River Template

River Template

This mystical river is an outcrop of water that flows into the River Lyd in the Forest of Dean.

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Published On: 1st Nov 2006

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  1. very well
    continue like that
    i’m frm portugal

    alex 20 Mar at 1:59 pm
  2. This is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen it is also very clen lokking and I just LOVE IT!

    Kiesha 18 Apr at 5:47 pm
  3. very beautiful

    mrinali 31 May at 5:52 am
  4. Very natural, green and beautiful.

    nilam 24 Jul at 7:05 am
  5. i really like it……keep providing such excellent templates……….

    Pallavi 17 Aug at 1:21 pm
  6. what a nice view!!!??

    Franz 12 Oct at 3:29 am
  7. natural beauty

    nilesh 21 Oct at 7:11 am
  8. beautyfullll

    annna 9 Nov at 10:13 pm
  9. fantastic!!

    hyjdt 14 Dec at 7:44 am
  10. The dark coloration on the template requires you to use a white font – which is really terrible for audience readibility. I would suggest having another version in this pack that has a faded/lighter picture so that you can use black font for text heavy slides…

    Sunny 15 Jan at 11:14 pm
  11. thank you very much….
    it’s helping me…

    febryana 5 Feb at 11:00 am
  12. fantastic! very nice

    mummy 13 Feb at 2:42 am
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    wan maznah 19 Mar at 3:57 pm
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    cRazii 26 Mar at 12:31 am
  15. Thank you very very much! I’m from Brazil and I loved the templates!

    Tefe 5 Apr at 10:56 pm
  16. fantastic! it’s helping me alot thanks

    sleepy-18 25 Apr at 8:02 pm
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    jelevado 22 May at 4:21 am
  18. beautiful river

    Anonymous 24 May at 7:31 am
  19. it is a beautiful picture!

    Dwi Hindarti 27 May at 7:17 am
  20. Since I have not found any PPT backgrounds anywhere on the internet for backyard games, and I’m not sure if the other one I downloaded here will do the trick for my school presentation, this one said I could trade the photo out for my own picture… which I could replace with a Corn Hole set. As much as I would hate to remove that beautiful photo of the water… but then at least I would finally have a PPT background suited to my school presentation. Thank you for giving me at least a customizable option!

    Linh 24 Jun at 6:24 pm
  21. its very beaultiful, thanks

    Lilian 25 Jun at 8:20 pm
  22. fantastic! very nice, I’m from Brazil, Manaus-Amazonas and I loved the templates!

    Francisco Ricardo 24 Jul at 3:09 am
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    tabitha 8 Apr at 4:59 pm
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    oni 19 May at 1:56 pm
  26. amazing,green gud fr envirnment related topics
    it really helped me.!!!!!!!

    i again thank u!!!!!!!!

    sanju 24 May at 11:09 am
  27. I am preparing a Corporate presentation to create awareness about Environmental Protection and hence this is the one that suits the best…Thanks …you guys have done a great job in putting up these for our use…Thanks again

    Anonymous 3 Jul at 6:47 am
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    pauline. 16 Aug at 4:10 am
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