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The groom's speech

Bride Groom SpeechWedding season is upon us and we are starting to pull together a range of pre-written wedding speeches.

(If you are in a hurry and need to knock out a quick speech – this is a very quick way to writing your groom's speech. In the spaces add either a story, name or time as indicated by the word in the brackets.)

When I was younger, I always pictured myself marrying a beautiful woman, getting a house and one day, possibly, children. But as relationships and years came and went, I felt the dream slip away slightly.
That was until I met (bride's name). When we started dating all the passions came back, with more fire and drive than ever. This is one of the many ways I knew that (bride's name) was the one for me.

I first met- (bride's name). [Tell the story of your first date or when you first met. And how the relationship developed, for example the first time you met her parents, or were separated for a period of time.]

When I decided that I was going to propose, I became very scared. So scared in fact that I began shaking and went pale. Over the next few weeks I saved up and bought the ring and started to think of how to ask her the most important question I would ever ask. [Now tell how you asked her to marry you and how she said yes. You could also put in the remarks of family and friends.]

I knew from the first moment I met-(bride's name). (Say how you love her and why you love her so much, for example, any little cute habits that she may have.)

So here we are, the happiest day of our lives, and I am sure there will be many more like it to come.

Finally I have a couple of thank you messages that I have been asked to say-[thank people for the food, donations, best man and the bridesmaids, etc, and thank everyone for coming to join you- but keep it brief]
[Then thank your new wife for marrying you.]

A toast, to the most beautiful woman I have ever met. My wife.
You can also make the speech a bit more humourous by adding in a few examples from the quotes and one lines on our main Groom Speech page.


4 July 2007

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Comments on: Groom Speech Example

I think the groom can attract audiences’ attention by using emphasized phrases such as how lucky! Thank god for giving her to me!…

Posted by passionatehien — 7 Jun @ 4:40 am

Always remember to thank everyone on behalf of “my wife and i” at the very start.

Posted by Groom — 14 Aug @ 10:52 pm

great speeches. thanks for tips

Posted by colbert low — 7 Nov @ 1:13 pm

it is great and nice

Posted by pet — 3 Jan @ 7:53 am

Wonderful speech, it save me from embarrassment…

Posted by Joseph — 16 Feb @ 1:02 pm

Speech Tips for the Groom

The audience will be willing you to succeed, and won’t be expecting any fireworks.
It’s all about you and your bride.You can try for a few laughs, but the audience will probably expect a bit of heart-on-the-sleeve stuff.

You should also:
1. Thank the hosts
2. Thank and mention both sets of parents
3. Express delight at the warmth and generosity that people have afforded you since you became engaged
4. Introduce your best man
5. Toast the bridesmaids (if you want to be traditional!)


Talk slowly. If it takes 12 minutes, not nine, it doesn’t matter at all.
Pause for effect. Your audience need time to digest the story before they get the punchline. So give them time to get it.
Emphasise key words. Imagine you’re telling a story to a friend.
Practise. However well written the speech, you don’t want to be ‘reading’ it. Know it well enough that your notes just become a safety net.
Gesticulate. Body language is vital. Use your arms to emphasise a point.
If you’re addressing someone, look at them. Try to make eye contact with your audience whenever you can.


Be put off by a heckle. You can pre-prepare a couple of responses to a noisy member of the crowd.
Give in to the shakes. Holding a shaky piece of paper will put you off before you get going. Paste your speech onto card. Or rest it somewhere you can see it. Find out if there’s a lectern.
Get drunk beforehand. It may feel like the easy way to get through it, but it won’t seem so sensible afterwards.
Just read it out. Great material is irrelevant if it’s delivered badly. You’ll be much more natural when you’re not reading straight from the page.

You can build a free speech based at the above address

Posted by Lawrence — 27 Feb @ 4:43 pm

ang galing nya…….

Posted by maika — 11 Mar @ 6:52 am

some great tips at the eleventh hour cheers

Posted by glenn (wally) — 18 Jun @ 11:59 pm

Thanks for the tips! At least I have some ideas now :-)

Posted by Charly — 17 Aug @ 7:46 pm

nice i could use this in my incoming day!

Posted by justine — 29 Aug @ 2:28 pm

saved my life!

Posted by patrick — 22 Oct @ 10:49 am

Great points Lawrence.

Main one, breath & take your time.

