New Year’s Resolution Ideas

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New Years Resolution Ideas

We have compiled some of our ideas for your new-year resolutions.

Eat a different fish for every day of January

This is a great way of starting a diet, as fish is generally low calorie – if you can avoid it battered and with a big pile of chips. Why not try to eat a new fish for every day of January?  We did it – and it is easier to get to 30 fishes than you think – even without getting to a well-stocked fishmonger. You can start with the more common fish – Cod, Haddock, Plaice, Trout, Salmon, Tuna, Sole, Herring (Kippers) and Mackerel – even before you get onto the shellfish of Crab, Lobster, Mussels, Whelks, Winkles, Oysters, Prawns and Shrimps.

And if you start to look around you could easily find Skate, Hake, Coley, Hoki, Perch, Pike, Eel, Halibut, Swordfish, Huss and Squid … before you know it, you will easily be up to 30.

Improve your presentation skills

Presentation skills are perhaps one of the most important life skills that you can learn. Why not set yourself a resolution to book yourself onto a presentation skills training class.

Resolve to read a book a month

A great way of getting an escape – if you only read the paper or magazines – resolve to have read twelve books by the end of the year.

Grow 12 different vegetables

This was one of my most successful new year’s resolutions. Within a year, I had grown in a very small plot Radishes, French Beans, Lettuce, Spinach, Potatoes, Carrots, Sweet Corn, Mini Cauliflower, Tomatoes, Courgettes and Cabbages. Admittedly, it was not a massive harvest, but it was good fun and very healthy, both for body and soul.

Or if you are like most of the country and want to either get fit or lose weight, here are two ways of doing it.  We have a list of easy to grow vegetable ideas.

Brush up on PowerPoint

If your presentation skills are up to scratch you could try improving your PowerPoint skills. Most people can manage to produce a few bullet-point slides, but you could take it much further by adding in pictures, video and animation.

Get fit
Join a yoga class – you will both get fit and learn to relax. If you are pressed for time, most swimming pools open for early-morning or lunchtime swimming.

Lose weight
This is an idea that I cannot say that I am an expert on – as, like 97% of dieters, I have struggled to find one that has worked for me long term. With Weightwatchers I lost the most weight, but it came back within the year and was hard work. The Atkins diet showed by far the fastest weight loss, and I lost a stone in three weeks. The trouble was that I felt really very grotty during this period and I was not easy to live with.

But, of all the diets, the one that has worked longer time than all of the others was to stop eating when your stomach told you that you had had a sufficiency. We are so used to overriding this natural reflex that most young children have. It does usually mean not having pudding or second helpings and frequently means stopping eating with your plate still full. This is the method that I used to gradually lose two stone (28 pounds) over the course of a year – and to this day, one of those stones (14 pounds) has never gone back on.

Start a new hobby

Hobbies are a great way to occupy your mind and to help you relax.  We have developed a very long list of hobby ideas for you to try out.

Whichever resolution you choose – try an easy one – as it is very rewarding at the end of the year to say that you were able to achieve your new year’s resolution.

Do you have any ideas for a new year’s resolution?  Just add them into the box below.


Published On: 1st Jan 2016

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  1. i want to break a world record in the food world.
    i will be releasing my own book and also my own company by 2010 april.
    i will be also doing a video album before 2010 april
    i will be driving my self to get awards for the performance in the industry
    an activity per month for the social commitment time will be taken out to make it a grand success.
    i will be launching a video on the what we have done to the world.(on the global warming)
    releasing my management book by APRIL.

    raja gopaal iyer 16 Nov at 3:37 pm

    1- Keep away from evil and become more righteous.
    2- Once, every week read an educational article.
    3- In 2010 read, at least, three novels.
    4- Write one book.
    5- Meet new individuals and be there for people.
    6- Motivate and righteously guide individuals.
    7- Respect and obey parents.
    8- Be an excellent role modal for brothers & sisters.
    9- Wear respectable clothes.
    10- Surround myself with people that uplift me.
    11- Smile and be more positive and outgoing.
    12- Watch informative channels and shows.
    13- Very importantly, ‘Be Myself’ !!
    14- And always please my sweet Lord Allah and become a righteous Muslim.
    15- Pray for myself and for others.
    16- And enjoy 2010 ^_^

    ]]-Mabrouka-[[ 3 Dec at 8:06 pm
  3. We moved into our town 5 years ago, and although we have a large number of people that we know, we do not have lots of close friends. We have got a bit out of practice.

    Our New Years Resolution is to be do a lot more socialising. We shall have a few more dinner parties, invite our friends across more often, and not pass up social invitations (even if they do seem a bit boring!)

    Peter 18 Dec at 4:58 am
  4. I will walk around the block because it gets me healthier.

    To send queries to magazines that interest me.

    shivani 19 Dec at 1:09 pm
  5. lose weight for my wedding plan aim size 2

    krystal 21 Dec at 12:34 am
  6. Research shows that we increase our own wellbeing by helping others. A good resolution would be to do one unexpected act of kindness each week.

