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Best ManPushed for time and need to put together your best man speech?

Don’t worry here is an example that Ryan has written for you. All you need to do is to fill in the blanks.

When Tom asked me to be his best man, at first I was over the moon, firstly that he was going to marry the woman that he loves, and secondly that he had asked me to be his best man. Then a few pints later, it dawned on me. The speech. Choking on my beer at the realisation that I would have to stand up and talk in front of his family and closest friends, I started shaking and told him that I didn't think that I could do it. Then he reassured me, he said, "all you have got to do is stand up, look a little idiotic, tell a few jokes and be confident." Taking this on board, here I am.

Firstly a few thank-yous I have been asked to make. Firstly, to all who have helped in the service, and this lovely party. Whether you have brought food, or helped decorate this place, or just come to support the happy couple, thank you. Secondly to the bridesmaids, you have done a magnificent job helping the bride today, and you all look amazing, so a big thanks to you too. Finally Tom would like me to thank his beautiful new wife for turning up today. I saw him this morning when he was worrying, and it wasn't a pretty sight. He has asked me to tell you how happy you have made him by becoming his wife, something that I am sure he will go into in more detail in his speech, but still, thank you.

Now, I have known Tom for X amount of years now. I know all his little habits and how annoying he can become after a few pints, just a little warning to you all there! But Tom has helped me through some hard times over the duration of our friendship. He has always been there and supported me, something that I am sure he will do for his beautiful new wife, Susan.

I have been asked to keep the story about Tom clean, and to try not to embarrass him too much. But there have been numerous times I have laughed until I cried at Tom. As some of you will know, he is always up for a laugh, and loves to live life to the max.

I remember when we were-( insert a funny event that really has happened to you and the groom).

Before Tom met Susan, he found it hard to talk to women. He could chat them up great, but when it came to more normal conversation, he found it harder. Until he met Susan that was. Susan has changed his life for the better. He has been happier, more energetic, easier to talk to and more responsible in the way he acts. These are just a few of the many ways Susan has had a positive effect on Tom. I am sure he knows many more that we don't know about!

Somebody once told me that Love can easily be affected by physical appearance.

I am sure that when Susan first saw Tom, there were no confusions. Tom told me that before Susan he didn't believe in love at first sight, but after meeting his now wife, that has all changed.

Finally, I would like to say another thank-you to everybody for coming and joining the newly married couple in their celebrations. And I am sure you will all agree they make a fantastic couple.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please all join me in a toast.

To the happy couple, long may their love last! Cheers!


30 July 2007

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Posted by How to write a Best Man’s Speech - Presentation Helper — 22 Aug @ 3:53 pm

Thank you. Wedding Thursday! asked to be best man at lunch time today. mind in turmoil-blood pressure down ten points now, cheeers.

Posted by Steve Mercer — 22 Sep @ 9:16 pm

what a life saver, wedding on sat, was panicing, cheers for the A1 help :)

Posted by E.Stewart — 11 Oct @ 11:00 pm

thats just what i needed to sort my speach out. thanks very much.. just got to remenber it all now ha

Posted by ant mcnally — 26 Oct @ 2:59 pm

Thanks heaps, was asked half a week before the wedding, now from not knowing on what to do – to not a stress in the world. Thank you

Posted by S.Smith — 14 Nov @ 10:56 am

you are tha best, the most beatiful lady i have ever met!

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Dec @ 9:35 am

thank lots what a life saver

Posted by Anonymous — 8 Dec @ 9:20 pm

got my dads wedding a week today, still a lot of work to do to get the speech finished but this has really helped me to get started.
Thank You!

Posted by Matt Weeks — 22 Dec @ 1:35 pm

I can’t wait to be best man! :-D Thanks a lot for the heads up!

Posted by Kalahari Sniper — 28 Dec @ 10:11 am

Great! It would be helpful to know what sort of time-length the speech is supposed to be. We all speak at different speeds….don’t want it to be too long, nor too short, I guess…also- may want to mention the bride’s parents, especially if they are footing the bar bill!!!!

Posted by anon — 8 Mar @ 8:53 pm

budget speech – write your own instead… if the groom is a true friend.. he’s worth a bit of effort!!

Posted by mrk — 6 Apr @ 7:37 pm

I offered to help my husband with his speech and found this website extremely helpful. Many thanks.

Posted by Dawn Mellors — 11 Jun @ 3:58 pm

thanks you helped bolt together a lot of notes & ideas into a speech.

Posted by Brian — 17 Jun @ 10:18 pm

very helpful,alot of ideas and the structure of speech-up munster

Posted by dave — 25 Jun @ 10:29 pm

kife saver cheers

Posted by jk — 4 Jul @ 8:47 am

Thanks i had no clue what to say for my dads wedding… im only 16!

