World Maps Vector Editable – Updated 2017

World Maps Vector Editable – Updated 2017

World Maps editable vector 

We have updated our free editable vector maps of the world, with most major countries included.

You can change the colours and lines to create interesting effects and designs.

We have also included a vector outline if you just wanted to do a map of the world. You can even lay our nice pins across the top.

Please let us know if there is anything else that we need to change.

We also have larger editable maps of the UK and Europe along with Africa and  North America.

If you have enjoyed using this template, please let us know in the comments box below, what you used it for.

World Maps Vector Editable – Updated 2017 inside page
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Published On: 20th Nov 2011

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  1. This map needed some names on the places….

    Dana 27 Mar at 7:13 pm
  2. WAY COOL!

    Kendra 5 Apr at 5:38 am
  3. Good point – it seems to have merged with Argentina.

    I’ll get Jon to chnage it when he gets a chance.

    admin 17 Apr at 11:10 pm
  4. Are there pushpins without the shadow? I like the shadow, but wanted pushpins also without. Thanks!

    willis 30 Apr at 7:18 pm
  5. Willis

    Good idea.

    I’ll get Jon to take off the shadow.

    admin 2 May at 4:51 pm
  6. wow, thats a good effort from you guys, solved my problems

    syed 5 May at 6:47 pm
  7. I’ve having difficulty opening the file. The rest of the files on other pages of the site seem to open without any difficulty. Any chances the file has become corrupt or am I doing something wrong?

    Rizwan 10 May at 2:56 pm
  8. Also at a quick glance there is no Swaziland nor Lesotho.

    Bonnie 28 May at 5:39 pm
  9. Geeeeeeeenius! You realise there are people charging $250 for this sort of thing? I love you guys for making it free! I’m an impoverished student so if I hadn’t found this I’d have had many hours with felt tip pens and a scanner to look forward to…

    Fiona 10 Jul at 12:44 am
  10. OMG! This is wonderful! Thanks for making this resource free!

    Aquacool 14 Jul at 11:06 am
  11. I would love to be able to use this ppt slide for my World Geo support class, these are low readers, but it doesn’t want to open for me because two of the frames are not showing up.
    Can you tell me if there is another route into the slides? Thanks. The other world things you are are fabulous and I think you. Makes my job so much easeir.

    Chris 14 Jul at 5:09 pm
  12. Chris

    It seems to open fine. Perhaps you just need to try it on another machine.

    admin 17 Jul at 12:51 pm
  13. when I downloaded this map, powerpoint couldn’t read it. the other maps opened just fine.

    Mercy 19 Jul at 3:57 pm
  14. This map can’t be downloaded. I tried several times and it states it has an error. How can I get this powerpoint template?

    Jazmin Murillo 22 Jul at 8:43 pm
  15. I am also still having huge difficulty downloading. I tried advice of another machine. I could not download it, but I did get it to open and then tried to save it that way. No such luck. While it is an awesome prop, it doesn’t like to download. Thanks for the others though, I can’t wait to use the Europe maps with their flags like your example.

    Chris 23 Jul at 3:39 pm
  16. Thank you for this well-done free resource! I will definitely check back here again.

    Gazie 23 Jul at 11:30 pm
  17. Hi guys I just tried again and had no problems downloading and opening the file. It has been saved in PowerPoint 2003 format.

    It sounds like you have been opening it OK, but have problems downloading it. In your browser you can save it with File > Save As.

    Any other problems and it may be better using the firefox browser.

    admin 26 Jul at 7:21 am
  18. this is just amazing. thank you for your work.

    mike d 7 Aug at 4:05 pm
  19. exactly what i needed! thanks so much!

    Anonymous 11 Aug at 5:38 pm
  20. An excellent resource.

    Anonymous 4 Sep at 8:30 am
  21. We plan to work on the maps in the next couple of weeks.

