9:23 am
  59. I love the slides. One problem; cannot change the “” on inbuilt slides. Able to do so just fine on title slide. Please lend your assistance

    Jill 12 Jun at 1:09 pm
  60. so nice

    Anonymous 16 Jun at 10:38 am
  61. is cool

    Parrapa 26 Jun at 2:53 am
  62. It is really nice, however… can I removed the “ ” from the inbuilt slides?


    María 16 Jul at 1:09 pm
  63. these are great!!! but how to eliminate “”??

    Maria 16 Jul at 1:20 pm
  64. thanks

    emad 21 Aug at 8:55 am
  65. please tell me how to delete from the 2-6 slides thanks

    xxx 26 Sep at 8:33 pm
  66. Go to View > Slide Master and you can edit it there

    admin 1 Oct at 5:01 pm
  67. no he podido descargar una

    Anonymous 5 Oct at 7:33 pm
  68. please tell me how to replace blue shades with the corresponding red ones

    UNI 14 Oct at 11:08 am
  69. Nice

    Maria 7 Nov at 2:50 pm
  70. Thank you?

    Lee 20 Dec at 5:35 am
  71. thanks a lot, it’s a great help

    cd 7 Jan at 6:13 am
  72. nice-nice-very nice,thank

    mohsen 6 Mar at 1:58 pm
  73. very thank you !

    Scarlett 23 Mar at 2:37 am
  74. I was looking for a template that would look more fun to Trainees. I got exactly what i wanted. Thankyou, for your help,now i can complete my project.

    malyn 24 May at 6:43 am
  75. thank you!!!

    haha 24 Sep at 5:07 pm
  76. love!!!

    bb 2 Oct at 6:10 pm
  77. Thanks for nice templates

    Tran 29 Oct at 8:26 am
  78. thanks

    Govind 10 Dec at 4:06 pm
  79. Thanks your sharing

    SU SU 16 Mar at 6:55 pm
  80. Marvelous! Thanks!

    ryo 13 Jul at 2:06 am
  81. Thank you for your kindness

    Prosecutor Na 2 Jan at 6:45 am
  82. thanks

    pppnnd 1 Oct at 5:29 pm
  83. awesome

    rebeka khan 27 Mar at 4:17 pm
  84. thanks a lot

    Grace 6 Oct at 8:47 am
  85. so helpful, thanks

    rina 16 Jan at 7:17 am
  86. Love the background on these slides. Would you guys ever allow anyone to pay to use the template or even just the background design?

    Ryan 21 Feb at 2:46 pm
  87. Thanks a lot~

    mismile 6 Apr at 3:30 am
  88. thanks!

    Anonymous 4 May at 8:59 am
  89. thank you i love you

    goodgood 22 Nov at 12:36 pm
  90. Thank you I love it!!

    pjy 4 May at 11:33 am
  91. thanks~!!

    heejean 20 May at 2:53 pm
  92. Thanks!! Keep up the good work! _/\_

    Akshay D 9 Aug at 7:12 am
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