    Richard 21 Dec at 5:19 pm
  7. My new year’s resloutions for 2010 include:

    ~Master all single jumps and at least one double (figure skating)
    ~Go to the gym 3 thimes a week
    ~Stick to my diet plan
    ~Study every night
    ~Read 1 book a month
    ~Practice ballet at home
    ~Take good care of my braces
    ~Learn sign language
    ~Get an A or B in each class at school
    ~Donate to Locks of Love
    ~Get back down to 90 pounds

    Emmaleigh 23 Dec at 6:35 am
  8. ~ Get out of debt
    ~ Save money

    To get more ideas for new year resolution, visit
    List of New Year Popular Resolutions.

    Abdur Rab Azeemi 23 Dec at 3:39 pm
  9. 1. Capitalised ideal time in office.
    2. Stop doing C.C.
    3. Be +ve
    4. be social and helphull

    pp 25 Dec at 9:25 am
  10. – new hairstyle
    – new boyfriend
    – more confidence
    – take up pilates
    – keep fit, jogging ect
    – look after body more
    – eat healthly
    – talk to everyone
    – keep bedroom tidy
    – save money in bank, (half in money box, half in bank or earnings)
    – spend less time on games, more on studying and a bit of msn is allowed
    – girly nights in or out is allowed every weekend (£8 per weekend)
    – save up for beauty treatments, waxing, manicure ect
    – eat muisli for breckfast
    – woo lads on guitar hero!
    – be more approachable
    – get more organised
    – find makeup you like and stick to it!
    – discover a signiture scent
    – read at least 1 book a month
    – experiment more with clothes
    – hand coursework in on time
    – find a group of friends you can trust with your life, and use there opinion to better yourself
    – use frizz ease everytime you style your hair
    – always take dirty washing down
    – cook more
    – find a style icon , and adapt there style to suit you
    – clense, tone and moisterise daily
    – draw out a beauty regime

    alice 26 Dec at 11:49 pm
  11. ~ to lose weight
    ~ to eat healthier
    ~ dont get involved in arguments
    ~ hand homework in on time
    ~ save money
    ~ keep the house tidy
    ~ help mum and dad more

    hello there my friend 27 Dec at 3:03 pm
  12. to learn piano and ballet plus cut back on sugar.

    sapphire 27 Dec at 10:12 pm
  13. Do any work for six days then it will continue as usual
    I will be a reason for at least 2 trees growth
    Past is Past
    6 hours sleep
    Enjoy each and every micro seconds life is beautiful
    Do good think good

    J.P 28 Dec at 4:04 pm
  14. 1.Get out of Debt.
    2.Continue min 2mins walk
    3.Prepare a Bussiness Plan
    4.Learn Violin
    5.Reduce Sleep, Read More
    6.Join MBA

    Sri 29 Dec at 7:22 am
  15. To be a positive influence in my community by doing charity work.
    Spend quality time with my family and friends.
    Donating and raising money for charities.
    Eating healthy and although I only accasionally have a glass od red wine, I prefer not consume any type of alcohol anymore.
    Teach more group fitness classes.

    Georgia Juries 29 Dec at 11:39 am
  16. love myself
    be intentional
    choose the bigger life
    be love

    shay 30 Dec at 7:35 am
  17. 1. study for iit-jee 2011: 6 hours a day
    2.get my passport healthier food
    4.write in a dairy everyday

    Nishu 30 Dec at 1:47 pm
  18. learn to cook
    improve my vocabulary
    improve Spanish
    write a book
    run a marathon
    run a half marathon
    to get in shape
    to patent an invention, etc
    write music
    publish music
    spend more time with family or friends or pets
    to get 8 hours of sleep a night
    to not do homework on Sunday
    to not procrastinate
    to eat healthier
    to publish a newsletter
    keep up a great blog
    play the guitar
    play the piano better
    laugh and smile more
    to travel
    to watch more foreign films
    to finish what a start
    to become really good at crocheting/knitting
    learn to embroider
    draw and paint more
    develop my creativity
    work harder in school
    missionary work
    keep my room clean and organized
    to read more

    kcw 31 Dec at 1:05 am
  19. 1. Be more confident.
    2. Screw what everyone else thinks.
    3. Wear what I love.
    4. Spend less money on junk food.
    5. Draw everyday.
    6. Practice sewing.
    7. Read, read, read!
    8. Make the best of things.
    9. Love life.
    10. Buy myself really nice shoes.
    11. Work on book.
    12. Work on scrapbook.
    13. Take tons of pictures 🙂
    14. Study!
    15. Improve presentation skills.
    16. Write at least a sentence in journal everyday.
    17. Brush up on my Italian.
    18. Learn a new dance.
    19. Make the best of things!
    20. Smile 😀
    21. Tell him you love him.
    22. Tell them all you love them.
    23. Make it all come true.
    24. Start working out.
    25. Learn to cook!
    26. Never give up!
    27. Make this the most accomplished year yet.

    Rawr. 31 Dec at 1:26 am
  20. 1. Complete uncomplete task of 2009
    2. Give Executive programme exam
    3. Give exam of classical music and voilin
    4. Learn harmonium
    5. Buy Tanpura
    6. Practice voilin everyday
    7. Do computer course of Aptech
    8. Leave GPS
    9. Help to Pappa
    10. Study everyday
    11. Learn somthing new
    12. Learn atleast one new type of painting
    13. More attention towards Princess
    14. Less arguments, less mixing up with people
    16. Think good about other people
    17. Pray everyday
    18. Get in shape
    19. Eat less rice
    20. Take a walk everyday
    21. Take care of skin
    22. Save more, Spend less
    23. Open atleast one new FD
    24. Read more books
    25. Complete all the above things, and at the end of the year, feel satisfied..