    Anybody else have any ideas of how they can be improved?

    admin 4 Sep at 1:36 pm
  22. This map is great, thank you so much for it.

    May 4 Sep at 2:53 pm
  23. Hello,

    Your map looks great. Please, could you tell if it needs a copyright or something?



    Vilija 19 Sep at 9:19 am
  24. Great maps!

    Anonymous 19 Sep at 12:25 pm
  25. this is awesome! just like pokemon!

    pokemonguy 10 Oct at 2:09 am
  26. Great Jobs man! Thanks alot! I’m from Indonesia an thats what i’ve been looking!

    chris_paranoia 23 Oct at 10:52 am
  27. hi! can you make an accurate map of Philippines… thanks…

    jape 27 Oct at 11:27 am
  28. Thank you! This is wonderful design!!!

    Sim 1 Nov at 8:09 am
  29. I really enjoy the work you’ve… It’s quite helpful for my classes 😉

    Cuervo 2 Nov at 4:59 pm
  30. I tried downloading the world map but the files are corrupted..=(

    ML 5 Nov at 2:38 am
  31. This is very cool, but Malawi & Thailand are not quite accurate – they are combining with other countries.

    sd 6 Nov at 10:10 pm
  32. thank you

    Anonymous 7 Nov at 10:56 pm
  33. Thank you very much! You’ve done huge work. Finnaly I’ve found exactly what I needed.

    Mariya 19 Nov at 10:09 am
  34. Thanks. You said “tell us how you are using it”. I am preparing a presentation to show my boss how many hardware servers we have in the world and the different locations.

    My point is that my budget is acceptable because there are so few servers in so many different countries that I have to use a lot of different vendors! And it costs more when I have to use that approach.

    Tricia 22 Nov at 2:46 pm
  35. great work! thanks!

    cak 23 Nov at 10:51 am
  36. Absolutely brilliant!!!! Thanks!!!!

    Frederik 25 Nov at 7:56 am
  37. Thank you, it’s a cracker!!

    Ian Johnson 26 Nov at 10:31 pm
  38. Way to go. Very very good!

    Michel 30 Nov at 12:19 am
  39. Hi!

    Thank you so much!! =)

    Christel 1 Dec at 10:58 am
  40. Thanks for the map, greatly appreciated. Will be used for a business presentation to open up students eyes to worldwide career possibilities !

    Alex S 10 Dec at 8:45 am
  41. Hi, this is amazing, thank you! How did you do it?

    As you asked for improvement possibilities, I found that the Middle East/African Region could need an update. Several countries (especially the small ones) are missing or were merged with others:
    – Israel
    – Lebanon
    – Qatar
    – Bahrain
    – Swasiland
    – Lesotho
    – Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi & Zambia are shown as 1 country

    Best regards!

    Thomas 10 Dec at 6:25 pm
  42. I found another 2 missing countries: Kuwait and Malawi!

    Thomas 10 Dec at 8:41 pm
  43. Awesome Map.
    Exactly what I needed.
    I created missing countries by copying & editing points for a rough estimate.

    Kevin 16 Dec at 7:15 pm
  44. Thanks from teachers everywhere!!!!!

    T 17 Dec at 7:54 pm
  45. I noticed someone already posted that the Middle East and other areas still need work. Any idea when that might be accomplished.

    Middle East Etc 9 Jan at 9:41 pm
  46. This is awsome! I’ve looked everywhere for something like this.

    Rome 10 Jan at 12:09 am
  47. I love this map, but I’ve found that the shadows of the push pins don’t print. Can anyone help?

    Patrice 13 Jan at 5:53 pm
  48. thank you very much, this is super helpful 🙂

    juan 20 Jan at 11:58 am
  49. Wow – thanks guys, this’ll help me millions!

    I’m going to use this in Excel in an VBA automated report to show where our revenue is coming from.

    To do this I need to give each country a name that reflects what it is, so that I can change it’s colour via visual basic. I’ll try post the link back here if I remember.

