Free Old Book Template

Free Old Book Template

It’s amazing what you can achieve with a scanner and a copy of Photoshop. This template is based on an old book that I bought at my local charity shop. It contains an example of a scorecard that works very well.

Would work well to show older contents, such as a family history or for a history assignment. This powerpoint template is free for use for your business and personal presentations.

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Published On: 11th Mar 2008

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  1. this template is very interesting. Because this is suppose to be an old book, I would expect papers in the old book a little bit dirty, or with some cuts..

    Mirka 12 Mar at 3:24 pm
  2. GREAT it was really helpful for medieval projects

    NODYAH 7 Apr at 8:18 am
  3. Wonderful background, I have been looking all over for a good background with a book. Thank You!

    Shannon 7 Apr at 7:49 pm
  4. THanks it’s just what I want ~

    Sang-Won 10 Apr at 2:53 pm

    stella 27 Apr at 6:44 pm
  6. thanks so much. I love this style.

    hyeon 17 May at 1:34 am
  7. Thank you very much!

    It will be helpful!

    Sim 14 Nov at 2:52 pm
  8. Love them, merci

    Celine 13 Dec at 5:00 pm
  9. Thanks a lot 🙂

    P 30 Dec at 2:41 am
  10. this is perfect for a project that i’m doing on a philosopher!! my only question is, how do you save it when it’s in a ppt file on the comp. brouser?

    Cissy 7 Jan at 12:32 am
  11. just kidding, i figured it out.

    Cissy 7 Jan at 12:33 am
  12. thanks a lot, it is perfect.

    WT 21 May at 10:27 am
  13. Thank you.

    Allie 30 May at 5:22 pm
  14. Very nice, specially if you employ classic style fonts…I’m going to use this for my technical presentation…muchas gracias!

    Carol 10 Nov at 11:05 am

    ALICE 6 Feb at 8:43 pm
  16. thanks, I’m using this for a research presentation

    chaucer_girl 16 Feb at 5:42 pm
  17. Brilliant for a school assembly Thanks

    wilsherr 14 May at 6:40 pm
  18. nice,
    i’ll use it for tomorrow’s presentation

    blackpearl 16 Sep at 12:16 pm
  19. Hemmmmm Thanks so much…

    Fadhliasus 25 Dec at 2:39 am
  20. This was really helpful in my history and geography of nuevo leon class thanks i love this site

    Anonymous 15 Mar at 11:05 pm
  21. Classic template. Thanks 🙂

    Scarlett 23 Mar at 2:56 am
  22. I like the choices,but i think it needs more options. I am going to use it for a project!

    Tanya 24 Oct at 3:57 pm
  23. Best site ever!!!!!

    Dylan 29 Oct at 8:50 pm
  24. I love it so so so so so so so much

    Lewis 29 Oct at 8:53 pm
  25. awesome

    Anonymous 7 May at 2:27 pm
  26. it’s amazing!!!! pray good speech for my old sister!!

    Anonymous 17 Nov at 2:31 pm
  27. Thanks for the template. It’s what I need I have been searching for these.

    Sue 21 May at 9:39 pm
  28. Thank you so much !!!!

    Miss Grateful :) 26 May at 4:10 pm