    Manik 31 Dec at 6:10 am
  21. I. Finish at least 1 first draft of a story
    II. Enter Cosplay contest
    III. Find a job
    IV. Clear half of credit card debt
    V. Learn To Play Violin & Write Sheet Music For 1 Voltaire Song
    VI. Take Horseback Riding Lessons W/Job Money
    VII. Keep Up With Procrastination List
    VIII. Do Better In School
    IX. Reduce Stress
    X. Plan Out Conventions Better
    XI. Form Better Savings
    XII. Learn To Ice Skate
    XIII. Practice for Film Career
    XIV. Plan to for directing Career
    XV. Plan for life
    XVI. Learn Japanese
    XVII. Develop Time Management Skills

    I am sure there’s more i can think of.

    Ahmetia 31 Dec at 7:40 am
  22. i want to welcome 2010 with a great optimism in life, esp. with my career aspect. And also to have a bound way ahead close relationship w/ my husband & kids

    Jobeth Sebastian- Cantoneros 31 Dec at 7:44 am
  23. take gud care of ma braces, so that boring dentist doesnt talk soo much

    blessing 31 Dec at 10:31 am
  24. 1.Have a better year than 2009 (if that’s possible :)).
    2. Find a boyfriend and have a successful relationship.
    3. Perform a play, dance and a song for performing arts night in school.
    4. Enjoy the little things.
    5. Expand my spiritual abilities (healing in particular).
    6. Go on a MAJOR ADVENTURE.
    7. Find a part-time job (which i’ll enjoy).
    8. Have fun and a blast of a time! 😀
    9. Make as many people happy as possible.
    10. Smile and be happier.
    11. get better at sport (gymnastics and athletics).
    12. Be nicer to people and animals.
    13. Find MORE friends!
    14. Keep my friendships with my Russian friends.
    15. Improve my grades in school.
    16. Get better at all my hobbies and talents (piano, singing, drawing, acting, dancing, ripstiking).
    17.Believe, believe and BELIEVE in everything and NEVER give up!
    18. Learn something new.
    19.Improve my Japanese.
    20. Explore more and travel (Sydney in particular).
    21. If I get any chances and opportunities: take them and do my best!
    22. The last day of 2010- go to Sydney harbour with my friends and celebrate 2011 there! 🙂

    Ekaterina 31 Dec at 11:00 am
  25. #Save money
    #Never give up
    #Study in French
    #Love life
    #Make the best of things
    #Right a book
    #Cleanse, Tone & moisturize daily
    #Learn something new

    #Look after my body
    #Be more confident
    #be more organized
    #Focus on school (gonna be hard)
    #Get MORE healthy
    #Enjoy life to the full
    #Watch a bit of news each day
    #Once every week read an educational article
    #Read at least 3 books in the year
    #Meet tons of new people
    #Smile and be positive

    Whoooa 2010 31 Dec at 12:25 pm
  26. 1. Eat healthier (reduce intake of junk food)
    2. Stop biting my nails
    3. Smile and be more positive and outgoing
    4. Do one unexpected act of kindness each week
    5. Spend less time on Facebook
    6. Save more money
    7. Stretch for 30 mins a day
    8. Learn some Italian
    9. Work harder for GCSEs (A*’s hopefully)
    10. New hairstyle
    11. New boyfriend
    12. Talk to more people
    13. Be more approachable
    14. Don’t bitch or gossip about people
    15. Comliment someone at least once a day
    16. Hand in coursework on time

    That’s all for now x

    Gracee x 31 Dec at 4:28 pm
  27. am good friend and my family i wish am verry good in mt exam

    judie 31 Dec at 6:11 pm
  28. 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

    Past is Past
    Relax and enjoy life
    Surround myself with people that uplift me
    Live day by day and do not worry about tomorrow

    Stretch once a day
    Learn Spanish or Italian
    Read a Book once a month
    Go to the gym 3 times a week
    Limit processed food, no more crackers, chips pretzels or candy
    Write about book about life Chapters 1-10 early life, each chapter is an age of my life
    No more eating unhealthy foods: If you have to think about it, it is unhealthy
    More Pictures of what I am doing and where I am going
    Go to the gym 3 times a week
    Donate what I am not using.
    Read a Book once a month

    Get classes transferred to Platteville.
    Become eligible to sit for the CPA exam.
    Talk to CPA people about learning disability.
    Register for Becker CPA review program.
    Take one part of the CPA exam

    Car Work:
    Build a hoist/garage out at the office
    Keep better bookkeeping records. Get paperwork into QuickBooks.
    Look into dealership license: Run the number is it worth the money?
    Run car repair work through single account

    Apply for accounting job within the VA system
    Pursue other employment options Beckett Tax, Morgue, Dave Ramsey

    Get Shim completed and marketed out
    U-Haul business taken care of

    Enjoy the little things
    Make this the most accomplished year yet

    Jackson 31 Dec at 7:27 pm
  29. 1)Be more thankful.
    2)Forget about the past, don’t worry about the future, live life in the moment.
    3)Be more accepting with myself.
    4)Pray daily
    5)Forgive others
    6)Be more giving
    7)Laugh more
    8)Wake up thanking God for this day.

