Christmas Tree Template

Christmas Tree Template

This template features a designer Christmas tree.

It would make a great end-of-year Christmas presentation. It would also make a nice Christmas card to send to your corporate and business clients.

Christmas Tree Template inside page
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Published On: 17th Dec 2017

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  1. Candy Wreaths

    You create it, I make it!!

    Different prices, sizes, and different candy.

    Kiesha 4 Nov at 2:17 am
  2. […] a local printer to print them on some nice card paper. You may also be interested in the matching Christmas tree template. Download as Power Point (PPT) file Inbuilt slidesDownload as Power Point (PPT) file 7 November […]

    Corporate style christmas card 8 Nov at 12:58 pm
  3. Nice xmas tree 🙂

    Florarie 5 Dec at 11:44 pm
  4. Happy New Year

    Anonymous 14 Dec at 1:53 pm
  5. …seems really grool – meaning great and cool…

    Marc Anthonny 6 May at 3:11 pm
  6. nice

    maddie 11 Dec at 4:46 am
  7. cool!~

    Jean 26 Feb at 1:34 pm
  8. I would need it for internat catalogue presentation for my coleagues.

    Prestige Products 14 Jul at 2:26 pm
  9. The best free graphics I have ever found/used

    Jennine 11 Aug at 4:07 pm
  10. i love it 🙂

    Freya 22 Nov at 10:35 am
  11. I’m creating a picture slide show for my students 🙂

    lisa 1 Dec at 12:16 am
  12. Nice!!!!

    Anonymous 1 Dec at 5:40 pm
  13. This is very beautiful, thank you! I’m hoping to use this is one of my dad’s sermons.

    Luke D 8 Dec at 12:14 pm
  14. *in one

    And I guess I better not do the proofreading. 🙁

    Luke D 8 Dec at 12:17 pm
  15. I am having a presentation two days before Christmas. We don’t reaally celebrate Christmas in Taiwan but to give the whole class a surprise, I thought of using a Christmas PPT.
    It’s a brillant design and thank you all to share this beautiful season with us!

    Allison 19 Dec at 11:03 am
  16. Cool

    Tee 24 Dec at 12:16 am
  17. as a X”mas wish to friends. Thank you

    Maria 25 Dec at 11:21 am
  18. Thank you so much! It’s wonderful and it will help me to do a College work. Kisses.

    Iracema Improta 3 Aug at 2:58 am
  19. Great thanks used for family menu .

    cat 11 Oct at 6:43 pm
  20. Cute!

    DADA 10 Nov at 8:31 am
  21. the designs are very beautiful..they are all beautiful for christmas……

    justine refuerzo 6 Dec at 8:36 am
  22. Love it!

    Pat 7 Dec at 4:02 pm
  23. cool

    eldzardino 8 Dec at 1:58 pm
  24. Very nice card: nice use of the cables and color. I will en email address to some of our customers – Maria – Brussels

    Maria 15 Dec at 2:50 pm
  25. the best

    Anonymous 8 Dec at 1:48 pm
  26. i like it

    Sam 9 Dec at 4:31 am
  27. Nice one. This one helped for my presentation..

    Russelle 13 Dec at 6:22 am
  28. feliz navidad para todos
    y que pasen una feliz
    noche buena.

    Hiram Flores 25 Dec at 12:56 am
  29. Love it !

    Emily 21 Dec at 8:19 am