Free powerpoint maps – uk and europe

Our push pin PowerPoint maps are a great new addition to our free downloadable templates selection.

These are maps of individual countries with separate images of drawing pins. The vector maps include France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland and the UK and more. With these templates you can insert the “pins” into places of interest and then label them as you wish. These can be used in PowerPoint slides, in web pages and blogs, or anywhere else where they may be helpful. At the moment we have maps of most European countries, also we have free editable PowerPoint maps of North America and now editable world maps.

This is what you’ll need to do in order to use these maps in PowerPoint. First download the map file. All the maps are in vector format and consist of a separate outline and fill. When you open the file you will find a page with a map of Europe and a set of ten coloured pins.

You can copy and paste the maps into new slides, change the fill colour and outline colour, resize them and add shadows and other effects. You can also copy and paste the various coloured pins, place them on the maps and and resize them for your needs. Since the maps are a combination of fills and outlines to move them around it is better to group the desired layers first and move and resize them together then ungroup them when you need to adjust individual colours, outlines and fill styles.

We have also provided example files of various effects you could use with the maps and we have separated out some of the most used maps for you already and these come on individual slides.

How we did it.

Here is how we achieved the various effects found in our example files

1.Double lined stroke

example of a PowerPoint map

To achieve the double lined stroke effect in the map above you will need a map with just an outline layer and a map with just a fill layer. Make sure that the fill layer is below the outline layer. On the fill layer select line style and add a line (stroke) of 6pt, then give it a colour different to the fill colour. Adjust the map outline layer so that the line is 2pt and also give that a different colour. You have now created double lined stroke.

2.Image and pattern fills

powerpoint map

You can apply various pattern and even image fills to vector objects in PowerPoint. First with your mouse select the shape you want to fill then select fill colour > fill effects, you can then select pattern or texture. For an image fill in the same menu select picture > select a picture and then navigate to the desired picture on your computer. To created effects on just the line select line color > patterned line and choose a pattern and colour combination, or alternatively select line style > more lines and choose a line style.
With these techniques you can created many varied and interesting effects.

Here are the links to all the files you might need:

Powerpoint templates maps of europe

Here are the pins as individual files pins.png


Published On: 20th Oct 2006

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    admin 11 Apr at 5:56 pm
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