    Diana 31 Dec at 7:33 pm
  30. no carbonation was 2009 and i did it but for 2010 it is no caffine

    Jessa 31 Dec at 8:30 pm
  31. 1)Move on from the things that weigh me down
    2)Learn a new language
    3)Improve writing skills
    5)Learn about other cultures
    6)Go on a missions trip
    7)Volunteer/ Give more of my time to help others
    8)Text less
    9)Meet more people
    10)Have a long lasting relationship
    11)Eat(ALOT) less sugar
    12)Learn the names of the band members in bands
    13)Run more
    14)Laugh constantly
    15)Cry once in a while
    16)Spend more time with family
    17)Give each day to God
    18)Stop the coffee addiction xD
    19)Take more pictures
    20)Improve art and music skills

    Micky 31 Dec at 11:11 pm
  32. Eat happily and be merry.

    Dont worry about your weight.

    Drink lots and be merry.

    Dont learn a language – will only get stressed.

    Dont be confident – others will not like it!

    sonal 31 Dec at 11:14 pm
  33. Finish college
    start my career
    have a savings account with a positive balance 🙂

    Emily 1 Jan at 1:30 am
  34. 1. Lose weight
    2. Keep a food diary
    3. Partake in some form of physical exercise daily
    4. RTOM
    5. Strengthen faith thought religion
    6. Gain more friends
    7. Pray daily (before bed)
    8. Be more sociable
    9. Do something every weekend and look forward to it
    10. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, (before 12) 11 o clock.
    11. Get up early
    12. Be on time
    13. Don’t be lazy
    15. Study every night
    16. Hand up coursework on time, MEET DEADLINES!
    17. Get Passes at school
    18. Don’t leave all homework to a Sunday night
    19. SAVE MONEY!
    20. Try to read a book every month
    21. Write at least a sentence reflecting on the day at night time before bed
    22. Make a scrap book
    23. Embrace my talent for art
    24. Buy birthday presents in advance
    25. Donate and raise money for charity (Aid Romania?)
    26. Travel more
    27. Picture life, take more photos
    28. Cleanse, tone and moisturise daily
    29. Draw out a hair and beauty regime
    30. Find make up you like and stick to it
    31. Take better care of my teeth, brush twice a day; morning and night
    32. Keep the bedroom tidy
    33. Try to love myself and have more confidence
    34. Spend less time on bebo, don’t use facebook and only use msn occasionally

    Maire 1 Jan at 2:48 am
  35. 1. Go for a jog or run at least once a week
    2. Make High Honors every term of school
    3. Lost weight
    4. Eat healthier by consuming less sugar and junk food
    5. Save up for something you really want
    6. Compliment someone everyday

    Morgan 1 Jan at 3:36 am
  36. stray in shape

    jack 1 Jan at 9:03 am
  37. Resolutions ~

    # Read one book or two books each month.
    # Loose weight.
    # Keep to a diet.
    # Go to the gym more than once a week.
    # Take the dog for a longer walk.
    # Get some money.
    # Make a scrap book.
    # Share my talents:
    – Gymnastics.
    – Dancing.
    – Singing.
    – Drawing.

    Thanks =]

    Catherine 1 Jan at 12:01 pm
  38. become a positive person
    become an organized person
    manage my time
    read more books
    not getting angry quickly

    New year resolutions 1 Jan at 12:04 pm
  39. 1. Be able to look in the mirror and smile at all my achievements and completed resolutions next New Year’s Eve

    2. Be more confident

    3. Do ten pushups and 20 sit-ups a day

    Ellen 1 Jan at 4:15 pm
  40. 1.lose about 6 pounds
    2.not stay in the house all day and watch tv i should go outside more often

    matthew 1 Jan at 4:24 pm
  41. im 11 i need to

    go on more adventures
    keep fit
    eat healthy instead of pigging out on malteasers and no im not fat i cant fink of owt else

    jack 1 Jan at 4:56 pm
  42. -Get accepted into university
    -Stop sleeping with the fan on
    -Read at least 1 book per month
    -Keep up on world affairs
    -Stop biting my nails
    -Eat fewer sugary foods
    -Learn and speak more German
    -Complete my scrapbook (before going to university)

    Jenny 1 Jan at 10:50 pm
  43. – Looe weight
    – Less time on the laptop/computer
    – Dont Procrasinate
    – Less Fizzy Stuff (coke!!!!!) haha
    – Learn Acoustic Guitar
    – Get along with my parents
    – Keep room tidy

    ? 🙂

    Shanna 2 Jan at 1:36 am
  44. Stop havin sex with evry girl I meet even tho it’s so fun…..

