Kids’ Building Bricks PowerPoint Template

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Kids’ Building Bricks PowerPoint Template

Here is a nifty simple template of a set of Lego or Megablock style of kids’ building bricks.

Jonathan created the template in an open source 3d package called Blender. Very powerful it is too.

Kids’ Building Bricks PowerPoint Template inside page
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30 December 2008    Template number 00265

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Comments on: Kids’ Building Bricks PowerPoint Template

Love these slides – using them for my final year presentation on school science workshops. Thanks!

Posted by Heather — 9 Jan @ 4:22 pm


Posted by khai — 14 Jan @ 3:04 pm

I will be using this template in my final project for a college class I am taking.

Posted by Pat — 17 Jan @ 6:19 am


Posted by Dys — 17 Jan @ 8:55 pm

I will be using this at my school to represent the building blocks of education/community/school and how we all contribute and are invited to play. I will leave small bags of legos on their places when they walk in. This presentation will be geared toward teachers. – Thank you! =)

Posted by Tim — 18 Jan @ 2:27 pm

I think this slide is great. I do wish however, it was formatted for keynote as well.

Posted by K — 26 Jan @ 7:21 pm

Great slides. I wish I knew about this site before!

Posted by Jen — 1 Feb @ 1:53 am

I will be using this powerpoint for a workshop I’m doing in my classroom on the power of play in early childhood.

Posted by Sarah — 4 Mar @ 2:55 am

my daughter would be delighted to use this template for her school project. thank you.

Posted by marilet cat — 23 Mar @ 7:32 pm

so nice so cute.thaks

Posted by jang — 4 May @ 3:51 pm

Thank you for this!! I will be using it to give a presentation to 200 new paretns about mathematics and numeracy

Posted by Megan — 5 May @ 9:55 pm

thanks i will be giving teachers workshop..

Posted by cecille queniahan — 31 May @ 12:43 pm

nice and cute

Posted by hannah — 5 Jun @ 3:50 pm

use with students learning PP

Posted by cheryl — 10 Jun @ 4:24 pm

thanks… i’ll be using it for our plans and target presentation

Posted by sho — 8 Aug @ 10:17 am

it’s so beautiful.

Posted by Lilian — 10 Sep @ 11:34 pm

I am happy that I was able to use your template for free. Thank you for making my day go by in a breeze. The template was helpful when making a presentation for one of my early childhood class.

Posted by Jessica — 30 Sep @ 9:57 pm

I will be using this as a final project in Child Day Care Center. Thanks! This is perfect.

Posted by Elvy — 10 Oct @ 4:22 am

use with my education

Posted by choa — 23 Jan @ 7:09 pm

I will be using this for a presentation for a project on medication vs behavior modification in the classroom. Thank you for making them available, easy, and free!

Posted by Kara — 19 Mar @ 6:35 pm

Thanks a lot! Really inspiring template! I will use it for a presentation on learning goals and strategies for language teaching.

Posted by Victor Lugo — 19 Mar @ 10:35 pm


Posted by sam — 26 Mar @ 9:55 am

Thank you! Perfect for my little brother. Thanks for making this available.

Posted by Dawnell — 3 Apr @ 11:15 am

I will be using this for my Child Development College Class homework assignment.

Posted by Mary A — 29 May @ 4:14 am

I hope to use it for an English Lesson on building sentences. Thankyou!

Posted by Cherry Burke Ojha — 26 Jun @ 4:43 am

Perfect to use in ECE PD workshops!
Thanks for your creative templates – for free even!

Keep up your good work!

Posted by cheryluy — 4 Sep @ 6:49 am

So cute!
Thank you^^

Posted by Lee — 13 Oct @ 10:49 am

thanks…really helpful.

Posted by joan — 20 Oct @ 7:18 am

Thanks for your creative templates,

arigatou ^^

Posted by Alvida — 25 Oct @ 4:03 am


Posted by Anonymous — 22 Dec @ 6:18 pm

thank you so cute

Posted by sup — 5 Jan @ 4:13 pm

Will use it at an early childhood conference

Posted by Lis — 15 Feb @ 6:23 pm

i will be using it for school presentation. appreciate the gorgeous template that your have created. million thanks. :)

Posted by lala — 3 Mar @ 5:10 am

thank u I am looking for this kind of stylish PPT Templet.

Posted by park — 16 Mar @ 7:13 am

So beautiful. Many thx

Posted by Scarlett — 23 Mar @ 2:55 am

Thanks, this will be great for my portfolio ppt required to complete my education degree.

Posted by Margie — 1 Aug @ 12:36 am

Using this for a college presentation.

Posted by Venket Raghavan — 16 Nov @ 12:31 am

h! gd mwning muxtah ka

Posted by antonieta — 3 Dec @ 2:39 am

Muchas gracias por compartir esta plantilla.
Ideal para los niños.

Posted by David — 8 Feb @ 2:16 pm

That’s great!!!Using this for a college presentation.

Posted by brian — 19 Apr @ 7:28 am

I´m from México, I think this is the perfect template for the presentation of my proffesional exam.. it is about of how the kids build their knowledges… Thanks a lot (:

Posted by mariana — 12 Jun @ 5:31 pm

Thanks for the template. I will be using this template with my French classes. We will be using French to tell partners how to build a lego design.

Posted by Helen — 15 Nov @ 8:54 pm

I’m from India. I am 9 years old. I had to make a power point presentation on a math subject and I think that this is the perfect template for it. So thanks a lot(:,(:

Posted by shirene — 9 Nov @ 12:33 pm

We will be using these slides for a sermon series to introduce a new ministry program to our church called “Builder’s Network”. “Encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Thank you for sharing your work.

Posted by Cheryl — 17 May @ 7:08 pm

Just what I was looking for. Mahalo for sharing!

Posted by Shelly — 19 Jun @ 2:12 pm

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