Can you use PowerPoint on an iPhone?

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Using PowerPoint on the iPhone

So you’ve bought your iPhone and played with all the little functions, gasped at the brilliant iTunes interface and browsed your favourite sites on the Internet, and you’re starting to realise that this iPhone is a really great piece of technology. But what else can it do for you? Well, as the iPhone is in fact really a mini computer, it can be used as an excellent little portable presentation machine.

So how do you get your PowerPoint presentation onto the iPhone?

You can’t actually run your PPT files directly but you can convert your PPTs to an appropriate format such as MP4, a common video format for various mobile devices including the iPhone.

There are converters available around the web, such as PPTMovie.

When you convert the PPT to a movie suitable for the iPhone you’ll need to resize it for the screen which is 480x320px, you’ll also need to choose a compression setting to get optimum file size as storage on an iPhone is limited. Remember though, that higher compression will not only reduce file size but also quality, so choose with care.

You’ll also have other options to choose from, such as how to control the movie, as well as various audio settings.
Another option is IVTStudio software. This software “enables users to publish and share video podcasts which alternate video clips with full-screen PowerPoint slides.”

Displaying your iPhone presentation

So your presentation is on your iPhone, which is great for close viewing, for one-to-one presentations and for practising while commuting, but as well as viewing it on the iPhone itself you can hook it up to a TV, monitor or projector. You just connect the appropriate Audio/Video connectors into the iPhone base dock. Exactly which cables you’ll need will depend on your playback equipment, but there are already many available.


Published On: 14th Jul 2007

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  1. There are a serial of ppt converter just like ppt-to-wmv, ppt-to-avi, ppt-to-mp4. if you want to play your presentation on ipod, try to find them on google,yahoo.

    Judith.R 10 Mar at 4:33 am
  2. “You can’t actually run your PPT files directly”

    How? We need to run NATIVE PowerPoint and Keynote files to use the iPhone as the ultimate wired and wireless presentation remote. Is that possible?


    PreX 14 Jun at 4:33 pm
  3. Is it possible to convert PPTs for use on iPhone and for presenting or projecting on a projector. This is a key feature i need and used to have with my windows mobile device that could not only look at PPTs but then with a cable connect to a projector and project the higher quality version onto a projector.

    Thank you

    Bharat 9 Jul at 6:34 am
  4. To get your PowerPoint to iPhone.
    Convert the PowerPoint to a proper format first,

    Alex 23 Jul at 6:54 am
  5. probably the most convenient way of using ppt on iphone is actually converting it to pdf first – for example import ppt to google dosc and save as pdf, or print with pdf printer

    keynell 4 Oct at 11:44 am
  6. Keynell

    This is a great idea.


    admin 6 Oct at 5:44 pm
  7. We need full blown presentations with transitions animations, etc. And we need to control them back and forward like a native presentation, not a movie stream or a collection of static slides. Something like this, but for the iPhone or iPod touch (because even the MacBook Air is too heavy and large for us):

    impatica. com /showmate

    Is that possible? We need thousands for our University. Thanks.

    PreX 30 Oct at 7:06 pm
  8. How do i Show my Powerpoint in phone through a tv?

    Andre 1 Mar at 4:41 pm
  9. So, is it possible to use an iphone and project my slides (ppt) in a projector?
    Thanks, Celso

    Celso 23 Mar at 3:27 am
  10. Try E-Mailing ur PowerPoint to your own e-mail adress and open it on your phone’s mail app.
    (It’s not great)

    Rick.. 16 Dec at 7:56 pm
  11. I am a little confused. Please help me out.
    I can view PPT files on my iPhone. Since I can do that I also believe that I can get whatever is on the iPhone screen on the iPhone video output using the right cable, which I think allows this the PPT to be seen on a TV.
    Am I missing something ?

    Ravi 27 Feb at 1:20 am
  12. I want to project an IPhone app to an Interactive Whiteboard. I bought the VGA cable to connect the phone to the projector, but the projector says that it doesn’t recognize the device. Any advice?

    Elizabeth 7 Mar at 1:09 am
  13. Ooops! I mispoke, I didn’t buy a VGA cable, I bought a RCA adapter cable.

    Elizabeth 7 Mar at 1:16 am
  14. I recently installed ppt on my iphone, if a file has over 100 pages how do I jump to page 80 from page 1??

    Marcos 13 Apr at 8:25 pm
  15. Ok, so this article solves 1 piece of the puzzle for me. Does anyone know if this app allows video out so I can feed the video to my projector? I recently purchased an Aaxatech M1 Plus with their iPod cable, needs video out with app to work I suppose.

    Michelle 2 Jun at 6:46 pm
  16. Thanks but I want to know if you can create power points on your iPod or iPhone

    Wwediva 19 Oct at 9:24 pm
  17. I am a 2nd grade teacher. There are so many amazing apps that would be great to do together as a class. For example, our preschool teachers have a alphebet app where the the kids follow the train to make the letter strokes. Many preschool kids struggle with fine motor skills. We were wanting to project this app onto our interactive white board so the kids can use their whole hand to trace rather than just their finger. I know we can take a screen shot but then where they traced won’t show up and the train won’t move to show them the order of the strokes. Apple doesn’t have any products to support this but if anyone knows of a way we are begging!!! Thanks!

    Sara 22 Oct at 11:07 pm
  18. I always use Moyea PPT to Video Convert to convert my presentations to MP4 and play it on iPhone.

    Dwight 16 Dec at 7:27 am
  19. I have a great space walk app on my iphone which I would love to project onto my interactive whiteboard for the kids in my class. How can I do this?

    Kind Regards

    Mark 2 Feb at 12:29 pm
  20. In order for the iPhone to send anything out, you’ll need to use the Keynote app which can execute PPT files. I have that connected to my AAXA M1 Ultimate and it works like a dream.

    Shane 9 May at 10:02 pm
  21. google drive can help with this you dont have to resize or format your screen just download from app store and sighn in and you can present you power point but cant edit only zoom..

    Cameron 27 Aug at 3:43 pm
  22. can present anything on iphone with google drive

    Cameron 27 Aug at 3:43 pm
  23. How canI project my PPD presentation from my iPhone to a large screen

    Anonymous 1 Aug at 12:16 am