Octagon Outline Clip Art 2

Octagon Outline Clip Art 2

Here is a template containing our second range of octagon outline clip art. It includes 3D, outlines and silhouettes of octagons. There is also a selection of segmented octagons almost like in Trivial Pursuit with the pieces/wedges collected as you answer the questions correctly.   The clip art is in PowerPoint vector format so you can scale it and change the colours.

In geometry, an octagon has eight sides.  There are many uses for the octagon shape including the “stop” sign, and many umbrellas have an octagonal outline, as do many simple jigsaw puzzles.

It could be used for educational presentations on geometry or to present artwork or to practise drawing geometric shapes. It could also be used for board game pieces (designing your own game).

Click here for our other octagon shapes.

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Published On: 14th Mar 2011

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  1. Thank you for sharing your clip art. I plan on using the octagon down load to use in making some origami that starts with an octagon piece of paper. And I’m sure it will take me a lot of trying and trying to maybe finally make one.
    I’m going to explore your site further. I like to do all kinds of crafts and I”m sure your clip art will be nice to use. I also just started doing our churches monthly newsletter – I know i’ll be needing clip art for that. Thank you again for being so generous in sharing your work

    Rebekka Smith 30 Jun at 12:03 am