Romantic Flowers PowerPoint Template

Romantic Flowers PowerPoint Template

This is such a beautiful picture of a variegated tulip. The colours are fantastic. It was taken by my friend Andy in his garden in Pangbourne with the camera set to macro mode.

It would work well as a wedding or Valentine’s template.

Romantic Flowers PowerPoint Template inside page
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Published On: 25th Sep 2006

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  1. it’s cute….!!

    yanti 11 Apr at 6:18 am
  2. OMG i like luv this powerpoint layout it is soooooo awsome!!!!

    Emily 16 May at 6:27 pm
  3. It’s so romantic……I like it!

    ediana 19 May at 5:46 am
  4. Looked a little washed out when presented with a projector but all and all very beautiful.

    KC 1 Jun at 3:31 am
  5. its so cute let me try with my chamu darling…

    Manikandan 9 Jun at 4:49 pm
  6. its sweet

    sir 24 Jul at 6:41 am
  7. Its so romantic let me try with my dear Hubi..

    Soni_Abhi 24 Jul at 1:30 pm
  8. hi very nice

    sakthi 23 Aug at 6:56 am
  9. very nice

    nhei 1 Sep at 5:22 am
  10. It’s very beautiful I liked this presentation. It’s great
    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!

    Nitesh Gupta 12 Oct at 12:39 pm
  11. This is very gorgeous!!

    M. Wade 27 Nov at 11:46 am
  12. love the rose

    Anonymous 1 Dec at 9:02 pm
  13. l love flowers and l surely love it!

    clara 14 Dec at 7:05 pm
  14. hi its for my niece’s wedding e-card. nice..

    me 25 Dec at 6:28 pm
  15. This is nice. We will use for our wedding.

    Shobana Vasanth 26 Dec at 9:58 am
  16. Used this for a church presentation and it looked wonderful. Thank you very much.

    KimberlyC 17 Jan at 7:55 am
  17. I really love this beautiful template:)

    Thank you!

    Pamela 25 Jan at 2:40 am
  18. I am a floristry teacher and will use it to inspire my students !

    Angela Y-C 28 Jan at 7:52 pm
  19. Very romantic! Makes a great flyer for Valentines Day!

    I. York 29 Jan at 3:29 am
  20. Thank you for the use of this template hope to use it with a wedding presentation I am going to be doing with couples who are getting married. I like it because it is quite striking and beautiful and especially will appeal to women I work with

    denise 29 Jan at 2:56 pm
  21. luv it awsome . it’s inspired me a lot

    winnie 3 Mar at 10:01 am
  22. Its a lovely template

    Archana 23 Mar at 6:31 am
  23. I love it, its beautiful, I’m definitely using it for my wedding invitations.

    Sumaiyah 31 Mar at 11:39 am
  24. love the color, awesome

    natty 6 May at 1:19 am
  25. this flowers touch the heart they are marvelous

    misbah 16 May at 10:07 am
  26. i feel in with this flowers because of the beauty in them. i like them

    justus k k 15 Aug at 10:32 am
  27. i love it

    Anonymous 24 Sep at 8:06 pm
  28. beautiful flowers

    aj batista 3 Oct at 2:29 am
  29. Beautiful picture gonna use it in a school powerpoint presentation.

    EL 14 Oct at 7:11 pm
  30. >>its n!ce

    alyza 15 Oct at 12:22 pm
  31. nice colour, isn’t it?

    mag 6 Nov at 4:49 am
  32. Thanks, this is very nice for my presentation. Will certainly acknowledge the author of this templates.

    Lumen 25 Jan at 2:59 pm
  33. it’s really cute, I can’t believe it…, it so amazing!!!

    flora the florist 10 Mar at 2:16 am
  34. Wonderful. Thank you.

    Dr Ambereen 27 Mar at 4:08 pm
  35. nice

    Anonymous 6 May at 5:04 am
  36. the presentation is wonderful and romantic i really sent it to my boyfriend.
    Thanks alot for your idea.

    Anonymous 14 May at 9:04 am
  37. Card for my wife

    Anonymous 7 Jun at 7:44 pm
  38. same like u all..i love it….so sweett

    Anonymous 29 Aug at 3:06 pm
  39. It’s a amazing color and very cute. i luv it

    Anonymous 30 Nov at 3:19 am
  40. thanks for this beautiful presentation. very romantic! i loved the colour!

    johnmengry 23 Dec at 4:54 am
  41. very beautiful.

    Anonymous 19 Jan at 1:49 am
  42. lindo!!!

    gleizze 25 Jan at 12:45 pm
  43. very beautiful

    kavitha 7 May at 5:11 pm
  44. Use PPT to make a bride and bridegroom photos, pictures respectively began from themselves as a child, and then know each other, got married, match on emotional words, formed a dynamic “growth history”.

    ppt to video 8 Nov at 7:16 am
  45. Its nice. I can’t wait to use it

    winning steve 29 Apr at 6:30 pm