Two Techniques That Make It Easy to Present to a Large Audience

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The only thing that scares more people than delivering a speech or giving a presentation is doing it to a large audience.

More people in the audience is actually something that can make your life easier as a presenter, not harder.

Once you understand that, you’ll start to see a big audience as nothing more than a big opportunity.

Size Matters

Dealing with a big crowd isn’t as intimidating as you might think. You don’t have to talk louder–they have microphones to handle that. You don’t have to move around more. And you don’t have to work harder. You have to work smarter.

The Key to a Big Crowd

You actually have to do less.

There are two techniques that can help you look and feel more in control in front of a large audience.

The first technique involves understanding how a large crowd acts and moves; the second is understanding how you need to act and move.

Once you understand those two things, you may, like me, find a large audience the easiest kind to present to.

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Published On: 22nd Sep 2017

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