Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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Looking for something special to do for your next wedding anniversary?

We have compiled this list of suitable ideas. We hope that you enjoy it. If you have any more ideas please drop us a line and we will add it in.

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Romantic meal

This one tends to speak for itself. You can either go out for a meal or you can cook one for the two of you. If you have grown up children you could invite them round too.

Ransom letter

Send a ransom note to your partner. This is made up of words and letters cut from the newspaper. The note should tell them to meet you in a pre-arranged location at a certain time. You can then go to a restaurant for a nice meal. Needs to have some child care organised.

Go for a long walk

How far is the furthest distance that you have ever walked from your house?

Message in the newspaper

Put an announcement in a national newspaper expressing your love (this is a bit like a valentine’s message, just on a different day.

Theme Party

You could have a theme party from the year you were married.(e.g. Ruby Wedding could be a sixties party)

Hire a boat

A boat is a great idea. I hired a boat for a cruise down the Thames from Central London down to The Thames Barrier and back. We invited all our family and friends along. (Sent in by Chris)

Star gazing

If it is a clear night go out and look up at the stars in the sky. (Sent in by Amy)

<h3″>Other wedding anniversary ideas

  • Write a poem for your partner
  • Garden Party
  • Barbeque
  • Hire a limousine to take you to the restaurant
  • Send a bunch of flowers to her work
  • Get a bottle of champagne in the fridge
  • Cook a meal for her for when she comes home from work
  • A trip to the theatre
  • Visit a museum together
  • Plant a tree

News paper from your Wedding Day
Order an original Times Newspaper from the actual date of your wedding and enjoy reading the news and adverts together. (Thanks to Ian)

Biplane Ride
A great anniversary gift is a thrilling and adventurous biplane ride. Lots of anniversary couples fly together for a unique bonding experience that they will never forget. (Thanks to Brian Beker).

If you have any more wedding anniversary ideas please add them into the box below and we will add it in to the page.


Published On: 2nd Mar 2007

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  1. Lunch on your own
    Meet up for lunch without the kids.

    Jonty 20 Jul at 9:46 pm
  2. wedding anniversary ideas for your friends.

    Anonymous 28 Nov at 12:31 am
  3. A horse drawn carriage drive in a forest for a special event


    Anonymous 24 Mar at 9:16 pm
  4. Have a meal on a steam train on the North York Moors, they run special carriages with waiters. A fantastic gift with a difference especially if you’re into steam trains


    Anonymous 24 Mar at 9:14 pm
  5. plan a spa day

    Anonymous 27 Mar at 2:46 am
  6. a trip to to buy eternity rings together

    Anonymous 4 Apr at 7:59 am
  7. make something together without the kids

    Anonymous 4 Apr at 8:01 am
  8. love is in the air

    Anonymous 4 Apr at 8:01 am
  9. what about a party in the garden with the family and freinds if its a nice night with sandwhiches and a barbeque and a cake as well.

    Anonymous 20 Apr at 10:03 am
  10. A scavenger hunt leading them to a certain destination. Make puzzle pieces with the clues.

    Anonymous 30 Apr at 1:54 am
  11. Both or one of you will be back from work .. so preparing a nice food at home + Wearing the wedding dress + watching the video or the pictures of the wedding will be a good idea.

    I think that will brings back so many memories..

    Lola 10 Jul at 10:07 pm
  12. maybe a romantic holiday in Trinidad a beautiful island in the carribbean, it will be like a second honeymoon.

    luni 19 Jul at 9:44 pm
  13. Stay home and have sex

    Khota 16 Sep at 4:26 pm
  14. have a cheese eating competition,the winner gets to lick cheese off the other ones sensual parts 😉

    huck 28 Sep at 11:29 pm
  15. Suggesting sex as something special seems to be completely wide of the point unless you hardly ever have sex. Writing a letter, taking a balloon trip, going for a hike together, simply being more than on everyday basis is what matters. However, it is essential to personalize according to age, believes etc. We are all different.

    novasedna 2 Oct at 6:30 am
  16. if its been up to 5-10 years you could make a scrap book with all the amazing pictures of yourselves and write sweet comments beneath the picture to make your husband/wife smile while they’re reading it =)

    OR if ur giving your husband a REAL aniiversary gift make a 6month sex contract: ‘FOR 6 MONTHS YOU CAN ASK ME FOR SEX AND I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU’
    or however long u think u can do it for 😉

    fatty BOOM 14 Oct at 10:24 pm
  17. The longer the relationship, the more creative you’ll need to be.

    Here are 2 great suggestions. Hire a venue with a roof terrace overlooking a city and have a party starting just as the sun is about to set. For music, hire a steel drum band and get them to play O Sole mio whilst you drink a champagne toast and gaze at the sunset’s reflection in each other’s eyes.

    The second idea is to visit TCI, Grace Bay, which stretches for 12 miles. You can pick the best spot and have the perfect beach party with close friends and you won’t be disturbed by anything other than the sound of the sea and stars. Not many steel bands there, so you’ll have to bring your own if you can afford it.

    Bigsands 19 Nov at 10:41 pm
  18. Custom made coin medallions. Your face, your name and a message 3D machined onto solid metal and presented in a luxury wooden box. This is truly a unique gift.

    Bodley Medallions 20 Nov at 10:28 am
  19. Have a nice dinner & go to a comedy club..Craig Shoemaker, comedian is known as The Lovemaster! My husband & I saw him perform, we both had a great time & we laughed until it hurts!

    A & E 8 Dec at 5:47 am
  20. Hi just wanted to say thank you for the great post on wedding anniversary ideas. I really enjoyed reading it 🙂

    bride wedding 22 Jan at 1:48 pm
  21. Top blog. Packed full of some excellent tips…not sure about one of the comments though.. sex should never be demanded or just given as a gift. If my partner ever did that i would run a mile in the opposite direction!

    Thanks for the blog anyway though.

    maid of honor 22 Jan at 1:52 pm
  22. Really nice post. For an anniversary you may consider writing a lovely letter or poem packed with to heartfelt and meaning full romantic lines.

    romantic lines 22 Jan at 1:53 pm
  23. How about a This is Your Life Together book made up of all your favourite memories through the years? I fully edit your photographs and design the book to suit your requirements.

    Linsey Wraith 4 Mar at 6:22 pm
  24. I own a small Chateau in France (very cheap off-season flights to La Rochelle nearby), ideal for family get-togethers and celebrations

    catherine 13 Apr at 6:38 pm
  25. I need someting for my parents anniversary. We want to make them a special supper, but don’t know what to make. HELP!!!!!!!

    Addi 22 Jul at 11:21 pm
  26. Sit back and relax. Do something u both enjoy! The kids if old enough will probably plan something secret for u! Happy anniversary!:D

    Anonymous 26 Aug at 7:18 am
  27. How about buying some soft and luxurious new sheets, scented candles and lingerie? Get the bedroom cleaned the day before then spruce it up with your new bedding. Think boutique hotel. Think ultimate romantic cliche – flowers, chocolates, champagne.

    Enjoy a delicious meal, take a warm bath together then treat your man to you in those new undies.

    Tori 13 Jul at 6:57 pm
  28. Go travelling to exotic country!

    Athena 10 May at 10:20 am