    Joey 2 Jan at 4:53 pm
  45. ~Respect mum & dad
    ~Keep room tidy
    ~Stop biting nails
    ~Take care of braces when I get them
    ~Lose weight (about 8 pounds)
    ~New hairstyle
    ~Hand in homework on time and meet ALL deadlines
    ~Be in bed by a respectable hour (before midnight on weekdays)
    ~Read, read, read!
    ~Give someone a compliment at least once a day
    ~Get up on time and don`t be lazy!
    ~Cut out sugar and drink less coke (gonna be hard)
    ~Study for prelims and then exams (aim for all A`s and B`s)
    ~Make sure the plan Shona and I have for the summer works LOL

    Ruth 2 Jan at 8:01 pm
  46. 1.Quit Smoking
    2.Quit drinking Alcohol
    3.Study hard
    4.Help my Auntie and uncle for their business
    5.Don’t give up
    6.Keep supporting LinkinPark (That’s my favorite band)

    see ya there!

    Dexter 3 Jan at 12:07 pm
  47. First of all I look for a good friend to share all & the rest is below:

    Rise early..Rest early.
    Keep all the work on Time (Almost this will reduce stress, help accomplish, time to think, relax..)
    No more procrastination. Keep always deadline. Break some of your lengthy task into small then conquer the success.
    Almost all of your aims will be fulfilled for 2010.
    More Picnic & Outing.
    Create Albums & Convert fotos into DVD Albums.

    I feel that will take a year with full attachment to what i do..with many more creative ideas…

    Syed Ibrahim.A (Dubai Indian Madrasi) 3 Jan at 1:14 pm
  48. Live a healthier year, start gym daily and eat right
    Travel with gf
    Do more snowboarding this year
    Get rid of my 350z and move away from sports cars

    Gill 4 Jan at 7:24 am
  49. 1.get fit
    2.stop eating junk food
    3.learn to drive,get a car.
    4.go back to school & be happier
    6.drink more water
    7.treat myself every so often
    8.forget pst,dont worry about future,live moment!!!

    Mary 4 Jan at 9:16 am
  50. get less stressed at work
    don’t let things bother me that aren’t worth it
    go for lots of walks
    cut down on alcohol
    cut down on crap food
    be lovely to my husband
    have lots of patience with everyone
    love what I have

    lizzy 4 Jan at 12:09 pm
  51. ~#~never use slang words

    smriti dalal 4 Jan at 12:48 pm
  52. I will try to love my and cut down my alcohol….

    saima 4 Jan at 1:56 pm
  53. I want to run 30 marathons a month

    Rachel 4 Jan at 6:25 pm
  54. New Year’s Resolution

    * I will take care of my body through physical activity and nutrition.
    *I will help out in my community – through volunteering, working with community groups or by joining a group that helps people in need.
    *I will wipe negative “self talk” (i.e. “I can’t do it” or “I’m so dumb”) out of my vocabulary.
    * Writing a journal, and to Plan for my future, and write a book
    * To get along with siblings
    *To succeed and to stand up for my rights and others. Make my and others ‘dreams come true.
    *To make my parents proud of me
    *To have a fresh new start and always try my best
    *Think more about myself and less about other people
    * Spend more time with your loved ones
    * Eat more fruits and vegetables every day.
    * Finish something you started, promise to learn at least one new thing each day
    *To get A+’s in every class inshallah
    *Do some volunteer work
    *Accept yourself and be happy with what you’ve got.
    *Conquer a fear
    * No more Gossip no matter who you’re talking to
    * Give more time for religion; Pray every single prayer on time and to memorize a lot of Quran inshallah
    *Get back in touch with people I’m not close to anymore
    *Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night
    * No matter what always be my self
    *always follow our role model prophet Mohamed
    *To make 2010 the best year yet!!!

    Farah Al Fahad 4 Jan at 7:45 pm
  55. -1.Keep My Boyfriend For Atleast A Full Year
    -2.Get A New Wardrobe
    -3.Get Better Grades
    -4.Pass School[year 10/11]
    -5.Keep My Room Clean
    -6.Buy A BrokeNCYDE CD
    -7.Keep My Reputation At School The Same
    -8.Die My Hair Multi Coloured
    -9.Get A Job
    -10.Be More Organized
    -11.Finish All My Homework
    -12.Start Being A Nice Person
    -13.Get More Studded Belts
    -14.Read Atleast 6 Novels[Not For School]
    -15.Finish Writing My Novel
    -16.Be More Social[Without Causing Drama]
    -17.Save Money Better
    -18.Stay Out Of Fights
    -19.Dont Bring Up Anything From The Past
    -20.Be More Confident
    -21.Think Positive
    -22.Travel More
    -23.Go To More Concerts Than In 2009
    -24.Go To Sleep More
    -25.Find A Place To Go To Complete My 40 Hours
    -26.Get My Own Camera
    -27.Start Practicing Drums
    -28.Learn To SkateBoard
    -29.Live Life My Way

    Emery 4 Jan at 9:25 pm
  56. gain 25 pounds

    ruby 4 Jan at 8:30 pm
  57. I’m 14 and this is what needs doing this year – seeing that I wasnt boothered to do anything this past year [really badly]!!!