    Thanks again!

    WOW 28 Jan at 3:01 pm
  50. Great map, but some countries in Africa seem to have merged… can these be updated too?

    Angie 11 Feb at 1:54 pm
  51. this site is very helpful!

    eizay 12 Feb at 12:07 pm
  52. Angie

    Do you know which African countries have been merged?

    admin 13 Feb at 10:38 am
  53. Lifesavers! Nice one. Couldn’t import from anything however I tried, so you’re map inside Powerpoint is a real boost. Many thanks for you time to get this converted, and the free download is brilliant. CHEERS. Thanks again.

    NealW 18 Feb at 11:57 am
  54. I really, really appreciate your posting this file. Thanks so much.

    Barney 23 Feb at 6:41 am
  55. Thanks a lot for the maps,
    Could you make the map of China?

    Thank you once again

    Ivy 9 Mar at 9:39 am
  56. Excellent help. Danke

    Joshi 10 Mar at 2:27 pm
  57. Guys – thank you so much for this, I just absolutely nailed a client report using your world map!

    Thomas 14 Mar at 12:20 pm
  58. Hi – wondered if you have any regions map – am particularly interested in regions maps for bigger countries such as India, China etc?

    Thanks for these though, they are fab!

    T 25 Mar at 11:23 am
  59. It is very useful and great, I have seaching for that all day long, now I get it. Thanks for sharing.

    Ying li 31 Mar at 2:45 pm
  60. can you please make a distinction between israel and jordan?? thanks!

    yj 2 Apr at 3:44 pm
  61. It would be great to have a complete set of the world:

    All Countries by Continent
    All US States and Canadian Provinces

    Dan 21 Apr at 7:18 pm
  62. Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan are missing. As are Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia.

    Thanks for a great service!

    DP 24 Apr at 9:32 am
  63. Please add Michigan and the great lakes to the world maps

    Dan 30 Apr at 1:33 pm
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    Powerpoint map of Russia 19 May at 12:48 pm
  65. Excellent! I have been looking for this … Thanks.

    Sarang 29 May at 6:37 am
  66. do you have detailed map of India

    Dr Nitin 30 May at 10:52 am
  67. Thank you for sharing. ia have been scrollind during nearly 2 hours to find exactly what i need. I will give you credit.

    Tru 30 May at 3:09 pm
  68. […] have maps of UK & Europe, also we have free editable PowerPoint maps of North America and now editable world maps. If you liked this template we would appreciate some feedback on how you would like to use it. […]

    PowerPoint map of India 1 Jun at 4:30 pm
  69. How can you change the colors on the map/indivdual countries?

    MK 3 Jun at 8:58 pm
  70. Save the file to your PC.

    To change the colors of the countries.

    Open it up and you should be able to edit it directly in Powerpoint.

    admin 4 Jun at 6:02 pm
  71. You guys Rock!

    Naveen 8 Jun at 10:24 am
  72. great job! very useful!

    Rodolphe 8 Jun at 4:27 pm
  73. hi guys, i like the map of the world with individual countries and loads of pins but when i try and put a pin on a country it goes beneath it (the country) and in dragging it out i usually manage to drag out several continents ats well!
    it is a real nuisance. any tips? please try and answer sap.
    thanks again

    Anonymous 8 Jun at 7:39 pm
  74. Select a Pin and then select

    Draw > Order > Bring to Front

    This shoudl make the pins on the top level.

    The draw menu is normally located on the bottom left of the workspace.

    admin 9 Jun at 1:55 pm
  75. Excellent template…thank u..keep up the good work..Cheers

    Wei Wei 12 Jun at 4:45 am
  76. Thank you for the world map. I want to draw time lines for immigrations to UK after 1st worldwar
    it is realy good source you have for someone like me who need to provide information free information groups.

    saadia 19 Jun at 12:31 pm
  77. This is really cool!!

