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Small business grants in Scotland

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Small business grants in Scotland

As you might expect, there a number of grants available in Scotland to help you develop your new business.

The government is particularly keen to develop small business which it sees as a growth engine of the economy as well as to attract business into Scotland.

While these grants won’t cover your start-up costs – they can provide a very useful access to some support and to lines of credit.

More details of these grants can be found on the Scottish Executive website

If you live in an assisted area you may be eligible for a Regional Selective Assistance Grant. Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) is the main grant scheme aimed at encouraging investment and job creation for businesses of all sizes in designated areas of Scotland.

More details can be found on the RSA website at


The UK Goverment website has a new portal for looking for business grants called “Finance and support for your business”

This includes:

  • grants
  • finance and loans
  • business support eg mentoring, consultancy
  • funding for small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups

Visit the Business finance support finder

A word of caution

Many a business person will tell you that there is not a pot of money out there waiting to be claimed. It is very easy to pour hours into the search for grants, only to get nothing. You may be better off growing your business through the normal channels.

We would be very interested to hear of your experiences.


Published On: 23rd Dec 2010

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