Valentine 1 Template

Valentine 1 Template

Valentine 1 Template – soft hearts on a pink cushion like background. Complete with bullet points in the shape of hearts.

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Published On: 15th Sep 2006

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  1. I think you guys are amazing….thank you for constantly updating this space…

    Romila 20 Feb at 5:51 am
  2. I loved this website, congratulations for all !!!

    Teacher Brazil 5 Apr at 2:30 am
  3. Very cute, Thanks a lot

    RP 30 Jul at 4:18 am
  4. thank you the free templates. I love and appreciate this website. Again thanks a lot, you make the birthday of my baby complete

    kia 20 Sep at 1:59 pm
  5. Thanks for all the templates!! Whether I talk about the business ppt or the valentine ppts all r just fab!! Thanks once again!!

    Richa 17 Dec at 6:57 am
  6. you juz save my day xD

    I have this plan for a power point slide show for my bf, and was thinking if only there are more interesting templates instead of the defaults ones in power point.

    and tata~ i found this website.

    the template is juz what i am looking for, well for valenrtines day slide show.

    so thanks! i’ll be back to explore this website

    good job guys!

    Emer 13 Feb at 10:46 am
  7. I am going to use these for the Valentine Party we are having at our Church. Thank you so much for allowing us to use them.

    outreach leader 9 Feb at 10:03 pm
  8. I was looking for something to use at church on valentine’s day. This is really cute.

    Barbie 12 Feb at 10:52 pm
  9. amazing!thank you so much! 🙂

    pranay 9 Mar at 5:28 am
  10. Thank you very much for such a beautiful templates.. Please share more with different pattern.

    ravi 12 Feb at 11:44 am
  11. really cool templates to use for free thank you so much 🙂

    christine 4 Feb at 7:27 am
  12. why can’t it open? 🙁 i like all of them but they do not open once download is complete

    Cessy 2 Sep at 2:25 am
  13. so happy that I was able to find this site.

    Anonymous 3 Apr at 7:13 pm
  14. so happy that I found this site

    rose 3 Apr at 7:14 pm
  15. @Cessy – try saving it to your drive first then open it from there.

    rose 3 Apr at 7:15 pm