    I have a suggestion. I will be great if the map could display the name of the countries whichever is highlighted by color.

    MM 6 Jul at 12:35 pm
  78. Thank you! Its simply great. Will use to create educational material on world history.

    Anjoo Chandiramani 7 Jul at 1:37 pm
  79. This is such a great idea! But I would like it if it were more detailed and if you could make separate continents. Oh and also you didn’t make Antarctica. But this is so cool, I’ve been looking for something like this for ages and all of them are like 300 dollars! But this is FREE! You’d be mad not to think this is a great idea!

    Zooloo 8 Jul at 8:35 am
  80. I love the map, but there are no Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan… Im preparing for a presentation for Central Asia countries…

    Huda 16 Jul at 10:41 am
  81. Yea….east Malaysia and Indonesia are merged tgthr…?

    Huda 16 Jul at 10:42 am
  82. Great resource..
    Eritrea seems to be missing

    GP 24 Jul at 3:00 pm
  83. These templates are brilliant! Thanks.
    I will use the Europe & World Templates for a Display for my job.

    Thank you.

    Raquel 28 Jul at 5:59 am
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    Dot Map of the World Template 11 Aug at 8:00 am
  85. Very useful for my urbanism class! excellent!!!!

    Luis 14 Aug at 2:20 am
  86. Thx for the great map.

    As a manager of a large corporation, finding out if we have such map would have taken much longer.

    My PPT is ready and looking rather fine. Presentation this Friday …

    Again, thank you for the free map.

    Anthony 18 Aug at 11:45 am
  87. Thank you for saving my day!! I have a meeting on monday, and you saved working all over the week end by sharing the maps.

    Rukshan 5 Sep at 8:18 am
  88. Very good, I like it.

    Hui 10 Sep at 1:31 am
  89. Thanks a lot
    very good 🙂

    but how can I enlarge it???

    Momo 17 Oct at 1:20 pm
  90. To enlarge just click on the object and pull the corner handle (normally a circle).

    If there are multiple objects you will need to slect these and group them first.

    admin 18 Oct at 8:34 am
  91. I’m a italian teacher. Thanks!

    LaProfe 18 Oct at 7:04 pm
  92. I was looking for a vector graphic map of the world and this is perfect.

    Mohammed Amin 21 Oct at 2:48 pm
  93. such a gr8 idea…u guys rock….

    rakesh 28 Oct at 8:29 pm
  94. Thank you for providing the tools to get my job done. I made the mistake of wasting 20 minutes on the Microsoft template website looking for something like this, don’t know why I bothered.
    My boss wanted me to color a world map before he left work today which gave me 2 hours. Now I am a savior, great website I will surely be passing it along to other admins.

    Michelle 25 Nov at 4:27 pm
  95. This is great thanks so much it was exactly what I was looking for for my geography final assignment. Its awesome!

    Francine 25 Nov at 10:18 pm
  96. I will use this for talk on my life and career at the “Career Encouragement Cafe” next week. I have been looking for something like this. Thanks!!!

    Kundai 28 Nov at 12:00 pm
  97. You are missing countries: Lesotho, Swaziland, Equatorial Guinea, for example.

    K 10 Dec at 8:10 pm
  98. great keep it up

    zulfi 30 Dec at 10:56 pm
  99. Excellent resource, thanks.

    Poncec 31 Dec at 7:08 pm
  100. Thanks for a great collection !

    Stefan 4 Jan at 4:19 am
  101. Brilliant maps!!! Many thanks!

    Steve 14 Jan at 12:58 pm
  102. Can we use these maps to create an interactive flash map?

    Ann 14 Jan at 4:06 pm
  103. Wonderful! Thank you so much.

    Lynn Collins 31 Jan at 5:53 pm
  104. Hi guys, great resouce thanks for making it free. I need this exact principle, but with a close up on Middle East & North Africa (MENA. The scale means that some of the countries in this region are missing – Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar for example.

