Search Engine Template

Search Engine Template

This great template shows a design of an Internet search engine.

It is completely editable, from the website address to adding your own text in the search box, and it could be used on its own as a template or as a content slide within your own PowerPoint presentation.

This template could be used for website presentations showing how a business sees their website being found, e.g. on certain search terms.  It could also be used by school pupils to show how the Internet works or what research they have done for a project, and it makes a great background for design work.

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Published On: 1st Aug 2011

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  1. So coooool!

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  5. I’m gonna use this for my training program on search advertising ! 🙂
    Nice work guys! – Thanks a ton

    Yash 25 Sep at 3:15 pm
  6. Perfect.

    Ash 12 Jul at 4:22 pm
  7. So cute

    Nice 10 Sep at 5:18 am
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