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Writing a best man’s speech is easier than you may think. In this short ‘manual’, if you like, I will take you through all you need to write a great best man’s speech.

[If you are really pressed for time click on our “fill-in-the-blanks Best Man Speech Example”]

When I write a best man’s speech, I always picture a close friend with his partner. Obviously you will have these people in mind. The first thing I do is make a list of things that I need to include, these are

  • Dates – how long have they been together, how long have they known each other?
  • Background of his wife to be. Although your speech is not about her, you must give her a paragraph. In this paragraph you say what she is like and how she makes your friend feel.
  • What they want from life and their relationship.

These few points are essential. As funny as you make your speech you must add real events that have happened (the points above).

The next few points you need are down to you as the best man. You need to write down these points along with the ones above.

  • A funny story. An essential in a best man’s speech. But there are a few rules you must obey. Firstly, ex-girlfriends are not out of bounds but no gory details, if you know what I mean. If you can, avoid them. Try to make the story between 150 and 300 words. Any less than this, and the story will be too vague, any more and it runs the risk of being too long and dragging to the extent of boredom. Finally the story has to be real, if you make it up, the groom and those who know him will find out, which could lead to a tricky situation.
  • What is your friend like as a friend, as a partner to his wife to be, and as a man? For example is he a hard worker, romantic etc?
  • The final two things you need to write are these. What has he achieved in his life, in love with his wife to be? And in his working life, school to work? And secondly how do you want to see him in a year’s time? Kids, a promotion at work, things like that. Also add after these points that you haven’t forgot about his new wife, but that you know they will be together for a lot longer than a year.

After you have got all this information there is a set way that you must write it and say it. If you follow the guide-lined layout, inserting your information, your speech will be close to completion. After you have finished writing in your information, give it to a friend to read. Watch them read it. It is harder to laugh while reading funny material so if they laugh, you have cracked it. If they like it, you are finished. The layout is below for you to follow.

Good luck with your writing. I am sure you will do great.

  • Firstly thank the groom for his speech, and the father of the bride for his. Also thank all for attending.
  • Give up a toast for the pair of parents. And say thank you to them on behalf of the bride and groom.
  • The bride and groom as a couple. What they are like together, etc.
  • Tell the story of your friend, the funny one. Put real emotion into this to get the best laughs.
  • What he is like, and what he has achieved. Love and life.
  • The bride. What she is like and what impact she has made on his life.
  • The final toast. Just a quick mention to wish them all the best.

Written by the Presentation Helper speech writer – Ryan Marshall

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Published On: 30th Jul 2007

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  1. Very helpful thanks

    Ishi 5 Jul at 12:49 am
  2. this has been so helpful. its not a cut and paste one, which takes all the work out of it and theres plenty of room for your own work and emotions in it. its a great template and i’m so glad i found it

    Jay 9 Jul at 12:13 am
  3. Thank you for your tips and help. I’m nervous but with this help hope it makes it easier – all the way from Sydney Australia

    Mark C 10 Jul at 1:22 pm
  4. cheers for the help im so nervos over the wedding an after reading your website its set me on me way so now i can get drunk before my speech NOT LOL, nah but thanx a lot for the help , from liverpool uk

    big john 12 Jul at 6:59 pm
  5. From my own experience when I was asked to be a best man, I thought yes what an honour but then, oh no, the speech. Luckily I could write poetry, so I wrote a poem and also luckily I hit the jackpot, it went down a storm, it was perfect and I had accolades all night from lots of guests and photographers.

    The beauty of a personalised poem is the fact it is personal, you can read it, and given time to practice, it can be delivered in a meaningful way and last but not least, you don’t have to let on it wasn’t you who wrote it!! But the real beauty is it is a comfort to the best man in case of emergencies; panic attack, too much to drink, etc.

    ThePoet 15 Jul at 3:06 pm
  6. you saved my life, thank you!!!!

    shrek 27 Jul at 1:04 am
  7. thank you sooo much I’m not a big speakeer around a group of people but when I found out I was speaking in front of 300 people I bricked it! uve made it so much easier thou thanks =0)

    ADAM 23 Aug at 9:24 am
  8. thanks for your words of wisdom. as a young best man at my dads wedding its helped me to actually realise what to include in a speech! and is better than those websites which tell you what to write word for word as i can now easily make it personal, yet with a good structure. many thanks.