    *Lose weight – at least 2 stones before summer so I’ll look good for 2011
    *Take more care of my body

    sarah 4 Jan at 11:46 pm
  58. 1. work out 2-4 times a week just to keep tone, no loosing wieght.
    2. walk /run with puppy bella everyday!
    3. work daily with bella on her training.
    4. no social smoking when out drinking.
    5. Take a dance class or two!!!
    6. Any overtime $ or side job $ (babysitting) goes into savings. dont touch till summer, or try for 2011.
    7. wait for NOTHING! i am beautiful and deserve what i want so i will go and get it. if that it is a man, i will not wait for him to want me more.
    8.put myself first more.
    9. read a new book once a month for fun! take a break from medical stuies every so often.
    10. Be my self!
    11. do one random act of kindness once a month(make it big and really good!)
    12. Past is Past it will not effect my future so dont bring up the past.
    13.take the chances i get (dont allow anyone to tell me i shouldnt do what i want)
    14. get dive certified.

    hilary 5 Jan at 8:07 pm
  59. 1) Get out of debt.
    2) Get organized.
    3) Be More Confident.
    4) Do more on my Law Course.
    5) Have more ‘me’ time.
    6) Get fit & Eat better.
    7) Save money.
    8) Read a book a month.
    9) Improve vocabulary.
    10) Stop procrastinating.
    11) Less time on the computer.
    12) Stop being negative.
    13) Get new wardrobe.
    14) Forget the past.
    15) Appreciate my boyfriend more.

    Most of all – Enjoy 2010!!

    Kayleigh 6 Jan at 1:55 am
  60. I have to stop seeking attention, remember that I am not the centre of the universe. Stop taking and start giving. It is difficult because I am very selfcentred

    Jill Cooke 8 Jan at 1:38 pm
  61. I broke mine already:(

    Vanessa 21 Jan at 4:12 pm
  62. My 2010 resolutions and solutions:
    1. Learn to say “no” in a mature way (Solution: state my feelings and my reasons in a rational way. Or even when my feelings can not be rationalised, I need to feel confident saying “I don’t feel comfortable doing this”)
    2. Go for what I want (Solution:know what i want, and go for it!)
    3. Engage in exercise for at least 60 mins a week (Solution: Fast walk to the train station at least 3 times a week)
    4. Do 5 mins matt exercise everyday (Solution: Position the matt in front of TV. If I have time to watch TV, I will have time for the 5-min exercise.)
    5. Be brave (Solution: stand for what i believe when I feel scared. Fight back when I know I am right- not physically, expecially not under the influence of alcohol. :P)
    6. Follow a new recipe every month and enjoy home made good food (Solution: make my hubbie choose an ingredient every month and search for a new recipe online. Get a good bottle of wine and enjoy the good healthy food at home).
    7. Make a good friend (Solution: There is no schedule for when a good friend will come along. I think I will start with treating people nicely and talking to people more, then a good friend may come out of it.)
    8. Enjoy nature more (Solution: book a camp site, go fishing and caravan-ing Tassie)
    9. Be a happy person with influence (Solution: This is actually really hard. Being happy is hard enough on a day to day basis. But also I have to be influential. It is not just about appearing to be bubbly, it is about sharing my knowledge and hope with people. I think I will try my best.)
    10. Do not say silly things (Solution: this is the hardest one. Not saying silly things is like, not being myself. A part of me is defined by doing and saying silly things. Ok, I think I will change #10 to “Be more sensitive”. Solution: listen, think, before I speak)
    *. Have a plan for this year and the next 3 years in relation to what I want to do with my life (Solution: Sadly, I dont have a solution for this – that is why I didnt number this one. This one was passed on from 10 years ago, every year i had this one on my list. I dont know what i want to do with my life. One hand, I think maybe I should just wait till something comes along; on the other hand, I think maybe i should chase my dream (which is almost entirely different with what i do right now)…Can someone help me please?)

    Fan 27 Jan at 6:05 am
  63. Every day will have a CLEAR purpose. A step closer to what I’m working for. 🙂

    Kyra 5 Feb at 5:10 pm
  64. stop eatin’ & stop drinking

    DANDZ- 19 Nov at 5:54 am
  65. Become a morning person

    Jared 16 Dec at 4:17 pm
  66. Stop eating so much waffles.


    Alvinthechimpmunk 18 Dec at 2:00 pm
  67. Stop eating so much fried greasy finger licking chicken!
    im on my way to go buy some till its 2011!

    bIgfAtMaMaH! 18 Dec at 2:01 pm
  68. Tellin’ errbody to stop makin fun of ma nameee!
    it hurtz so freakin baddd!
    Thanks, have a gd NEW YEAR u herrrd?

    <3 <3 <3

    Anita Bra 18 Dec at 2:05 pm
  69. To lose weight,feel confident,and To talk(and get)the guy ive been crushing on…(AND talking quiter, and not having BIG freakouts with my friends over hot guys, control anger)

    Hopefull 18 Dec at 5:21 pm
  70. Become a volunteer…. it does wonders for your well-being, the quality that brings emotional happiness and health

    Roman 21 Dec at 3:05 pm
  71. dont settle for anything but the best.

    melanie 22 Dec at 8:36 pm
  72. Get over stupid boys that think they are amazing but they are really not and make them realise this year that they are not gods gift.

    Megan and sophie 23 Dec at 2:51 pm
  73. Don’t let others take advantage of me.
    Get straight A’s my senior year.
    Become more involved in charity work.

