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Free downloadable PowerPoint templates and Keynote themes

new powerpoint

At Presentation Helper Towers we’ve been busy working over the summer to create some new and hopefully different PowerPoint slides.

For the first time we’ve also included Apple Keynote themes along with the PowerPoint slides.

Some of these Keynote themes are slightly different to the PowerPoint slides due to differences in the software.

Feel free to download and use them as they are, or just take out the bits you need, or just get ideas from them.

Because all these templates are editable we’ll add some hints on how to modify them. Remember you can use your own images in these as a background or even have no image in the background by adding a solid fill and sending it to the back.

1. atoms PowerPoint template
This template has a horizontal transparent band on which to put your information, resize the height and background image to suit your needs.

Template download page

2. old house template
Featuring multi-colour transparent bands. Move them around to create interesting effects on your slides.
old house

Template download page

3. dirty grunge slide
Give your slides a dirty grunge look with this template. This features two dirt backgrounds to lay your presentation on.

Templates download page

4. the river
The river slide has blue bands on the right to list important page information. You can swap the river image for your own background if you wish.

Templates download page

5. silver stars
Similar to the above this has a grey band on the right, this of course could be moved to the left.
silver stars

Template download page

6. old boat
The old boat has transparent fills to highlight text and information areas.
old boat

Template download page

7. vector hills
As well as a nice vector background we’ve included clickable buttons to move your presentation backward and forward.

Template download page

8. coloured leaves
These contain blocks of transparent colour to give your images a worn-out faded look.
coloured leaves

Template download page

9. orange sky
Why not put a transparent fill over the background to create interesting colours in this slide?
orange sky

Template download page

If you like what you’ve seen here or have any other comments, questions or suggestions then please let us know below. We don’t mind a link to your site or blog, but we will delete spam.



20 August 2007

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Comments on: PowerPoint designs and Keynote themes

i tied to download one of the templates but nothing happened… i use open office on a mac maybe that’s why it doesn’t work
does anyone have any suggestions?

Posted by laura — 26 Aug @ 8:02 pm

Sorry it seams we have a problem with the files, will sort it out as soon as possible.


Posted by jonathanball — 27 Aug @ 11:50 am

Its all been fixed now so you should be able to download any of the files.

Posted by jonathanball — 28 Aug @ 5:21 pm

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Posted by New PowerPoint Presentation Templates — 30 Aug @ 2:05 pm

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Posted by Using PowerPoint and Keynote together — 30 Aug @ 2:28 pm

[...] can also have a look at some of the colour schemes used within our free templates and borrow some ideas from [...]

Posted by Colour combinations for your presentation — 30 Aug @ 2:37 pm

Great slides you’ve got there, thanks again.

Posted by simon H — 30 Aug @ 6:48 pm

Which steps I have to take in order to encircle a picture (as an object) with existed data automatically in a powerpoint slide.

Posted by Yossi.S. — 22 Sep @ 12:18 am

thanks! they’re really nice… :)

Posted by therese — 4 Oct @ 3:50 pm


Posted by Shakir — 5 Oct @ 8:13 am

i love ittt

Posted by ktyx — 31 Oct @ 9:45 pm

Thanks! These are especially great. Young, modern, and refreshing and a good change to the dull and overused templates found on the big major websites. If you do ever make more templates, please make them like these, these are just too cool to abandon!

Posted by Jonathan Vo — 5 Nov @ 2:07 pm

ok la..

Posted by nazri — 28 Nov @ 4:35 am

hey hey hey!

Posted by what??? — 28 Nov @ 4:41 am

Thank you very much, this is going to help me a lot!

Posted by nyl — 3 Dec @ 3:05 am

All of your powerpoint templates are well-designed and contemporary. Thanks a lot for making them free. THANK YOU!

Posted by Thanks, Brits! — 4 Dec @ 4:17 am

its a great pp design. very useful

Posted by Anonymous — 9 Dec @ 11:18 am

will this also work if my OS is a windows XP?

Posted by ac — 6 Jan @ 2:33 pm


I finally found something that’ll work with my presention…

thank you so much !

Posted by Deema — 7 Jan @ 11:18 am

this is great..!

I’m using this…!

thank you so much

Posted by Deema — 7 Jan @ 11:28 am

thank’s very much
it makes my presentation a lot easier

Posted by disti — 24 Jan @ 2:49 am

nice thnx so much

Posted by rona — 24 Jan @ 2:14 pm



Posted by YOU KNOW WHO ;) — 3 Mar @ 2:14 pm

This is Reli Kwl & Nice


You Helped Me Learn

Sooo Cool

Luvin It Babzz

Posted by In Ict — 3 Mar @ 2:14 pm

this is brill ;)

Posted by oioi — 3 Mar @ 2:16 pm

ii love holly babii

Posted by oioi — 3 Mar @ 2:19 pm


Posted by IT LESSON WITH PAULIE — 3 Mar @ 2:21 pm


Posted by IT LESSON WITH PAULIE — 3 Mar @ 2:22 pm


Posted by IT LESSON WITH PAULIE — 3 Mar @ 2:23 pm


Posted by oioi — 3 Mar @ 2:28 pm

We Luv This

HAha Zoiie And Holly & Emily I Love Yu
ALL Lotsss

Posted by The Gleed Skwl — 3 Mar @ 2:31 pm

This is really nice and it has helped me very well with my power point

Thank You

Posted by Thank You — 3 Mar @ 2:58 pm

byee for now

C yu L8r


Posted by G2g — 3 Mar @ 3:02 pm


Posted by Taz — 12 Mar @ 6:47 am

Neat templates – very useful. Thanks a ton !!

