Make your own mp3 ring tones – Phone ringing & Morse

We were a little surprised to read on Wally World make-your-own-ringtone a report on how to make a ring tone from some of our PowerPoint sound clips.

It seemed like a pretty good idea to us and so we have modified a couple of our sound clips to be made into ring tones.

British phone ringing

This was the sound that we were all brought up with. The sound of a GPO phone ringing in the hallway.

Download british phone ringing mp3

Morse code

morse keyYou don’t hear much about Morse code these days since other technologies have advanced further and faster. However, it is a very effective and simple means of communication.

Here is a blast of Morse code available as a ring tone.

Download morse code mp3

Does anyone know what it says.? We do – but we are not telling. Put your ideas in the comments field below.


Published On: 17th Aug 2007

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  1. Awesome. Just what I was looking for 🙂 Top job!

    Tom 12 Sep at 3:50 am
  2. Excellent – thanks

    Anwar 1 Aug at 1:56 pm