Simple PowerPoint Menus – a tutorial

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We get a lot of requests about how to create a menu in PowerPoint.

It is easy to create menus in PowerPoint. It is just a question of inserting hyperlinks onto objects to help with the navigation. In this tutorial we show you how to do it. We also include a downloadable PowerPoint file that contains an example as well as the tutorial.

1. Add in a text box as your menu button
2. From the menu select Insert > Hyperlink
3. Select Place in this Documentinsert hyperlink
4. Select the page that you want to link in to
5. Repeat for all the buttons in the document

The fiddly part is that you will also need to add in back buttons to complete the navigation. Once you have done one button you can cut and paste it to the other slides.

Click to visit the Simple PowerPoint Menus template

You can if you like add the hyperlink buttons into the slide master.

But it is not just text boxes that can be hyperlinked. You can hyperlink text, circles, images, images in autoshapes.
powerpoint objects can be hyperlinked


Published On: 17th Aug 2007

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