Free PowerPoint Countdown Timer Template

Free PowerPoint Countdown Timer Template

This free smart PowerPoint template of a countdown timer can be used on screen to count down from a 20 minute starting point. It is a useful counter for tests and races, you could use it for team building activities.  If you are struggling to focus set the digital clock and have a small treat at the end.

If you have enjoyed using this template, please let us know in the comments box below, what you used it for.

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Published On: 8th Sep 2009

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  1. it very good ideal and it help me for my homework

    dasaki 8 Sep at 1:28 pm
  2. Dear creative team,

    Good work indeed.

    Can you also make a template which shows arrows originating from one point and moving to another point on a map.

    DS Pathania 10 Sep at 10:37 am
  3. super… this is what was missing. sometimes you say, we will continiu in a 15 min, but nobody keeps checking his watch. Great idea.

    Mirinka 11 Sep at 12:25 pm
  4. WoW!

    That’s what you call ppt genius 😛

    Isaac 14 Sep at 7:50 pm
  5. I’m a corporate trainer and I find this very helpful when:
    – I’m giving my participants a time limit for activities in class
    – I want my participants to come back punctually from their breaks.

    It’s great!

    Natalie 30 Sep at 8:54 am
  6. Will use this for a school project. Thank you. 🙂

    pachuvachuva 1 Oct at 2:16 am
  7. Its very nice and I wanted to use at our monitor in the hall – telling when a project ends – but I needed days as well. so ill continue my search

    Jesper 3 Oct at 12:38 pm
  8. it very good ideal and it help me for my homework

    EM 5 Oct at 5:24 pm
  9. Absolutely fantastice, thank you so very much!

    Doreen 11 Oct at 8:58 pm
  10. Wow! 🙂 this is pretty cool, now i don’t have to keep looking at my watch. Thanks. 😀

    K. 14 Oct at 10:15 am
  11. I love it. This will make transitions in my classroom go much quicker.

    ergrad76 23 Oct at 11:53 pm
  12. I can’t tell how great you are!
    Thanks very much~~~~~~~

    amanda 27 Oct at 12:47 pm
  13. Good one. Am going to use this for the powerpoint presentation in my next review meeting

    g.m 1 Nov at 6:10 am
  14. What I was after, using it for a chrismas prize draw, reat. Can you change the text?

    Ali Nicol 21 Nov at 6:50 am
  15. Really great idea for persons involved in presentations. Congratulation!

    Pripadnik 24 Nov at 11:34 am
  16. how to use it?

    jane 14 Dec at 8:14 am
  17. Awesome!!! Thanks so much for putting this online.

    Kevin Bullard 10 Mar at 5:03 pm
  18. Very nice! A question for you: I’m unsure how one would embed this into an existing presentation. It appears that the whole shebang would need to be embedded, so you couldn’t automatically have the clock start at 15 or 10 or 20 minutes. Correct?

    Unfortunately, if true, then it wouldn’t be quite as elegant of a solution as I’d like.

    Brian 5 Apr at 9:54 pm
  19. Will use it in a community college classroom setting. timing down exams and breaks during class.

    Jeffrey 26 Jul at 12:04 am
  20. how to use it?

    wang 18 Oct at 3:25 pm
  21. we love it…thanks

    joff 20 Oct at 12:10 am
  22. Great!! Very Good Template


    Karim Padaniya 2 Dec at 8:59 am
  23. For my community college class – when we go on break this will be extremely useful – esp to get the students back in a timely matter which has been an issue.

    Julian 27 Dec at 6:54 pm
  24. I will use it in a presentation of my thesis ! thx a lot !!

    cristel saenen (belgium) 8 Jan at 10:42 am
  25. Same as Natalia, participants must come back after coffee break on time.

    Great ideas and very usefull and helpfull

    Jordi Otxoa 20 Jan at 10:22 pm
  26. I like it! Thank you !

    Jess 21 Apr at 5:46 pm
  27. Hola amigos alguien me podria explicar como funciona el temporizador? hace un rato que lo estoy viendo y aun no entiendo como debo hacer. gracias!!!! saludos

    Carolina 2 Aug at 5:48 am
  28. I will use it is a wonderful template.

    Thank you for sharing it with us…!

    VAL 5 Sep at 4:46 am
  29. I ran this as a slide show starting with the second slide (20:00) [slide show – start slide show – from current slide] and it started counting down from 20:59 (20:58, 20:57 …) If so, it’s a 21 minute countdown timer. To make it a 20 minute timer, you have to start at the slide that shows 19:00, which begins at 19:59 when you start the slide show. Similarly, for a 15 minute countdown, you have to start at the slide that shows 14:00.

    Or, am I doing something wrong?

    IleanaDU 16 Dec at 2:10 am
  30. Thanks, very usefull!

    Ewald Smits 27 Mar at 7:29 pm
  31. very good, it’s very useful to me, thank you very much!

    pawowgold 16 Apr at 12:04 pm
  32. thanks, it is interesting

    puji 26 Apr at 3:47 am
  33. cool

    vittapuchino 13 May at 11:00 am
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    this website is genuinely remarkable.

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  35. Amazing work! Thank you.

    Leissa 9 Nov at 9:37 pm
  36. Muchas gracias

    Luis melendez 30 Dec at 12:57 pm
  37. Liked the timer on powerpoint, good design. Thank you !

    Pooja Roy 13 Apr at 5:23 pm
  38. Great application to use every time we had Team Building activities!~ Thank you so much!

    carlos prodigalidad 10 May at 9:41 am
  39. Is there any way to edit it? I would also like the time to be a graphic so that I can add it smaller to the corner of a ppt i already have. Is that possible?

    Hilary Davidson 25 Aug at 4:47 pm
  40. Fantastic work… this is really really good PPT template… Many thanks!

    Ayok Hatma 28 Jan at 4:50 am
  41. I love countdowns 🙂

    Tom 21 Feb at 8:46 am
  42. thanks for the templates, I would also like the time to be a graphic so that I can add it smaller to the corner of a ppt i already have. Is that possible

    Bill Iskancin 18 Apr at 6:11 pm
  43. This is awesome! We don’t have to keep check on the clock and synch watches. Thanks so very much!

    Tammy 21 May at 3:25 pm
  44. Hi
    How can we add voice that count down from 500 or 100.

    Azhar 1 Dec at 7:12 am
  45. thank for you~^^

    leeyounhwa7732 22 Apr at 1:21 pm
  46. Thank you

    George 28 Nov at 12:28 pm
  47. If you could help me create a countdown timer for a 24-hour period that would be very much appreciated. 🙂

    Hazel 18 Nov at 11:21 pm
  48. Thanks for these! They’re well animated and look good

    Amelia 2 Oct at 9:09 pm
  49. Loved the template so much. Thank you! Great Job

    Mikw 17 Mar at 6:05 pm
  50. Will use this for my class.Thank you!

    Edwin 1 Oct at 8:24 pm