Posted by Saraswathy — 19 Mar @ 5:08 am

really goos stuff!

Posted by Anonymous — 19 Mar @ 9:45 am

Muy frescos
Gracias por el aporte

Posted by erick — 26 Mar @ 3:38 pm


Posted by ~Victoria Morgan Ownley — 8 Apr @ 4:05 pm

[...] ka nāksies redzēt arī PowerPoint prezentācijām domātas sagataves, tad droši ieskatieties PresentationHelper mājas lapā. Jūs varat ierakstīt komentāru vai atstāt atpakaļsaiti no jūsu lapas. RSS [...]

Posted by MacPasaule » Dizaina sagataves Keynote un Pages dokumentiem — 17 Apr @ 2:01 pm


Posted by عاااشقه — 22 Apr @ 3:42 pm

thank you ♡

Posted by magiccase — 30 Apr @ 11:29 am

thank you!!

Posted by jihoon park — 15 May @ 7:30 am

Thanks a lot for your help! Indeed, the templates would be of great help in my training presentations. More power!!!

Posted by setcarvalonon — 15 May @ 8:49 am

I like the vector hills best :)

Posted by Markus Koljonen — 2 Jun @ 2:42 pm

Thank you. There’re very nice!! good!

Posted by j.yong woo — 17 Jun @ 12:13 pm

thank you very much; I’m lucky I found your website, It helped me so much on my presentation
thx again :)

Posted by fadwa — 16 Jul @ 11:20 pm

uhm, excuse me, i downloaded the old house template but what happened is that the design is different when i applied it to my powerpoint slides. the old house was there but the colors were not. how come it’s like that?

Posted by aiyah — 20 Jul @ 2:09 am


Posted by sonali — 24 Jul @ 9:49 am

As is the case with much of what is available, the designer is a bit too much into his own work. They are so proud they have to make sure everyone SEES it! Many of these backgrounds have way too much contrast, a few are fine but some are terrible. A background should be subtle and not compete with content. Sure, you can edit the picture or put a translucent box over it, but you are giving these to people who don’t know any better and will use them as is. If you use Keynote you should go to KeynoteThemePark.com
They are not free, but then, they don’t look free.

Posted by Bob Beamer — 28 Jul @ 6:04 pm

good & best slides i have ever got

thank you!!!!!!11

Posted by raghul — 12 Sep @ 11:42 am


Posted by ng — 21 Sep @ 9:50 am

i want an power point template (themes:DNA)

Posted by eureka isnia — 10 Oct @ 11:10 am

These are great. Finally, it’s about time someone got powerpoint out of the ’90s. sheesh. :)

Posted by sooz — 11 Dec @ 9:45 pm

Thank you

Posted by Parisa — 2 Jan @ 9:08 am

I often forget to post on the pages with the templates that I use. However, I would like to thank you for every thing that you have made available. I use your work for presentations to be used during church sermons and what you have put together is clear and beautiful.
Thanks for everything and as they say in my church, God bless :)

Posted by KimberlyC — 18 Jan @ 4:18 am

these are fantastic
please make more
all of you who are critizing their work please keep it to you’re self no one wants to hear it cause “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all”
the greatest and truest statement of all time thx fer making these templates guys they really helped with ALL my powerpoint projects

Posted by ellekeys — 11 Feb @ 8:17 pm

Nice templates! Thanks

Posted by Mimie — 4 Mar @ 1:40 am

Awesome, thanks, will be back!

Posted by Beavis — 20 Mar @ 3:31 am

can u plz make a design template for microsoft word for free hugs day! i need it for my presentation for skool

Posted by Madeha Khalid — 27 Mar @ 2:11 pm

Am a school head…and being one just need to make my presentations interesting and worth watching and listening… are these templates workable in windows xp?

thanks for helping us out…may God reward you a hundred fold…

Posted by liza dalem — 12 Apr @ 8:18 am

thank u so much

Posted by joyce — 23 Apr @ 8:18 am

thanks so much. this is a great help. keep it up. please- more to come

from Philippines

Posted by maggie — 1 May @ 4:33 pm

Thanks SO MUCH¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡=p

Posted by Heidy — 24 May @ 6:48 pm

I like all the templates and they are very cool!

Posted by K.N.POORNA — 6 Jun @ 6:20 am

Thanks, but I can’t figure out how to put the templates on my slide so I am sorry. If you could help me figure out this?

Posted by Snerkinflobbin — 13 Jun @ 10:01 pm


Posted by AYEE — 19 Jun @ 4:37 am

Excelente design! Thanks a lot.