    Nick 1 Feb at 7:46 am
  105. Thanks for its free. I need maps of Indonesia. Thanks so much…

    Rusdi 5 Feb at 3:22 pm
  106. This is perfect! Ideal! Please keep me post it with your new desigs related to maps or related design products to maps templates.
    Thanks again and good job.

    Ernesto 6 Feb at 4:29 pm
  107. Thanks again. I will recommend your designs and products to friends.

    Ernesto 6 Feb at 4:32 pm
  108. Amazing! So incredibly wonderfully helpful.

    Victoria 16 Feb at 3:57 am
  109. Wonderful – thank you very much 🙂

    SM 20 Feb at 6:38 am
  110. like others have mentioned, it would be very useful to have names for the countries – not on the map, but the drawing objects should be named after the country (now they are named “freeform xxx”) so that they can be selected easily with “select multiple objects” button

    Simos 25 Feb at 3:07 pm
  111. nice to have such a good map, thank u

    Mehmet 2 Mar at 3:52 pm
  112. Hi!

    I downloaded the map and use it for a business presentation. I guess highlighting countries is the main use case for this template. I used it to highlight countries my company is currently selling a product to (and we are a very global business). It worked great, but I would like to share my feedback to make it even better:
    – middle east: Countries as Israel and Lebanon are missing.
    – central Asia: Even large countries as Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan are missing…
    – South East Asia: Border between Malaysia and Indonesia is missing, region not a well made as the others.

    Thanks again for the great template!


    Chris 15 Mar at 1:36 pm
  113. Thank you for this! This is awesome! It took me forever to find a downloadable map that can be used for presentations and allows me to highlight world countries.

    Robin 23 Mar at 4:44 pm
  114. Incredible work! Been looking for something like this for years! Incredible for visual learners.

    Jim 24 Mar at 6:34 am
  115. This is great! Thank you!

    Any chance you could update it with Malawi/Rwanda/etc?


    nicholas 8 Apr at 7:46 pm
  116. Could you make one with Kurdistan as a seperate nation.
    for my presentaion.

    Great Job

    thanks 🙂

    amed 18 Apr at 4:00 pm
  117. Thanks from a happy grad student! I needed to illustrate the locations of various case studies for my written and oral reports, and the outline map of the world was perfect: I copied it into Visio and marked it up with that program’s drawing tools. Appreciate your making these maps available!

    Meg 8 May at 7:26 am
  118. So cool, I really maps 😡 I haven’t used it so far in class but big thumbs up to you, great job!!!

    Nhung 25 May at 9:27 pm
  119. thank you let me to using this

    ??? 26 May at 9:54 am
  120. wonderful! thank you very much for this high-quality free resource.

    lili 31 May at 3:15 am
  121. this is amazing thanks 🙂

    bri 8 Jun at 6:56 am
  122. Thank you very much for this

    Paul Pambudi 9 Jul at 7:35 am
  123. Thank you very much, its just awesome

    Rahul 23 Jul at 5:09 pm
  124. Excellent! Thanks a lot for making this available – big help!
    Was wondering how you did the pins? I like the shaddow – especially that it keeps the underlying colour. How do you do that??? I’d like to do some shaddows of other ‘objects’ myself – but need some help on how this can be done.
    Thanks. Ulrich

    Ulrich 27 Jul at 7:59 am
  125. Cooooool! Wow. This is a map file what I wanted. Thank U.

    Sue 17 Aug at 7:15 am
  126. Great job! However, could you edit the countries so that they all have their individual borders?

    E.g. look at Brazil and Colombia – missing lines. Furthermore, Chile is just a larger area underneath Argentina. I would need just Chile’s outline for example.


    Sonja 17 Aug at 10:10 am
  127. Thanks very much — I’ll use them in company presentations. Love the drawing pins!

    Matt 9 Sep at 8:40 pm
  128. woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just saved me (my client) $30. My client is a penny pincher so this will put them over the moon.