Have a glass of water in front of you & if you find your voice going high pitched- slow down.



Posted by conor — 28 Oct @ 9:56 pm


Posted by moammar d. mascara — 11 Jan @ 6:18 am

Great ideas, life saver!!!!

Posted by james abernethy — 25 Mar @ 10:06 pm

Some brilliant stuff from this website. Just want to ask a question though: Would it be out of place for the groom to have some funny comments in his speech? as my family know me as i suppose you could say a bit of a joker so i personally think it would be ok but not really sure how it would go down. what does anyone else think? Thanks

Posted by Matthew — 21 Apr @ 11:31 am

Yes funny comments would be fine as long as they are not offensive.

Posted by admin — 21 Apr @ 6:46 pm

think its bloomin BRILL!

Posted by Queenie — 28 May @ 9:56 pm

great help many thanks (just hope he best man dose a great job as well lol sure he will take the p*** out of me!!!!!)

Posted by jimbob — 11 Jul @ 6:39 am

will use it this weekend…thx!

Posted by sssim — 2 Aug @ 2:37 pm

This is a terrible speech. It sounds like some poor classless groom…

Posted by Nate — 15 Aug @ 12:25 pm

If you want to do a very average speech this is OK,but personally I would be a little more risky and try make sure people remember your speech as funny, but also get in how much you love your wife etc, take your time, and have water with you.

Posted by CL — 15 Aug @ 12:59 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 7 Oct @ 10:34 am

Great stuff, will help a great deal/\.

Posted by Godfred A-Amponsah — 9 Nov @ 11:31 am

This piece is fantastic. i will make ues of it.

Posted by Godfred A-Amponsah — 9 Nov @ 11:57 am

nice stuff… Thanks for the tips.

Posted by WI wedding — 12 Nov @ 1:38 pm

Great site! Thank you so much for your help as I was able to create a speech overnight. talk about slack! :)


Posted by Eze — 17 Jan @ 3:11 pm

Thanks for the tips, this has got me out of a really big hole.

Posted by Phil — 26 Jan @ 3:11 am

thanx for this wonderful website nd the tips and advices needed for a successful speech now i have an understanding of what i need to do my wedding day.

Posted by hakeem — 17 Mar @ 9:55 pm

well…thanks for the ideas.hope she lodges the paperwork.hahaha

Posted by sean — 14 Apr @ 9:51 pm

Well you have put a good example. The speech is short and sweet.

Posted by wedding speeches — 7 May @ 9:56 pm

the site is great, gave me some brilliant ideas. Thanks

Posted by adesua — 15 Aug @ 2:41 am

That is a great heartfelt speech which will delight the bride and indeed her family.

Posted by Best Man Speeches App — 8 Sep @ 10:19 am

Given me some great Ideas – Look forward to delivering my speech now..

Posted by Steve C — 9 Oct @ 4:37 pm

great ideas will use 2moro thanks

Posted by michael t — 28 Dec @ 2:45 am

Just wanted to say amazing tips and ideas.

Posted by wedding groom speech — 2 Feb @ 12:40 am

Hi all, good advise on here, ive found so far if you would like to add some humour into your speach (who doesnt) then its always good to start it at the begining, then work up to a nice romantic sloppy bit to get your guests emotions going, then the best man comes on and then makes a prat out of you then everyones in high spirits for the BEER :) just what i think :)

thanks, Daz

Posted by Daz — 21 Feb @ 8:35 pm


massive site GREAT infomaition will come back for more soon
need a good speech for my mate


Posted by john — 17 May @ 10:35 pm

I have made the best speech just by considering these useful tips. No one could afford to waste a second of concentration. I was not aware that sometimes the groom has to behave funny.

Posted by Stanford — 22 Jun @ 9:48 am

massive information.i like your site

Posted by Irene — 3 Sep @ 12:46 pm

I think that a lot of people forget that this passage of word should be from the heart and people want to know how you feel just let it come from the heart and trust me if you are nervous tell the audience it will get a laugh and make you feel better

Posted by Simon — 14 Feb @ 10:37 pm

Needed this badly….guess extempore will be better in our part of the world. At least the guideline is just perfect.

Posted by Kwasi — 30 Sep @ 5:06 pm

“On behalf of my wife and ME”, please. Grammar.

Posted by Richard Duggan — 16 Jul @ 2:34 pm

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