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Saving Money

saving money

We were thinking recently about ways in which we could save money in our household.

We have compiled this list of good money saving ideas. We hope that you enjoy it. If you have any more ideas please drop us a line and we will add it in.

Money Saving Ideas

Saving Electricity

  • Where possible install low energy light bulbs. They use about 25% of the power and pay for themselves quite quickly.
  • If you use an electric kettle – don’t fill it up to the top every time. Just use enough water for your hot drinks – around 300 ml per person.
  • Dishwashers – don’t just use the standard wash settings – experiment with the economy wash settings – the wash quality is often the same, but you will save on electricity.
  • Tumble Dryers – When our tumble dryer broke down we saved a small fortune by pegging our washing out on the line – our clothes did not shrink and they smelt much better.
  • Washing machines – we tend to over wash clothes. Experiment with lower temperature washes. You can usually still get clothes clean on a 30 or 40 degree wash.
  • It sounds obvious, but turn off lights when you leave a room.
  • Unplug any electrical devices such as chargers when they are not is use. Even when they are on standby they still take up power.

Saving Water

  • If your water bill is very high you may want to get a water meter installed. This way you can regulate the amount of water that you use
  • Install some water butts – these are quite simply done and will save you quite a lot on your water bill – they will also get you around a hose pipe ban.

Household savings

  • Wear a pullover, cardigan or vest in colder weather. “We tend to heat up our surroundings rather than ourselves” my father used to say. This can save a real fortune on heating costs.
  • Detergent. We all tend to use too much detergent. Manufacturers usually give us large scoops and wide nozzles to encourage us to use more. Try using 30% less per wash. You probably won’t notice the difference.
  • Join an Organic Box Scheme for vegetables. This is a “lucky-dip” box of vegetables – depending upon what is in season. We have a mixed box of fruit and veg delivered to the house every week (10- 11 items for £11.50). Being grown locally, it cuts down food miles and is better for the natural environment.


  • Don’t buy clothes in the sales. The clothes may be going out of fashion and you may only wear it a few times. Much to buy something that you really like and wear it a lot.

If you have any more good money saving ideas please add them into the box below and we will add it in to the page.


Published On: 2nd Mar 2007

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  1. Use ground turkey instead of ground beef. Cost less. And it’s better for your health.

    Make casserole dishes and freeze sections for later consumptions.

    Anonymous 4 Oct at 10:47 pm
  2. Buy a water filter pitcher instead of those expensive bottles of water.

    Use small wash cloths, hand towels or cloth napkins.

    Cook at home instead of eating out- left overs make great lunches.

    Anonymous 24 Mar at 1:40 am
  3. Start a piggy bank.

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 2:41 am
  4. Use bicorbonate of soda and some salt for brushing your teeth. Denise

    Anonymous 2 May at 10:06 pm
  5. Use bircobonate of soda as a deoderant.

    Anonymous 2 May at 10:07 pm
  6. grow your own vegetables, l.g

    Anonymous 31 May at 8:26 pm
  7. re heel shoes instead of buying new ones, l.g

    Anonymous 31 May at 8:27 pm
  8. Burn candles instead of having the lights on.

    Anonymous 3 Jun at 11:26 am
  9. If you are having a drink of cold water put a slice of orange and lime in and it makes it a bit mor special.

    Eileen Clark 15 Jun at 2:20 pm
  10. the best way to save detergent in a washing machine is to use the little balls of liquid which does for the whole wash.

    Eileen Clark 15 Jun at 2:24 pm
  11. If you use a Hippo cistern toilet flush saver bag, You will save 1 litre of water for each flush that you make. So if you have a large family just imagine how many litres of water you will save each year. Good for the environment and good on the pocket. Or better still put a house brick in your cistern.

    You can also fill up number of half litle soft drink bottles to add to your cistern – editor

    Paul Hart 9 Jul at 2:31 pm
  12. Drill a hole in your fridge door, that way you can ensure the light goes off

    Anon 14 Aug at 6:55 pm
  13. Buy tesco value dishwasher tablets and snap them in half. Dishes still come out clean!!

    cheryl anderson 17 Aug at 6:22 pm
  14. This is one i hope can be useful to a few people.
    Mobile Phone, Check your mobile phone bill and see how many of those inclusive minutes you actually use. If you are an occasional user a pay as you go phone could work out to be a cheaper option. A friend of mine was paying £25 per month but on closer inspection was only using £5 per month for texts and calls. Result is that he is better off by £240 each year.