    Taylor 23 Dec at 4:59 pm
  74. For 2011:
    To read newspaper daily
    Become more social

    Asma Khan 24 Dec at 5:15 pm
  75. enjoy life to the fullest

    trisha 25 Dec at 5:58 pm
  76. 1. Try to be self-confident, even though I know I can’t do it. 🙁
    1. Learn how to count
    4. Make peace with my cuddle pillow
    555. Get internet access

    Marisa 26 Dec at 8:07 am
  77. • Rock on my rocking chair before bed every night to reflect on the day, and not allow the bad stuff to carry on the next.
    • Have a good sleep schedule.
    • Improve my vocabulary / grammar
    • Look in the mirror confident
    • Be more respectful to myself
    • Look up to the sky for 3 seconds every time I have a bad thought.
    • Not let my emotion get in a way of small things
    • Not fight about petty things
    • Freeze an argument before it progresses and rethink before say.
    • Get down to 145- 150 pounds
    • Get fitter
    • Become better and focused on tennis
    • Build a better relationship with my father
    • Build a better relationship with my brother
    • Cut down on itching
    • Maintain an A – B in all my classes
    • Cut down on processed foods / realize the foods I eat
    • Cut out all soda
    • Cut out all energy drinks
    • Drink 3 glasses of just straight water before a meal / after / a day
    • Make varsity singles
    • Learn to drive
    • Cut down on coffee
    • Make an art piece at least once every 2 months
    • Become more flexible
    • Be the best girlfriend ever
    • Stop analyzing the small things, non-important things.
    • Wipe out negative self- talk out of my vocabulary i.e (I cant do it, I’m dumb)

    hopeless 28 Dec at 6:31 am
  78. 1. Leave my past behind and start a new beginning
    2. Learn management
    3. I will be focussed and positive in whatever I do

    kanupriya 28 Dec at 7:47 am
  79. To learn to live with what I have and to not be greedy for more.

    Cynthia 28 Dec at 11:15 pm
  80. improve vocabulary
    win more prizes
    always stay ahead
    not to get into arguments
    little concentration on studies
    make more friends
    hold old relations

    shobha 29 Dec at 8:07 am
  81. stay happy n keep others happy
    listen to my heart
    b busy
    get a job of my type
    b more peaceful
    njoy life:)

    kajal 29 Dec at 8:13 am
  82. have more love in your life if you know what I mean

    danity 29 Dec at 10:12 pm
  83. Get into new things like music or dance

    danity 29 Dec at 10:14 pm
  84. Follow your dreams and just b u!!

    cymphonique miller 29 Dec at 10:18 pm
  85. 1.practice 20min drums everyday
    2.treat my brother better
    3.make my teacher prowd of me
    4.improve my gymnastic skills healthy and cut down sweets
    6.stop moaning on small things
    7.enoy my room
    8.face my fears
    9.stop feeling sad when my parents go out at night
    10.being more positive

    Nounou 29 Dec at 10:02 pm
  86. 1.make piano repertoire and finish grade 6
    2.finish the new house
    3.get organized and make my home binder
    4.time management and stop procrastinating a book every month
    6.keep praying and read coran some sport
    8.spend more quality time with my family what ever it takes to succeed in my new job
    10.apreciate and enjoy every moment of life

    vina 29 Dec at 10:17 pm
  87. save ourselves reduce use of unnecessary resources

    nao 30 Dec at 11:28 am
  88. #Learn some simple tunes on the guitar & improve singing
    #Read two books a Month
    #Buy the kinds of clothes I adore, wear & feel confident in them
    #Revise often & achieve the best possible GCSE results
    #Work on current relationships & embrace new people, be myself with them, go out more often
    #Relax, be more confident & spend my time doing the things I love
    #Work on my happiness, be free from previous self-doubt & sadness

    Ella Bennett 30 Dec at 4:41 pm
  89. 1. KEEP MY FACE YOUNGER (IMMORTAL) and HEALTHY – avoid smoking people who are around me and drink less alcohol because it can simply ruin cells inside my youth face.
    2. CONQUER THE SUCCESS!!! (^-^)/”)
    3. TO BE MORE HEALTHY for my heart, it been having problem lately (>.0)><3 <(<3..<)
    17. REDUCE MY BAD HABIT; chew my own bottom lip in public *whimper* not so pretty…

    Janae Hart 30 Dec at 4:59 pm
  90. Let the Holy Spirit enter and direct my life. Stop judging anything and everyone.

    Janis 30 Dec at 11:46 pm
  91. keep praying and read the coran, i love that one lmao

    mike 2 Jan at 5:54 am
  92. Quit Basketball
    High average in school
    Gain more weight
    Spend less time on facebook
    more weight = workout
    be nice
    Get cholesterol off my blood