    Design Firm 15 Sep at 7:08 pm
  129. Thanks very much 🙂

    Nicki 16 Sep at 1:12 pm
  130. Excellent!! THANKS!
    (Cambodia and Laos are treated as one country)

    Dave 27 Sep at 6:16 am
  131. U just saved my life (or my job at least:)!

    Diogo 27 Sep at 2:54 pm
  132. LOVE

    ??? 28 Sep at 8:02 pm
  133. Superb, easy to use. I felt like I was playing the board game risk!

    Terry 25 Oct at 2:07 pm
  134. Perfect. Was looking for this (free) option for a long time. Working in development (HIV & AIDS) and this is so useful to show where communities progress etc.

    Gaston 3 Nov at 12:28 pm
  135. Hi this is a great idea for the maps, but could you include the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands in the UK and Europe Maps

    Trev 11 Nov at 3:31 pm
  136. THESE ARE AMAZING!! THANK YOU! I’m a teacher and you have no idea how much these have helped me so far this year! 🙂

    Anonymous 4 Dec at 3:54 am
  137. Maps are editable and looks good. Great Work. Thanks for this support.

    Navaneeth 9 Dec at 1:57 pm
  138. Fantastically useful!

    Malawi and Tanzania have merged together, and would really appreciate the polar regions being put in,

    Many thanks!

    Phil M 22 Dec at 9:28 pm
  139. any push pins without the shadows?

    Anonymous 29 Dec at 1:46 am
  140. smashing website !!!!!!
    helped me make a snazzy presentation !!

    umesh 4 Jan at 11:20 am
  141. You would have to export the image to Paint or Photoshop to remove the shadow and then return it to PowerPoint

    rboynton 5 Jan at 11:55 am
  142. hi,

    Im trying to download the editable world map but havent been able to find the right link for the free download. Can you direct me to the relevant link please?

    Thanks much!

    shu 11 Jan at 8:19 am
  143. There is a blue “download as PowerPoint (PPT) file button you need to click on that will allow you to download the content

    rboynton 12 Jan at 11:43 am
  144. Thanks for your efforts.

    Rakkasans 26 Jan at 1:13 am
  145. In this map, Bolivia has the Pacific coast!!!!

    Marcos 28 Jan at 2:27 pm
  146. it is very nice map. but if u mentionsed by Name all the countrys better than these…..

    Rathi 14 Feb at 9:46 am
  147. Thanks for the feedback, we are working on our maps – a lot of them are now available as a separate powerpoint download which includes the country names.

    rboynton 16 Feb at 11:18 am
  148. thank you sooooo much i needed a map like this for my geography work. you have been a big big help and i cant thank you enough :):):):):):)
    ly xxxxxxxxxxxx

    michaela :) 20 Feb at 5:02 pm
  149. I will be using this for a masters degree presentation. This is very good work.

    Rachael 20 Feb at 6:29 pm
  150. Great map,
    I’d like to use it for my new presentation for my new company. A free map is really helping me with my low budget start.

    Thank you

    Boudewijn 28 Feb at 10:45 am
  151. This was ALMOST exactly what I needed. Is there any way that you could update Yugoslavia? It’s separated into 6 countries now.

    Matt 1 Mar at 1:06 pm
  152. Thanks Matt, we are always looking for new ways to improve our templates and will try and update this in the future.

    rboynton 2 Mar at 12:23 pm
  153. Thanks for this very helpful – is there plans for more detiled oultines – Bhutan, Tajikistan (and the other stans) and some african countries (Malawi)?

    Craig Hutton 8 Mar at 12:21 pm
  154. You have the entire former Yugoslavia as one country: it is now 6 countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia & Hergovina.


    Cassidy 21 Mar at 2:43 am
  155. Used this for a presentation to show location of customers.
    Thanks for your efforts!