Posted by John Lindsay — 7 Jul @ 1:44 pm

Much appreciated, cheers mate!

Posted by P — 10 Jul @ 3:09 am

ive been asked to be best (wo)man for my best mate. so nervous about the speech but this has helped millions. thanks :)

Posted by Keira Finnegan — 14 Jul @ 1:31 am

That speech is absolutely rubbish, where’s the humour….that’s what a speech is meant to be all about, 2 out of 10

Posted by AM — 23 Jul @ 10:28 am

Extremely helpful many thanks.

Posted by Chris Wheeler — 26 Jul @ 7:32 pm

What i especially found helpfull was that the Groom i am the best man for is also called Tom!! Thanks

Posted by Michael Roberts — 28 Jul @ 12:42 pm

being best man for brother, leaving the speech till last moment wasnt a good idea. however your example was great cheers, all i need to do is fill in some funnies.

Posted by jim — 9 Aug @ 4:29 pm

Would have been really helpful, but once I’d edited out all the cheese, I’m back where I started – sorry.

Posted by John — 18 Aug @ 10:48 pm

sucha great site…. really helped me!! lifesaver!! wedding on friday!!

Posted by Anonymous — 20 Aug @ 2:23 pm

what happens if the groom isn’t called tom. I’m starting to panick now

Posted by Bill — 22 Aug @ 4:07 pm

I’ve been dreading not writing a best man speach till the last minute, had idea’s in my head but didnt know how to put it down on paper thanks this was great. wedding tommorow

Posted by Ross Thomas-Davies — 2 Sep @ 2:56 pm

all i can say is thank,s,,your example helped a nervous man do a very good best man speech(so it was said)

Posted by carlton edwards — 3 Sep @ 8:50 pm

You have helped to structure something that was all a blur in my head!


Posted by Jordan — 10 Sep @ 8:18 pm

Wow! What a great example! I think the best way to nail a speech is to look at past examples and take what you like from them! Excellent speech!

Posted by Wedding Speech Examples — 2 Oct @ 11:14 pm

Ive been asked to make a speech on my bestfriend wedding Thanks for this lovely wedding speech samples,

Posted by Bobo — 14 Oct @ 10:45 am

Excellent site!,

Posted by Carley — 4 Nov @ 6:20 pm

useful info here.. thanks so much. one of my closest friens just asked me to be his best man… daunting!!!!

Posted by SH — 7 Nov @ 1:02 am

Wow!! It’s getting better and better. Keep it up man.,

Posted by Jo — 27 Nov @ 7:36 pm

thanks man! this is my first time being the best man..your tips helped me a lot.

Posted by ronald — 5 Dec @ 7:55 pm

what a rubbish speech, breaking one of the main rules, talking about how the groom got on with other women–strange

Posted by martin — 28 Dec @ 8:15 pm

luvly jubbly got me out of trouble

Posted by deano — 1 Jan @ 6:39 pm

your very good

Posted by Anonymous — 27 Feb @ 12:02 pm

Thankyou its nice seeing an example of what I should write, having thought about the key parts this has helped me organise where to say them.

Posted by adam — 16 Mar @ 11:55 am

is the best!!!!

Posted by chika — 10 Apr @ 12:44 pm

11.04.09 thankyou this is just what i needed a big help indeed…thanks again

Posted by Anonymous — 11 Apr @ 7:19 pm


Posted by Socorro Alicea — 25 Apr @ 2:24 pm

Life saver. Brilliant AA++++

Posted by Anonymous — 27 Apr @ 8:10 pm

Brides brother, and asked by groom to do a speech!

Posted by Tom! — 24 May @ 9:23 pm

Great help! Wedding not until August but I was shooting blanks. This gave me the inspiration in needed to write my own.. with a few stolen lines from you.

Posted by Hampus — 27 May @ 12:53 pm

Mate wedding on saturday cant think of nothing to say, you have saved my life nice 1.

Posted by marko — 9 Jun @ 8:32 pm

thanks alot my dads wedding friday and i am only 13 and i have been asked to be best man and this has realy helped me cheers ;)

Posted by dim — 24 Jun @ 3:49 am

I would a line or 2 praising the Bride, mentioning how the Groom has been the happiest he has ever been since she came into his life. I would end the speech with a proper toast rather than the “cheers” option, instead say something along the lines of; “Will everyone please be upstanding as we toast the Bride and Groom…may they live long, laugh often and love always”

Posted by Speech Success — 9 Jul @ 12:05 pm

Thank god!! bricking it!!

Posted by Jamie Macleod — 27 Jul @ 11:31 am

thanks for the help got my dads weddin nxt week nd this has given me a gd bace to start at with the speach so thx

Posted by Anonymous — 30 Jul @ 10:13 am

Wedding tomorow!!! you saved my life!!! thanks

Posted by Anonymous — 21 Aug @ 11:58 pm

Thank God! you save my life yeah!