    Luke 7 Sep at 2:24 pm
  9. Yes very helpful never done this before gave me some useful tips and hints thanks….

    T.Crosbie 10 Sep at 2:42 am
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    big gaz 10 Sep at 8:28 pm
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    Lindt -SA 13 Sep at 10:17 pm
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    Will Vasquez 18 Sep at 9:07 pm
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    jason 30 Oct at 12:46 pm
  17. thanks for all the help. I ahve to write a best man’s speech in Japanese and as I didn’t even know how to do it in English I panicked, but thanks to this site I have a clearer idea of what to include. Greetings for Tokyo!

    AJ currently in Japan 5 Nov at 4:19 am
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    Jason 22 Nov at 2:37 am
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    Fred from Belgium 14 Dec at 6:22 pm
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    Anonymous 27 Dec at 7:28 pm
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    marlon 7 Jan at 7:37 pm
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    McGuffin 15 Jan at 6:30 pm
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    aisha lawrence 21 Jan at 2:11 pm
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    this is Rohini , i am working in Mnc That is Airtel Communocations ,

    And recently i am having Presentation in my company so please help me out to give a best presentation in first job career

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  26. I am pretty nervous…but thanks for the template. Best of luck to everyone.

    Martin 2 Feb at 3:41 pm
  27. thank you for the structure & good tips. you have gave me that added confidence with your honesty. hope it sticks. & good luck to all. stay away from the drink.

    jim 3 Feb at 6:39 pm
  28. Cheers Buddy. Just remember to visit the bog before the speeches.

    Neil 5 Feb at 1:21 am
  29. Great stuff. I’ve read a lot of stuff on the bast man’s speech and this has been the best, most to the point piece I’ve read. Thanks.


    Liam 7 Feb at 1:25 pm
  30. thanks very much for the help. succinct and just what you need. writing as a female (sister of the bride and not a lezzer) quite difficult to do best man speech, so simple instructions very welcome – good “bloke language”!

    nicola hamon 10 Feb at 8:25 pm
  31. Speech Tips for the Best Man

    You are expected to be funny, and perhaps even a little rude.
    But don’t get too carried away.
    There is nothing worse than a best man who lurches from one story of debauchery to another.
    And Grandma Margaret is unlikely to take great joy in the finer details of the stag-do in Amsterdam.
    The key is to allude to the dirty and debauched past without embarrassing either the groom, the bride or yourself.
    Remember that you are there to entertain the entire audience and not just your fellow stags.

    Which means:
    1. Try to reference each stage of his life
    2. Illustrate what a great effect his bride has had on him
    3. Thank him for being such a great friend and say some nice things about him too


    Talk slowly. If it takes 12 minutes, not nine, it doesn’t matter at all.
    Pause for effect. Your audience need time to digest the story before they get the punchline. So give them time to get it.
    Emphasise key words. Imagine you’re telling a story to a friend.
    Practise. However well written the speech, you don’t want to be ‘reading’ it. Know it well enough that your notes just become a safety net.
    Gesticulate. Body language is vital. Use your arms to emphasise a point.
    If you’re addressing someone, look at them. Try to make eye contact with your audience whenever you can.


    Be put off by a heckle. You can pre-prepare a couple of responses to a noisy member of the crowd.
    Give in to the shakes. Holding a shaky piece of paper will put you off before you get going. Paste your speech onto card. Or rest it somewhere you can see it. Find out if there’s a lectern.
    Get drunk beforehand. It may feel like the easy way to get through it, but it won’t seem so sensible afterwards.
    Just read it out. Great material is irrelevant if it’s delivered badly. You’ll be much more natural when you’re not reading straight from the page.

    Lawrence 27 Feb at 4:45 pm
  32. Thanks for the advice I dont know what people did before websites like this where around, I had no idea of how to present my speech or the order in which to do it very helpful cheers!

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    was very nervous about having to make a speech (the bride is my sister, and i’m going to be the grooms best man- so obviously i know more about the bride than the groom), thankfully this template has really helped!

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    In most speeches the parents are not specifically thanked in a toast and I feel they should due to the awesome amount of effort they will have made to make the day possible.

    Wedding Speech 22 Aug at 5:55 pm
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    Tip to anyone… don’t stress about the speech, it’s not about you. Get stuck into early so you’ve got plenty of time & don’t forget to say lots of nice stuff!
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