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Free icons of everyday gadgets

We’ve been hard at work at Presentation Helper and created some technology-based icons for you to download as either PowerPoint slides or individual png files. The files include images of mp3 players, mobile phones, lcd screens and other day-to-day gadgets. These images have many uses; for example they could be used to illustrate modern technology within a slide presentation or as icons for web sites.

Would you like to achieve the reflection effect we have created for the above image?

Blurred reflection tutorial for Photoshop

Start off by downloading the individual png files and inserting the png of the icon you want to add a reflection to into a new Photoshop document of around 250x250px at 72dpi, and put it on its own layer.

Make sure the image layer has no background. Then duplicate the image you want to add a reflection to by selecting layer > duplicate layer, then name your new layer as you wish and move it in the layer order so it is below the original.

Now on your duplicate layer select edit > transform > flip vertical. Move your duplicated image on the canvas so that it sits below the original. You should now have an image that looks a bit like the one below.

icon of mobile phone

Now choose edit > transform > distort and pull the left hand side up so that it touches the bottom of the original image. Next on the same layer select filter > gaussian blur, and give it a blur of around 1.9px.

Then choose layer > layer mask > reveal all, next from the main tool bar choose the gradient tool and starting from the top on the duplicate image on the canvas pull the cursor down to the bottom of the page. Next reduce the opacity of this layer to around 42%.

You should now have a blurred reflection.


You can download the icons here:

Powerpoint Template Download Page

How did you get on with this tutorial? Please let us know if you found it helpful or ran into any problems.


Published On: 10th Aug 2007

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  1. Very Impressive!

    Elton 22 Nov at 9:31 am
  2. i cant find the right theme for my childs graduation party from 5th to 6th grade so you should add some thank you

    elton john 8 Feb at 6:31 pm
  3. its cool.
    but sorry to say,
    the colour is dark and its not really nice for presentation in class
    so maybe if you put a lighter colour it would be better,
    thank you and kinda sorry people who obsessed with this thing.

    i wont reveal 4 May at 3:21 am
  4. Very Good template but 1 mistake is that mobile should be of #rd Generations

    Chirag Godhani 11 Oct at 2:15 pm