Free PowerPoint map of China

Free PowerPoint map of China

This is the first in a series of PowerPoint maps of Asia which we think looks quite striking.

It can be used in PowerPoint slides, in web pages and blogs, or anywhere else where it might be helpful. At the moment we have maps of UK & Europe, also we have free editable PowerPoint maps of North America and now editable world maps.

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Published On: 1st May 2009

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  1. i just love it

    dennisgarang 4 May at 10:23 am
  2. I can not find Taiwan province.hate it!

    javt 7 May at 8:35 am
  3. really helpful and forward-looking!

    vivienne 8 May at 2:14 pm
  4. give selected topic

    rameez 28 May at 5:42 pm
  5. where is Taiwan Province??and Nancha?

    Anonymous 9 Feb at 7:30 am
  6. Can’t imagine that it is also without Hainan Province! This is really stupid. I guess the creater will say that he never heard of Hainan…

    Fay 29 Apr at 11:29 am
  7. I can not believe that it is without Taiwan and Hainan!!!

    Anonymous 22 Nov at 6:23 am
  8. We have now added both Hainan and Taiwan to the maps

    rboynton 1 Dec at 12:42 pm
  9. Taiwan should be on the map!

    * 6 Jul at 4:41 am
  10. Taiwan!

    Blair 2 Nov at 8:34 pm
  11. Taiwan should not be included in the map of China unless Chinese are allowed to vote in the recent presidential election.

    Annie 23 Jan at 12:23 pm
  12. Thanks for the feedback Annie, however previous feedback has asked us to include it on the map – we realise it is a seperate country!

    rboynton 23 Jan at 2:29 pm
  13. wow,,

    Anonymous 22 Jun at 12:27 am
  14. Taiwan is a separate country: The Republic of China. Mainland China is another country (People’s Republic of China). It should include Hainan Island which is also one of the 26 provinces of China, and probably Hong-Kong and Macau which are Special Administrative Regions, but politically speaking parts of China, even though their administration, legal systems and money are different.

    Den 8 Apr at 7:57 pm
  15. Excuse me, Taiwan is not a part of China. Taiwan is a sovereign state, please remove Taiwan from this map, thanks.

    Shiaubo 23 Apr at 4:24 am
  16. Hi Shiaubo, thanks for your comment. We have included Taiwan in a separate colour to show location and so people could use it for reference.
    It hasn’t been drawn to be part of China

    Rachael Boynton 24 Apr at 9:04 am
  17. Even if Taiwan is colored differently and ‘hasn’t been drawn to be a part of China,’ by including it in a ‘Free PowerPoint map of China’ you are implying it is a part of China. It is not.

    Dan Larsson 13 Oct at 2:57 pm
  18. Hi Dan,
    we originally didnt include it but a lot of comments asked us to include Taiwan as it was so close so we chose to include it in a different colour.

    Rachael Boynton 15 Oct at 8:36 am