Face Outlines Template

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Face Outlines Template

Sometimes you are looking for an outline rather than a filled black image so we have designed this template showing face outlines.

This could be used to cut out and  colour in or they would also make a good teaching aid to learn the different facial components.

They would be ideal to use on a forum or social networking site where you are reluctant to upload an image of yourself.

Face Outlines Template inside page
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23 June 2010    Template number 00500

Filed under Medical PowerPoint Templates , , ,

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Comments on: Face Outlines Template

I am thinking this is exactly what I was looking for! I will use the images to create classroom lessons for teaching middle school science students genetics. Students will use Punnett squares to determine traits, then put the traits together to see the results. Thanks for the great clip art!!! It will hopefully benefit 600 kids this year and many more to come!

Posted by Donna — 5 Mar @ 5:01 am

Thank you for designer

Posted by lee — 8 Dec @ 1:45 am

I would like to use the face templates as a background for printing on top of for my class of hairdressing students.


Posted by gail cooke — 21 Nov @ 4:15 pm

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