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Free downloadable PowerPoint templates and Keynote themes

At Presentation Helper Towers we’ve been busy working over the summer to create some new and hopefully different PowerPoint slides.

For the first time we’ve also included Apple Keynote themes along with the PowerPoint slides.

Some of these Keynote themes are slightly different to the PowerPoint slides due to differences in the software.

Feel free to download and use them as they are, or just take out the bits you need, or just get ideas from them.

Because all these templates are editable we’ll add some hints on how to modify them. Remember you can use your own images in these as a background or even have no image in the background by adding a solid fill and sending it to the back.

1. atoms PowerPoint template
This template has a horizontal transparent band on which to put your information, resize the height and background image to suit your needs.

Template download page

2. old house template
Featuring multi-colour transparent bands. Move them around to create interesting effects on your slides.
old house

Template download page

3. dirty grunge slide
Give your slides a dirty grunge look with this template. This features two dirt backgrounds to lay your presentation on.

Templates download page

4. the river
The river slide has blue bands on the right to list important page information. You can swap the river image for your own background if you wish.

Templates download page

5. silver stars
Similar to the above this has a grey band on the right, this of course could be moved to the left.
silver stars

Template download page

6. old boat
The old boat has transparent fills to highlight text and information areas.
old boat

Template download page

7. vector hills
As well as a nice vector background we’ve included clickable buttons to move your presentation backward and forward.

Template download page

8. coloured leaves
These contain blocks of transparent colour to give your images a worn-out faded look.
coloured leaves

Template download page

9. orange sky
Why not put a transparent fill over the background to create interesting colours in this slide?
orange sky

Template download page

If you like what you’ve seen here or have any other comments, questions or suggestions then please let us know below. We don’t mind a link to your site or blog, but we will delete spam.



Published On: 20th Aug 2007

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