Presentation Secrets – The Power of Three

We asked businessman Gary Muddyman to share what he considered to be one of his top ‘Presentation Secrets’.

Gary Muddyman is the CEO and Managing Director of a translation and localisation agency called Conversis, which he started in 2003 with the idea of advancing the understanding and use of translation and localisation as a strategic business tool.

Gary has really made a splash in the industry and is a much sought-after speaker. He has spoken at global conferences and events in Florida, London, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Before starting Conversis, Gary worked at HSBC for 16 years. He currently runs Conversis and invests in other businesses.

Gary Muddyman

Gary Muddyman

He was trained in presentation skills by the great Dr Max Atkinson, whom he credits for the following advice:

“Remember the ‘power of three’.”

“Always deliver your key points in a series of three. That way, they are more likely to be remembered.”

“Research shows that people are used to hearing in certain speech rhythms, and that they remember things in series of three.”

“So whatever point you have to make, develop your final message into a series of three – no more, no less – and your audience will be repeating it ad nauseam!”

Here are the other pages on the site that give examples of the Rule of Three.


Published On: 19th Jul 2010

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