Transparent Letters for PowerPoint

One of the facilities in PowerPoint that is not available as standard is the ability to create transparent letters. So we had a go at building this for you.

And the results have been quite outstanding.Green Grass on white

You can use these effects in a presentation either as divider slides or as a slide where you need to make an impact. Management Guru Tom Peters is well known for his single word slides, and this takes this technique a step further.

While most of you who are familiar with Photoshop would be able to do this very comfortably what we have been able to do is to make a selection of vector letter blocks in PowerPoint that you can just move around.

Blocks laid out

You just then need to add in an image behind and block off the areas where the image is not covered.

The effect works best on images that do not vary too much in colour.

Water Drops

You could even use these letters to make your own PowerPoint templates. Here is an example of the front page of a wedding album that we have made.

Wedding Album

Click to go to Transparent Letters in Powerpoint (PPT format)


Published On: 4th Sep 2007

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  1. Really nice effects that you have created. Thanks!!!

    AmyP 5 Sep at 3:46 pm
  2. Thats a good idea, never thought of doing it that way before.

    Can I do this with the text in powerpoint itself?

    Peter Hume 5 Sep at 4:26 pm
  3. Hi Pete.

    This effect is not possible with the fonts in powerpoint, we made these letters in illustrator then imported them into powerpoint, then converted them to vectors, in order to make these shapes.

    jonathanball 6 Sep at 2:09 pm
  4. just love your stuff! Thanks lots

    Bec Brooke 13 Dec at 1:26 am
  5. Hi can you help with a map on asia pacific in watermark format. Thanks a million if you could help.

    Lim BH 25 Feb at 7:37 am
  6. i love you

    erin 6 Mar at 6:40 pm
  7. very helpful!!

    allen 8 Mar at 10:57 am
  8. how do i get this stuff?

    Anonymous 4 Jul at 8:09 pm
  9. This is really nice and helpful. I highly impressed. Thank you so much

    Nayana 13 Sep at 11:54 am
  10. i want free elctronices basis themes.

    pritom dhar 23 Oct at 6:40 am
  11. how can I get power point from internet to my computer because my mum delete it from my computer,Please help me I am from serbia and i have to make some presentation for geography emergency una!!!!!!

    una mesic 31 Oct at 3:33 pm
  12. Waah, It’s really creative.Thank you so much

    Cara 11 Dec at 3:12 pm
  13. this is so AWESOME!
    thank you sooo much!
    keep up the good work!

    josy 11 Jun at 8:55 am
  14. Really awesome…

    Hanny 18 Jul at 11:37 am
  15. there’a a much simpler way of doing this You have to go to FORMAT then click BACGROUND you choose your owwn picture. after that you go to INSERT- PICTURE- WORD ART then FORMAT- WORD ART- BACKGROUND. and see what happens!

    mauricio 21 Jul at 4:19 am
  16. GREAT job!!
    Any numbers and non-alphanumeric characters planned?

    Chris 18 Oct at 11:06 pm
  17. Wow – this is cool. Any chance of doing both these and the fridge magnets with numbers/symbols (a % and !) etc?

    Ellen 8 Mar at 5:25 am
  18. hi ellen, great idea I will add this to the list of ideas for development – keep checking back!

    rboynton 8 Mar at 12:32 pm
  19. Just a thought – I’m looking for a site where I can copy or download the individual letters of the alphabet in various elegant styles. A few years ago I knew of a few different sites but now I can’t find ANY. This would be each individual letter from A through Z, not as a group. I’m SO hoping you can help me. Thanking you, Sharon

    [Blocked by CFC] Sharon Swan 17 Mar at 7:51 pm
  20. tHta is amazin

    poki 25 Nov at 12:31 pm
  21. Amazing!!!! I have been hunting for something like this for ages. I am a teacher and I will use them to make lettering for my classroom displays. Thank you so so so so much!

    fashmore 23 Mar at 10:01 pm