Cannabis Leaf PowerPoint Template

Cannabis Leaf PowerPoint Template

This unusual template shows a shiny cannabis plant with its distinctive leaves.

Cannabis is an annual dioecious flowering herb which has long been used for fibre (hemp), seed and seed oils, medicinal purposes and as a recreational drug (which is illegal in all parts of the world).  Cannabis, also known as marijuana among many other names, refers to any number of preparations of the Cannabis plant intended for use as a psychoactive drug.

This could be used for presentations on medicine, plants, science, green, drug use and growing.  Here is a link to out Cannabis Smoke template.

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Published On: 16th May 2010

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  1. I have tried many times to download the cannabis leaf template with no success. I keep getting a corrupted file message. I would very much like to use it on my new website. Thanks Pappy

    Pappy 8 Aug at 2:01 am
  2. I have tried downloading the template and everything seems to be working fine. Have you clicked “save as” and then opening the file?

    rboynton 10 Aug at 10:31 am
  3. Using this for a college persuasion speech presentation on the legalization of marijuana. Looks awesome! Love it! Thanks for having it available for free!

    April 1 Nov at 3:30 pm
  4. Going to use it for a research presentation on the legalization of marijuana. Thanks!

    M Ford 3 Oct at 2:01 am
  5. Hey I would really like to use this for my Botany presentation. It won’t open for me

    Gigi 6 Nov at 4:19 am
  6. I want to show my thanks for supplying me with the needed power-point presentation for my Criminal Justice class by allowing your friends to advertise anything they might have for sale on my site. All they have to do is register and send me a message through the contact section to let me know they have used your website by putting the word presentation magazine in the message. I will give them up to 20 credits to post on my site. Again, thank you for this site.

    J Adams 19 Nov at 5:01 pm
  7. I used your great power point template for a drugs and society presentation I had to do on marijuana – thank you.

    Krista Lee 13 Apr at 9:49 pm
  8. I am using this for a presentation on the History of Hemp, it looks like a great theme, thanks!

    Reba 15 Apr at 5:02 am
  9. I am using this on a college presentation on the questionable legal status of the plant.

    B. Crocker 30 Apr at 8:10 pm
  10. Using it as a background to a talk on cannabis hyperemesis syndrome – thanks very much for the great template, worked perfectly and I am normally not very good with computers!

    Anonymous 27 May at 1:14 pm
  11. Using your template for a Medical Marijuana presentation in my Community Nursing Class, Thanks!

    Laura 23 Sep at 5:36 pm
  12. This looks great! I’m using it for a college presentation on propaganda and the legalization of marijuana. I will cite your site in the powerpoint for sure. Im sure my classmates will find this of very much help!

    Caitlyn 19 Oct at 2:22 am
  13. I used the template for a presentation examining the usefulness of motivational interviewing in treating cannabis dependency.

    Allison 9 Nov at 9:05 pm
  14. I am new to Powerpoint so maybe it is me, but why can’t I find or use your other inbuilt slides like “Process Flow”, “Bullet Point Slide 1 & 2” & “Color Scheme” etc ?

    I uploaded this theme into Powerpoint & it is now the default theme for my presentation, but under “New Slides” I can only find/see the Title Slide showing the big leaf & the regular slide showing the leafs edge.

    I can’t seem to see any of the other slides?

    Also, where is the little leaf image that you used on the “Process Flow” page? I can’t seem to find that either & really want to incorporate it into my presentation.

    Thank you & I will check back here often for a reply to this!

    Johnny 21 Nov at 8:25 am
  15. i used it for a sustainable building with hemp project. thanks

    young alan 3 Dec at 7:12 pm
  16. Using your template for a presentation on Marijuana and its effects on Stress.

    Monina 21 Apr at 4:21 am
  17. I downloaded the template and I will be using this to do a presentation on substance abuse for my psychology class. Thank you so much for this it is awesome…

    Ophelia Dixon 7 Aug at 12:02 am
  18. Master’s of Social Work class presentation–


    debra 18 Oct at 9:26 pm
  19. I am preparing a power point presentation for my research paper on medical marijuana and this template is perfect!! Thank you

    Tamika 25 Aug at 9:38 pm
  20. Perfect for my presentation to other doctors on toxicological presentations and illicit drugs in the Emergency Department!

    Sinead 28 Dec at 10:12 am
  21. Perfect for my masters presentation on cannabis use and media preferences!

    Martijn 23 Nov at 12:23 pm
  22. Beautiful template! Perfect for my cannabis presentation and adapt!

    Sam 8 Apr at 1:32 am
  23. When I try to import this them into google slides it cuts off 1/4 of the theme from the right side of the slide. Do you know why?

    sue 4 Dec at 4:33 pm
  24. Excellent template. Thank you for creating and sharing.

    Stefanie 9 May at 5:39 pm