Dopamine Molecule PowerPoint Template

Dopamine Molecule PowerPoint Template

This free PowerPoint template is of a dopamine molecule. This is a molecule called a neurotransmitter, which is found both in the brain and in other places in the body, such as the gut. It is related to adrenaline and noradrenaline in structure. Dopamine is abbreviated to DA, and is made in the brain and kidneys.

Within this PowerPoint template, there are three different types of molecular representations. On the second slide is the skeletal formula. This type of diagrammatic representation does not show hydrogen atoms, and the carbon atoms are represented as lines, the corner or end point depicting the carbon atom. Additional groups are added to the carbon ‘skeleton’,  for example an oxygen and hydrogen group, an alcohol group, is shown as OH.

On slide 3 is the ball and stick model of the molecule. The atoms of the molecule are shown as balls, and the bonds between them are the sticks.

Finally, there is the displayed structure of the molecule, showing all of the atoms and bonds connecting them.

This free PowerPoint would be extremely useful for biology and chemistry presentations as well as for biochemistry, neuroscience, pharmacology and medicine presentations. It could be used for presentations on depression, Parkinson’s Disease, Schizophrenia, ADHD, as well as drug addiction and psychosis.

If you have enjoyed this template and are downloading it for your presentation, please let us know the title of your presentation in the comments box below.

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Published On: 17th Dec 2017

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