    Money Saver 24 Nov at 10:40 pm
  15. Instead of just going food shopping and buying what you think you need. Why not sit down with a pen n paper and do a rota for your weekly meals and a few snacky stuff. Write a list of what you need and stick to it. Me and my wife do this and since starting we spend roughly 50% less than we used to its great if you’re trying to cut the waistline too with only buying what you need you resist the temptation to binge out and we dont have to throw out of date food away anymore.

    Ray Binns 13 Jan at 2:59 pm
  16. If you spend $3 per day at the coffeeshop, over the course of a year that adds up to almost $1100! Why not roast your own coffee at home? The coffee is better and only a fraction of the cost of coffeeshop coffee.

    RR Team 1 Feb at 9:10 pm
  17. Put a squirt of washingup liquid in the bath water you dont get a ring round the bath afterwards.

    Betty Smith 17 Mar at 2:53 pm
  18. Brush your teeth with bicarbonate of soda and saltUsing a twig? The obvious downsides are the taste, which is presumably vile, and the lack of flouride and breath freshener.

    money-saving tips 16 Apr at 7:06 pm
  19. Keep your freezer fully stocked to cut down on amount of electric it uses to keep it working well.As i use food out of my freezer i replace it with my empty tupperware boxes,until my next shop day when i fill up with food again.

    Paula 3 Aug at 9:39 pm
  20. If you want to lower your costs on cleaning products then try using some natural ingredients like vinegar and lemon. It cleans your work surfaces in no time leaving a sparkling finish.

    Amy 12 Aug at 10:03 pm
  21. Grow plant in doors. Not only it supplies oxygen, it help to regulate the air so that it smell fresher. Plant maintenance is much cheaper than using air purifying.

    Mohd Kamal 21 Aug at 7:03 am
  22. use the heater at night only. If you are at home during the day. use a throw rug or more clothes. Days are less colder than night.

    ray 21 Aug at 4:05 pm
  23. When go shopping, buy in bulk. Do check out the expiry date. If an item can last for 3 years, buy bulk for 1 year stock. It is much cheaper.

    Also, do not buy from convenient store. Always buy from hypermarket that tend to offer cheaper price because they too, buy in bulk. To maximize saving, buy only during sales & promotion, and make sure coupon, voucher or redeem rewards points with your purchase.

    Mohd Kamal 8 Sep at 6:48 am
  24. When you buy box’s of washing powder tablits use only one not the recomended 2 your box will last twice as long and the washing comes out just as clean

    Anonymous 22 Sep at 10:03 am
  25. instead of turning the central heating on in the winter, why dont you just wear a pair of socks, keep a hot water bottle nearby and a warm snuggly top, that will save your winter bill which is about 4-5 month worth of central heating!!!

    fatty BOOM 14 Oct at 10:21 pm
  26. dont do anything

    jojo 27 Oct at 9:12 pm
  27. Walk everywhere, saves on bus fares and petrol

    Angela 14 Jan at 4:58 pm
  28. Join the library. It’s free and so is borrowing the books. There is a small fee for ordering one specially and also for CDs and DVDs.

    Linda 3 Feb at 11:15 pm
  29. Buy only one share in Companies in your locale. You will be invited to the Annual General Meeting. They can be interesting and you more often than not can have your say. There is usually free refreshments. Have fun.

    Linda 3 Feb at 11:26 pm
  30. Instead of expensive foreign holidays, buy a really good tent and accessories. Make sure you are going to be comfortable. You then only have to pay site fees. See your own country.

    Linda 3 Feb at 11:38 pm
  31. Always use 2nd Class Post.

