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To add to our home grown Free PowerPoint Sound Effects we have been sent in a whole CD of free sound effects by Alan McKinney from

With so many to choose from we have sifted through the sound effects and have selected those that we think are most appropriate to use in your presentations. Selected highlights include.

Shush!! – Need to make the meeting room quiet? Just play them the shush sound effect.
Shush (Wav) 31k

Clock-Tick – An old clock marking the passage of time. Another one that is great for an “I must hurry you” in a quiz presentation.
Clock-tick (Wav) 658k

Gasps – For one of those Eureka moments. The whole group stands back and gasps.
Mixed group gasps (Wav) 48k

Oh yes – Not quite Leslie Phillips but quite a posh voice having consumed too much Port Wine saying “Oh yes”..

Oh yes
(Wav) 36k

Cartoon Voice ahh – Another Eureka moment. A posh sounding voice saying Ahh. Could work well in a PowerPoint quiz.
Ahhh (Wav) 24k

You can download all 15 of the new sound effects for free at Free PowerPoint Sound Effects 3


Published On: 24th Jun 2007

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  1. in this powerpoint is a very good slide presentation , i like u very much

    T.sathish kumar 23 Jul at 5:21 pm
  2. I like it, is very good.

    Khoirul 6 Sep at 2:37 pm