Fingerprint Clip Art

Fingerprint Clip Art

Here is a free template containing a number of different fingerprint clip art images.

These could be used for a presentation about detectives, fingerprints, forensics, identification, the uniqueness of the human body or skin.

Fingerprint Clip Art inside page
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Published On: 25th Jun 2010

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  1. I have authored a book ‘ a useful guide to personal branding’.
    The cover is a multi coloured thumb print and it looks great. Your finger print with the key hole on it takes this one step further, its really good, and I will add it to my slides for my next talk. Thank you so much. Carole Railton – London

    Anonymous 31 Oct at 2:41 pm
  2. I was looking for footprints and fingerprints. This template is just perfect! You guys are great artists!!

    Bruna 4 Nov at 8:52 pm