    KM3 2 Jan at 6:02 am
  93. 1. keep my bedroom tidy
    2. stop biting my nails
    3. feed and water my (pet) everyday
    4. complete all homework and hand in on time
    5. use money wisely ( dont do a big blowout)
    6. be good to my boyfriend and mates
    7. help out at home
    8. stop falling out with my brother and sister
    9. enjoyy life 🙂
    10. treat myself sometimes

    hannah 2 Jan at 9:09 pm

    agbayani 3 Jan at 10:53 am
  95. stop biting my nails
    become healthier (food intake)
    go to gym about 3-4 times a week
    get more sleep ie.go to bed and get up early
    be a great friend
    get back in contact with old friends
    get a part- time job
    don’t buy impulsively
    dance more
    have spa time
    become good at touch-typing
    write down thoughts and memories
    appreciate life and never wish to not be alive
    write down decisions and choices
    do things that make you happy
    be generous
    take up pilates
    get a boyfriend
    be nicer and closer to family
    get more out of ty
    be a great student
    do more cooking and baking
    read books
    practise ukelele, tin whistle and piano
    smile and be with happy people
    be positive
    do well in ballet
    become fitter
    save money
    be more approachable
    find skin and haircare routine
    back up your troubles in your old back pocket!!!
    take risks and have fun
    do not procrastinate
    be good to my new doggie
    be more motivated
    screw what everyone else thinks
    become responsible
    be more motivated
    relax and reduce stress
    learn japanese
    get better at gymnastics
    get better at irish
    enjoy lifes little moments
    do acts of random kindness
    don’t be bitchy
    be complimentary
    take pictures
    do my theory test
    pray and be more catholic
    get a jersey and go to more hurling matches
    be organised and not lazy
    put memorable pics on bday cards
    do loads of fundraising for my charity
    keep my bedroom tidy
    be loads of fun
    become better at german
    make others happy
    be more social and make more friends
    fully train my puppy
    think before I speak
    be a supportive shoulder to my family and friends but don’t take on more than I can handle
    drink loads of water
    become more flexible
    find my “thing”
    change my “young” reputation
    stop biting my lips
    change my goldfishes water often without moaning
    don’t worry about my family’s safety so much
    don’t worry about anything in general
    what’s the worst that could come from a situation??? :L

    relaxxxxxxxxxxx 😉
    and enjoy this year 🙂

    Emma 3 Jan at 5:37 pm
  96. To do”it”. To screw “it”. To move”it”. To live”it”. To be”it”. Oh ya!!!

    Kalamu 4 Jan at 2:44 am
  97. I want to become a good person. I want live my life to the folest extent become an inspiration for other. Make at least 10 people come to god!:) lose wight/ fastfir 3 weeks

    Mana da sin 4 Jan at 2:47 am
  98. to accept who i am, and learn to love myself as i do others unconditionally. love mick

    mick 4 Jan at 10:28 pm
  99. To further create my website-I’ve been out of it lately
    To walk my dog
    To go back to 87 pounds
    To get my braces off already! (brush my gums)
    To play with my gerbils more, I think every day is the same, and totally understand that. Me too…
    To add some variety to my life
    To pick up a new hobby. Guitar maybe
    To knit more, I really haven’t knit for a while.
    To hang out with my friends more. I’m an unsocial caterpillar.
    To Visit my grandparents at least Once a month

    “life isn’t about surviving the storm, but learning how to dance in the rain”

    Kristen 7 Jan at 3:54 am
  100. Help in the kitchen a lot more
    Do more sports
    Have fun
    ENJOY 2011

    Amz 8 Jan at 12:49 pm
  101. do good in school

    new 8 Jan at 10:31 pm
  102. To build my website.
    To stop annoying and waste chat.
    Make some shape in body.
    Should not spent a min for girls.
    Love the god.

    Arjun 30 May at 7:38 pm
  103. – Get in shape
    – Lose that spare time
    – Lower my cholesterol
    – See my six pack
    – Be able to fit into my old jeans
    – Be able to swim 1.5 miles in the ocean

    PCoach 29 Dec at 3:51 am
  104. This year my main aim is to stop putting myself down and purposely trying to let things happen when I am down. This year, Whenever I feel down I am going to realise that there is no one in the world just like me. I am unique and special and I am talented. I will NEVER EVER apologise again for stupid things. I will believe in ME 😀

    -Eat healthily
    -Do at least 15 mins activity a day
    -Get asked to the debs
    -Find my thing
    -Accomplish more projects

    and also..

    Emma xx

    Emma 1 Jan at 2:18 am
  105. quit smoking
    lose weight
    learn to skate

    Sabas 9 Jan at 3:22 pm
  106. Be selfish and Happy

    Rachelle 26 Dec at 4:24 pm
  107. Register for a financial national diploma,
    Study hard
    Work on my career and be permanent
    Move out of my parents house
    Buy a car
    Love and Be Loved
    Be TRUE and realistic to myself
    Happiness and Love

    Rachelle 26 Dec at 4:32 pm
  108. Cut all your material attachments and start travelling!

    Devin 10 May at 10:05 am
  109. My resolutions for January starting tomorrow:

    -make my bed everyday
    -take out my trash every couple of weeks
    -wake up for school earlier
    -eat musli and cereal rather than bacon or porridge
    -don’t eat cheese ever again because I’ve been having it for like a whole year everyday…
    -read at least 1 book in a month
    -more time with my family
    -find a new club or sport
    -help mum and dad out A LOT MORE
    -eat less chocolate and sweets
    -less screen time
    -an extra hour of sleep (earlier bedtime not sleeping ????)
    -focus more at school
    -try to put my hand up more at school and engage in lessons
    -put more effort into homework
    -help mum with washing up and cooking
    -tidy my room

    And finally
    -solve my resolutions and get them done unlike most of my other failed attempts 🙂 I’ll repost at the end of January to say how I got on!

    Emma 1 Jan at 4:33 pm