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Sep @ 3:47 pm

the structure of this speech is okay but it is very boring and not at all funny, you should start by saying how gorgeous bride looks then bridesmaids, a little about the groom then a little about the bride put plenty of 1 liners in keep it funny, short and sincere when it needs to be and finish with a proper toast such as the one posted above by speech success! you cant go wrong

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Sep @ 5:54 pm

i have been as to be the best man for my mate and do not know waht to

Posted by michael — 9 Sep @ 11:16 pm

This is just what I needed cos I was asked to be my elder brothers best man in just 2weeks, trust me I hav no idea what a speech is cos am niether married or have attended a full wedding to hear what the best man speech looks, sounds weared.


Posted by john — 11 Oct @ 8:38 pm

Thanks i did not know what to say but i know now.

Posted by Pieter Vijloen — 16 Oct @ 11:37 am

thx a lot dude, you saved my day!!! ;)

Posted by leo — 20 Oct @ 12:47 am

best man is not the best name for that person. lets always call him toastman

Posted by Dan Mugweri — 10 Dec @ 3:08 pm

I think that was a fine speech that was made up here, because I’m going to be a best man for my dad’s first cousin!!!

Posted by Rick — 27 Apr @ 10:16 pm

It is THE worst speech I have ever had the misfortune to read! it is supposed to be funny.
If you used this, you were not the “best” man you were infact the only person that would accept the job for a billy no mates!

Posted by donkey — 17 May @ 10:23 am

Thank u a lot, it can even be applied in my next week wedding, just need to edit names.


Posted by Pius Ruaichi — 22 May @ 3:10 pm

THANK YOU! You have saved my life! p.s to donkey grow up and get a life!

Posted by mart — 23 May @ 9:45 am

I am amazed at how many people thought this was a good example of a Best Man’s speech! Have any of you ever been to a wedding?! If I used this for my friend’s wedding next week, he’d be mortified. Thankfully, there is a lot better advice out there if you look for it. Shame on Presentation Magazine for even posting this.

Posted by Sunni — 9 Jun @ 3:56 pm

Indeed not the best speech, but a useful starting point for being able to develop your own. Thanks

Posted by Rob — 14 Jul @ 8:36 am

Great! Tom is right, you should simply stand in front of the people and then talk to them in normal way, so that you will not tense. Being a best man is not easy task, but in your way, you should respect your friends request. And I know you can do it. I will share to you now the Do’s and Don’t in delivering best man speech:


1. Plan well in advance
2. When it comes to best man speeches, research is of paramount importance.
3. Make sure you mention the names of people who have made the day possible .


1. Do not get drunk
2. Do not reveal embarrassingly personal details about the bride and groom.
3. Do not talk just for the sake of talking.

Hope it helps..


Posted by Best Man Speeches — 17 Jul @ 2:34 am

rubbish.. where are the jokes?

Posted by Anonymous — 13 Aug @ 9:49 am

Cheers man life saver!

Posted by John — 7 Sep @ 10:38 pm

good speach:)

Posted by caitlin — 8 Sep @ 8:44 am

good speach ryan you rock

Posted by caitlin — 8 Sep @ 8:45 am

Well done Ryan, good speech I would perhaps add a prop to the speech to inject a little more humour into it. Otherwise good job, this best man speech will offend nobody and delight most.

Posted by Best Man Speeches App — 8 Sep @ 10:24 am

Thanks for the speach will surely be using it at my bestfriends wedding, taking place on 25 Sept 2010 in Kimberley, South Africa. Gr8 stuff you are a real lifesaver.

Posted by Dewald — 16 Sep @ 8:41 am

Useless – I think this is s dreadful excused for a speech.. Give me a break!

Posted by Anonymous — 27 Sep @ 3:35 pm

you saved my life bro! well done!

Posted by michael angelo — 24 Nov @ 9:37 am

[...] on the highlighted text to see some example Best Man [...]

Posted by The structure and etiquette of wedding speeches — 12 Jan @ 7:44 am

Great work…well done

Posted by mentorlog — 21 Jan @ 11:56 am

All bestman speeches vary per culture.Yet,it can follow this order

Thank the groom for the honor.
Thank the audience and the previous speakers.
Say how and where you met your friend and his influence on you.
Talk of his amazing accomplishment or skill and do tell how he is fitted for his wife
End with a toast and your audience will love you for that.

Posted by JeanDan — 6 Nov @ 10:40 pm

Indeed this is a beautiful site.your posting is superbly done. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Frank Latimore — 13 May @ 7:14 pm

tanks dear! it’s helping and appreciated. # my first time of being a best man to my brother #

Posted by Emmanuel Aidoo — 8 Nov @ 5:03 pm


Posted by Brampton — 7 Dec @ 10:58 am

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