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To all of you ‘Grooms’ out there looking for a speech just like the one spoken in your bride-to-be’s favourite romantic comedy.  (You could just imagine Hugh Grant quoting this one!) Well, it’s a bit slushy but here goes…

Never did I think xx years ago when I picked (bride’s name) up for our first date that I would be here marrying her today. It really is a dream come true.

I first met (bride’s name) at (place). I instantly noticed her good looks and tried talking to her. For some reason she never took a blind bit of notice of me for weeks. But eventually she must have got bored and decided she would take me up on the (date) I’d promised her.

(Bride’s name) means everything to me, and since that first date I have never felt so in love. (Bride’s name) has made me the happiest man in the world and given me the drive to follow my dreams, one of which was fulfilled this morning when, looking like a vision, (bride’s name) walked down the aisle.

(Bride’s name), I love you more than ever, and I promise that I will never let you down, I will never do anything that may upset you. I promise that I will love you for every minute of every day and that I won’t sleep at night until I have told you how much I love you. I just hope that I make you as happy every day as you make me.

Finally, I have a lot of thank yous to say. Firstly, to my beautiful wife for marrying me today. Because if you had said no when I first proposed to you, I would be talking to an empty room right now.

Secondly, to everyone for coming and sharing this special day with us. It has made it even more special to us that you have been here, so thank you.

Thank you to all the bridesmaids for keeping (bride’s name) in line and getting her here today. You all look beautiful, thank you.

To our parents. We love you all and thank you for everything that you have done for us. You kept us on the straight and narrow and showed us how to love. We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you.

To the people who have done the food and arranged the party tonight, so far you have done an amazing job and I am sure tonight will be brilliant, thank you so much.

Finally to (name) my best man. You have been an amazing friend for as long as I can remember, and the speech was one to remember. Thanks, mate.

So finally a toast, to all those who are here, and the loved ones who could not make it. To the love of my life who I love more than life itself. (bride’s name), this toast is for you.


Published On: 28th Aug 2009

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