    Linda 3 Feb at 11:43 pm
  32. you can make 60 litres of bio deisel per week without paying tax on it
    your local chip shop should be quite happy for you to take waste oil

    Anonymous 10 Feb at 8:04 pm
  33. Awesome ideas already.
    Here is my contribution:

    Live Healthy while Saving Money
    Replace SODA and stuff like that with WATER..
    It is healthy as you decrease sugar intake
    and also you save money on those SODA bottles.

    Do you know how much money you spend per month on sodas and specialty drinks?

    Making an effort to drink fresh clean Tap healthy water during the day can really add up when you compare it’s cost.

    Less sugar as well as more money saved!!!

    Anthony 22 May at 2:59 pm
  34. Buy value or smartprice shower gel, You can buy these for about 8p. and refill your handwash dispenser with the gel.

    karri 27 May at 9:40 pm
  35. Get a better paying job

    Chris 30 May at 8:06 pm
  36. Also, use baby wipes instead of those expensive dust collecters that you can buy from the supermarket on the floor sweeper tools. Two baby wipes cleans the floor just as well as those much dearer dust collecters and on marble floors they are really good and don’t cause any damage. Baby wipes are also excellent on leather sofas for cleaning.

    Anna 21 Jun at 10:58 am
  37. when your finished with the glass coffee jars wash them out and take the labels off and they make really pretty money jars, easy to collect and good for recycling!

    laura 26 Jun at 10:30 pm
  38. – If the exchange rate is in your favour buy your travel money ahead and don’t leave it until you are at the aiport as they offer terrible rates.
    – Look to stay in self catering rather than a hotel, eat in rather than out and take picnics out for lunch so you don’t have to stop at restaurants.
    – Buy a beach umbrella and dump it afterwards, cheaper than hiring an umbrella on the beach and always bring your own drinks.
    – You can still have a great holiday but can save money by planning ahead. Also the cheaper high factor suntan lotions from the supermarket work just as well as the expensive brands. Trust me, I use them on my fair haired children and they haven’t burned in 30 degrees plus.

    Annie 13 Jul at 11:00 am
  39. Buy QUALITY – pointless buying cheap – Remember: You get what you pay for!!!!!!!!!!

    Fiona 7 Aug at 6:20 pm
  40. check out charity shops for toys for kids for xmas. you can also buy some of your clothes from there

    nik 19 Sep at 2:23 pm
  41. don’t leave the lights on when sleeping.

    monica 22 Sep at 5:01 pm
  42. There are a lot of suggestions on the green section of the Tesco website (Tesco Greener Living). Their “save money house” claims to be helpful in helpin saving up to £5000 per year, by being greener in the house and the garden.

    Some of their tips (like solar panels) do require a setup cost, but most of them are pretty muchstraightforward!

    Matteo 28 Sep at 11:41 am
  43. keep soap in the airing cupboard it lasts longer when used! 🙂

    mark 2 Jan at 5:35 pm
  44. Split bottle of softner into 2 bottles and fill with water 2 for the price of 1.Does the same job

    jaki 10 Mar at 4:35 pm
  45. Find out what day your supermarket normally reduces there products…meat veg etc Cook and freeze or just freeze

    jaki 10 Mar at 4:38 pm
  46. Make your own soap powder using Borax, A+H Wash Soda and a bar of soap works really well and cost around £6 for 300 loads.

    Michelle 21 Aug at 9:36 pm
  47. If you have an open fire, wood burner or multi fuel stove burn dry Manure, it does not smell that much, (used it the last two winters) also some companies spend £100’s each year to get rid of waste wood/pallets ‘free fire wood’

    Neil 23 Sep at 7:31 pm
  48. make your daily expenditure report and observe it kneely to reduce bill.

    asif hashmi 19 Mar at 11:09 am
  49. Reduce the packaging in the freezer by putting food into freezer bags, your freezer will hold twice a much

    Christine 13 Dec at 2:21 pm
  50. Wash up when the sink is full, saves hot water & detergent

    Christine 13 Dec at 2:23 pm
  51. Simple living but high thinking – the best money saving technique:)

    Katharina 10 May at 8:09 am
  52. Have a good look through your book collection, DVDs and CDs because I managed to make some money towards a holiday by trading them in.

    Tom 25 Jun at 2:14 pm