    Danyel 1 Apr at 8:22 am
  156. We have now been able to add changes to the maps;

    1) Bolivia is now a landlocked country
    2) We have changed Yugoslavia to Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

    Thanks for all the feedback, we continue to try and improve our maps.

    rboynton 7 Apr at 1:53 pm
  157. we have now added;
    Bhutan, Laos and Cambodia
    thanks for all your feedback, please feel free to add comments to help us improve our templates.

    rboynton 28 Apr at 4:48 pm
  158. This is really good.
    Thank u guys.

    Jedeok Lee 13 May at 2:18 am
  159. Hi,thanks for your amazing website.
    Would you please provide me Iraq and Jordan vector map,

    Rockey 21 Jun at 9:28 pm
  160. Great world map – I’ve been looking for one of these for ages.
    A couple of probs: Azerbaijan and Georgia are missing, and I think Turkey has slid a little way towards the West …. !!

    Lindsey 8 Aug at 1:07 pm
  161. Fantastic just what I was looking for. Will be using it in church. Am from Canada.

    Deb 19 Sep at 8:00 pm
  162. Thank you guys for ppt template, but there is no Uzbekistan border, you merged it with other central asian countries such Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and etc.

    Farrukh 23 Nov at 2:22 pm
  163. Do you have any maps of just Asia Pacific?

    Corrinne 3 Dec at 3:25 pm
  164. Hi guys, I have been looking for something like this for quite a while. In my job I am focused just on the Asia Pacific, Greater China, and India area. It would be great to get a slide pack that just features this region so we can get a bigger view of each country.

    James 19 Jan at 11:20 pm
  165. love website

    lily 23 Jan at 1:15 am
  166. Great map! Thanks for sharing it. I want to use it for management updates, e.g. to indicate country specific information on legislation, using different colours per country.
    For this purpose it would be easy to have EU as a group (as legislation is the same for all states) > makes it easier to change colour all at once.
    I already did it by hand but of course it is easier when preset.
    kind regards,

    Hans 23 Jan at 2:42 pm
  167. One more comment.
    I always see on maps that Alaska proceeds a bit more to the south, on a strip of land along the Canadian coast.
    Maybe for your next update…

    Hans 23 Jan at 2:46 pm
  168. Great template. Thanks.

    The world map is terrific and easy to use.

    Caspar Jans 22 Feb at 3:33 pm
  169. I am having trouble merging a couple of different slides from different template packs together. The colors change for some reason. For instance the background of the first map changed to purple instead of blue when i merged it with another powerpoint. How can I fix this?

    Vsterling 9 Mar at 1:28 am
  170. Hi, sounds like this is the colour theme of the presentation you imported the maps into. In order to keep ours with the same background we go to slide master which can be found on View> slide master and then either you add the design to every slide by putting the background into slide one – or put it on a certain slide than cann be added by exiting the slide master and going to the drop down menu on “new slide”

    What also might be affecting it is the colour themes which can be found by going to design> colours and then “create new colour theme” try playing around with this to change the main background colour and text colour of all the slides.

    rboynton 14 Mar at 1:56 pm
  171. Thanks mate. This was grate staff. Thanks for your hard work!

    Oz 23 Mar at 5:28 pm
  172. Thanks for the free graphics! I couldn’t find them anywhere else for free; other websites charge large fees and you guys made it free! It’s just amazing and can’t say enough great things about you all!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Anonymous 27 Apr at 1:50 pm
  173. thank you very much
    I love it

    simon 19 May at 10:58 am
  174. These maps have been a great help and are really straight forward to use! Really brought my presentations to life! Thanks so much!

    Nicola 28 May at 1:57 pm
  175. Just what I need – thank you! I’ll use it in a presentation introducing my company. Its a simple but powerful way to show which countries we work in. I’ll have to Google some of them though- maybe an ‘idiots guide to the world’ would help?

    Sam 26 Jul at 10:19 am
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