Animated cogs

Animated cogs

This is an animated version of our Cogs Clip Art. 

The teeth have been animated so that the wheels move round.  This could be used to demonstrate the action of gears and gearing.

There is even an example that shows what happens when you do not have your gearing ratios correctly aligned.

Animated cogs inside page
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Published On: 15th Feb 2010

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  1. brilliant my class were totaly inspired

    anonymous 27 Feb at 12:47 pm
  2. this template is so cool!!

    April 1 Mar at 9:59 pm
  3. wooow

    shaosho 6 Mar at 3:24 pm
  4. ok…..

    nur 29 Mar at 9:09 am
  5. My group and I will use this power point to make our project presentation on gears for an Engineering class.

    You cannot imagine how much help this is!

    Thank you

    Anne Marie Debarros 21 Jun at 8:48 pm
  6. Thanks a lot, used it in my presentation to show the synergy of microbes, nutrients and enzymes in bioremdiation processes.

    J.Saeger 3 Aug at 2:47 am
  7. beutiful u must show it ol

    zubeda 3 Nov at 8:27 pm
  8. Hi, I will be using this to demonstrate to my group the alignment between different components of Data and Information Management. Thanks.

    sabash 5 Feb at 2:55 am
  9. This template is really awesome!

    Wesley 29 Aug at 9:40 am
  10. This is an ideal illustration to drop into a ppt I am creating on Developmental Theories – I am using the cogs to demonatrate the impacts of changes (movement) in one system (macrosystem) on the other systems of a child’s life (exosystem and macrosystem). See – and you thought gears were just for mechanics!!!

    Awesomely powerful visual for my course – thanks!

    Terra 26 Oct at 11:13 pm
  11. Hey thanks i’ll have to write a comment in my powerpoint about your website.

    Joe 29 Nov at 2:04 am
  12. Thanks

    Some guy from around the corner 29 Nov at 2:05 am
  13. Your animated cogs are excellent, however I have managed to find only one circulating text box per cog. Is it possible to add additional text boxes to the cogs? Also is it possible to increase and decrease the rate of rotation of the whole system?


    John 18 Feb at 1:00 pm
  14. Just Superb

    Shinto 21 Feb at 11:13 am
  15. Simply, beautiful. 😀

    Rawr 1 Apr at 1:55 am
  16. Very nice templates thanks a lot!

    a 29 Apr at 9:55 am
  17. Brilliant Slides….very visibly related to our presentation on inter-connectivity of teams.

    Anonymous 12 May at 10:54 am
  18. Nicely done. You have the right attitude about sharing – will recommend you

    Tom 8 Sep at 6:19 am
  19. cog number two is off center in its spin

    samiam 28 Nov at 10:16 pm
  20. Thanks Guys saved a lot of animation programming time and will use in safety rotating parts presentation

    Andy 30 Oct at 12:51 pm
  21. it is really good. thanx.

    swatilekha dasi 9 Dec at 5:25 pm
  22. Thanks. Used the cogs to represent a third-party data broker in a diagram.

    Gerry 14 Feb at 12:01 am
  23. Brilliant, great way to show the interactions within our company

    Anonymous 26 Mar at 11:13 am
  24. HI,
    Thnx for it.
    But I got some idea, how U have done such Animated PPT.
    I have required for my own Presentation. PLEASE HELP.


    Anonymous 5 Jul at 1:47 pm
  25. This is just the design i need to emphasize ideas of alignment, and correct matches in outcome based education. Thank you so much.

    rosa 9 Jul at 2:15 pm
  26. Thanks 🙂 Your effort is much appreciated. Keep going 🙂 Brilliant slides

    swetha 21 Nov at 2:47 am
  27. Hi!
    Thanks for this template!

    Is there a way of making the single cog turn anticlockwise?


    Claire 11 Feb at 4:05 am
  28. Yes you just do – Slide Show > Custom Animation > Add Effect > Emphasis > Spin

    admin 13 Feb at 5:27 pm
  29. this is so cool.
    thank you it’s very helpful.

    agnes 2 Oct at 9:44 am