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persuasive topic needed!!!

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persuasive topic needed!!!

persuasive topic needed!!!

well i am in need of a persuasive topic. somthing unlikely.. i have searched and keep comming up with the same ol. cloning, smoking, eat right, etc

help needed for sales presentation

Dear sir,
I have a sales presentation after 2 days which is at large company.
If I simply go talk about my product then it will be like I am going to sell my product How they will feel in the presentation that I am not here for me but for them. Can you help me ..?

How about this?

Start talking not just about your product, but around the customer’s problems. You could phone them up in advance and ask them to describe some of their problems. It may take a little probing.

If you are unable to do this you could always use the generic – “here are some of the problems that we see apply to other of our customers – do any of them apply to you?”

You can then go through your products in the problem -solution – benefit method. This should make the presentation more relevant.

Just pick your top three problems that you can solve. Also remember to use pictures, samples, or visual aidsto make it more memorable.

Good luck

Persuasive topic

I need a persuasive topic for my speech comining up help help.

We have now added some persuasive speech topics onto the main Presentation Magazine Site…eech_topic.htm

persuasive speech

How about persuading someone to be a mentor. Everyone wins!

you could discuss Ritalin and ADD



Originally Posted by Guest

well i am in need of a persuasive topic. somthing unlikely.. i have searched and keep comming up with the same ol. cloning, smoking, eat right, etc

What about the way we could use math in our everyday lives or how illegal aliens should seek to become legal citizens of the U.S. or about the harmful effects of Euthanasia if it were totally legal

Its always about your viewers

First thing you have to ask yourself is “how would YOU feel if your a customer listening to your own speech.” You should always look at situations from both perspectives. While your giving the speech about your product, ask a question that a customer would ask, and then answer it. Doing that gives your customers a feeling that their not being slandered.

Actually, Euthanasia is legal, just in select areas of the world. I did a speech in my Junior year of High School on the pros and cons for both Euthanasia and Dr. Death. And now that I think about this, I will probably use this for my own upcoming persusasive speech that I have to give next week. If you want to do this particular topic, I can provide a ton of information, and I would be more than happy to help.

You need to remember that you are trying to get the audience to take action, you want them to agree with you.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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