Moon PowerPoint Template

Moon PowerPoint Template

Moon PowerPoint Template.

A simple moon PowerPoint template and one that was a lot of fun to make. This photo was taken with a Canon EOS camera and a telephoto lens.

Could be used for a presentation on the moon, planets,gravity or space exploration.

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Published On: 1st Oct 2006

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  1. thanks for the templates. It is very useful for me.

    nash 19 Jan at 1:38 pm
  2. So cool…

    Anonymous 9 Apr at 6:25 am
  3. merci

    Hocine 21 Aug at 9:59 pm
  4. very good.thanks.

    farzaneh 24 Oct at 5:08 am
  5. This is lovely. I will be using it in a Lighthouse Conservation theme for 4th grade students. Thank-You

    bnj 25 Jan at 7:16 pm
  6. Thanks so much, we are using it for a project on the book “Life As We Knew It” by Susan Beth Pfeffer.

    Austin 28 Apr at 4:59 pm
  7. Awesome

    Madison 18 May at 10:20 pm
  8. Thanks for the fantastic moon template.
    Perfect for school project

    Rebecca 2 Sep at 12:29 pm
  9. thank you it is cool

    ahmos 7 Oct at 7:33 pm
  10. Excellent template , Thanx a ton, My students were impressed.

    S.G.Kavita 30 Dec at 8:31 am
  11. Thanks for the beautiful template~

    Anonymous 2 Jan at 1:29 pm
  12. Thanks…This One Is Very Cool For My Presentation!

    Hayate 9 Mar at 10:34 am
  13. Thank you for the template, I used it as a backround for my presentation on the relation earth moon-sun.

    Brigitte 20 Mar at 9:27 pm
  14. this template is really cool. thanks 4 providing….

    mayury kale 18 Apr at 2:58 pm
  15. Obrigadó. A globalização permitiu-nos esta paticipação em conjunto.

    Gilberto (Brazil) 14 Aug at 9:16 pm
  16. Thanks………

    abhikirana 15 Sep at 2:22 pm
  17. I’m an amateur radio operator and will use this slide background in a presentation on my EME (Earth Moon Earth) or moonbounce radio system.

    Fred 14 Oct at 1:40 pm
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  19. supercool, danke!!

    ll 26 Jun at 9:32 pm