Posted by José Fagundes — 23 Jun @ 1:11 am

What is it,

Posted by name — 29 Jul @ 8:52 pm

halo~ i m got no website right now. But i ve an interview for one more week. I got no idea how to show my impression to them and don know how to present my Job history background to them as good with special.i m so nervous!! please who can send me any presentation info or speech info….share ur experience with me please.

Posted by Bendy Lai — 7 Aug @ 5:50 am


Posted by orn — 12 Aug @ 9:52 am

i lik these themes very much thank you very much

Posted by isha sharma — 13 Aug @ 3:13 pm

WOWW these are so pretty! Thankyou very much.

Posted by blueberry — 29 Aug @ 10:23 am

Excelente design! Thanks a lot..

Posted by wajid ali — 29 Aug @ 10:49 am

great themes it works…………..

Posted by vijay — 16 Sep @ 9:49 am

Where are the links to the Keynote themes? When we click in the templates download page, all we get are links to PowerPoint files…

Posted by Leonardo — 20 Sep @ 2:49 am

You can open the PowerPoint files directly in keynote.

Posted by admin — 24 Sep @ 5:26 pm

Hi, we^ve got a specific design template at our uni for the latest powerpoint sorted out. Is there any way we could import it into Keynote?



Posted by daniel — 30 Sep @ 9:45 am

Thank you man so much

I liked the orange template most. Hope they have predesigned tables and charts

Posted by Anton — 3 Oct @ 8:32 pm

great pp design defently using the atoms help’s me alot in science

Posted by sam — 27 Oct @ 2:54 pm

that’s great

i need them :D

Posted by Anonymous — 19 Nov @ 6:40 am

it’s amazing!! thanks.. and keep going on ..

Posted by en — 20 Nov @ 6:44 am

Thanks for share ! love it !

Posted by Chris — 28 Nov @ 6:35 pm

:) :)

10 STARS **********

Posted by loran — 6 Dec @ 11:03 am

great stuff… pretty useful!

Posted by Yash — 30 Jan @ 6:40 pm

those themes are so nice

Posted by Krishia Robles — 15 Feb @ 10:45 am

these are great designs!

Posted by sam — 20 Feb @ 7:53 pm

Love it! THANK YOU! But I keep forgetting how to get the themes to be a permanent option for later uses. Help?

Posted by Laura — 5 Apr @ 9:28 pm

i’m korean.
thanks! very nice.^^

Posted by sangha — 24 Apr @ 6:07 am

Nice to have free stuff. But honestly, clip art is ridiculous, and hardly professional.

Posted by Greg — 2 May @ 10:06 am

Great templates. Could you design a few that are more “feminine”? Something that could specifically be used with all-female audiences?

Posted by Kelly — 3 May @ 11:30 pm

I have a final presentation due and i just needed a little more wow to it. so thank you!

Posted by Jen — 13 May @ 3:07 am

i love it
it help me so mmmmmuuuucccchhhhh.lol

Posted by Elise — 27 May @ 4:01 pm

i love you

Posted by jeric — 13 Jul @ 12:46 pm

hi.i enjoy it

Posted by Farsima — 21 Jul @ 9:32 pm

templates are really nice. it helped for my 1st corporate ppt.
Thank uuuuuuuu so mmmmmmuch……

Posted by Bhuvana — 27 Jul @ 2:38 pm

love it so much! thanks!

Posted by joan — 14 Sep @ 10:38 am

they are superb………thanks !!!!!!!

Posted by sruthi — 10 Nov @ 4:09 pm

thx alot,
im lazy & its really good for me :)

Posted by Anonymous — 13 Dec @ 6:33 pm

Thank you!!!

Posted by Fern — 26 Dec @ 5:51 am

Thank you for good theme.

Posted by hd tv usa — 14 Feb @ 2:12 am


Posted by tkazuya — 15 Feb @ 9:27 pm

thanks,i hope this will make my dull presentation a bit interesting.

Posted by Nigar(from Azerbaijan) — 16 May @ 8:40 pm

thank u sir now i know how to give a clear presentation . but i need background pictures how can i get this pictures

Posted by dinesh — 21 Sep @ 11:16 am

Hi these are a selection of new templates we did over the summer of August 2007 – we do not provide the individual pictures but these can be used (within our guidlines) through opening the template with PowerPoint.

Posted by rboynton — 21 Sep @ 2:30 pm

thier all really cool, they look really good on powerpoint

Posted by jessica #1 — 17 Oct @ 3:17 am

This things are very gorgeous…thank u very much for sharing this……

Posted by ERWIN NUGROHO — 7 Dec @ 5:55 am

thank you very much

Posted by maryam — 21 Dec @ 3:22 am

thank u very much

Posted by mahmoud — 23 Apr @ 6:30 am

There is certainly a lot to find out about this subject.

I really like all of the points you made.

Posted by overplease — 6 Apr @ 9:06 am

you’re so kind to share them all.

I love them. They’re so beautiful!

Posted by lenda — 20 Oct @ 10:29 am

Great examples!

Posted by Dave — 3 Feb @ 10:05 pm

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